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General Rules
-Discord is a must! This is a Discord group!
-Do not cause any unnecessary drama outside the Roleplay setting.
-The 3 strike system will be in place. You will be told if you got striked and the reason why. If you lose your last strike, you will be asked to leave the group.
-If you do something deemed bad enough to be banned without a strike, we will ban you.
-If you are bullying or threatening someone, you will be kicked out immediately.
Roleplaying Rules
-Keep his group around the PG-13 level. We won't be too strict on this rule if others are fine with older content, but there will be no sex scenes, extremely gory scenes, or anything rated R or M.
-You don't need to be a certain age to Roleplay, you just need to be able to Roleplay on the level the group is.
Character Creation
-We won't accept people who have OP or Mary/Gary Sue ocs.
-Please keep the references digital for easy color picking n stuff.
-Characters must be completed in art when posting the ref.
-No outrageous powers. We will allow some flying characters, but you must ask us first if you can make one.
-Don't join by making an NPC.
-Aliens must have use of hands. We will be picky with aliens walking on all limbs. Bipedal and Centaur like aliens are best if you worry.
-NPCs need to have a reason to exist, they don't count as side characters.
-Only administrators can have npc's, people are allowed to have them show up in rps, but only for simple interaction like ordering a coffee. Anything beyond this please have an administrator help you.
-Please refrain from using furrys, ponies, or any other real creature. Try to be creative and make your own alien species, or use a pre made one with the owners permission. WE WILL BE PICKY WITH FLUFFY ALIENS. THEY MUST NOT LOOK LIKE FURRIES BASED FROM EARTH. We may let some humans in, so if you want to add a human ask first.
-Please do not use any bases.
-If you want to kill off your character, you must at least have used the character for 2 months prior to the death.
-Clothes must be both age appropriate and not overly revealing. No private parts should be openly visible If your character is being drawn in other clothes besides the uniform. Ask admins if you have any questions.
-When you draw your character for an application, they must be drawn in the correct uniform for their job.

-Be kind and have fun!

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