commissions are OPEN !
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make sure you read my >>terms of service<< before taking a slot

OPEN(3/3)| Digital Animal PortraitsDisclaimer : 
delivery of the final digital piece can take up to a month because of personal circumstances. (I can paint only on specific days when I'm at home) 

digital portrait based on a photo. !! (:
*only for personal photos. or photos that have Permission from the person who took them.

digital piece: max size 2200*2200 pixels,300dpi  | 45$

for printing**: (size-A4, 300dpi ) | 60$

Type 1: natural colors(keeping it realistic and authentic)


can draw :
animals in general.canines, felines, birds...  (ask if not sure)

**NOTE:- overly detailed characters, Wings, strange anatomy, will be charged extra (depending on complexity)


comment down below/note me with: 
type of commission:

the reference: 
pose/emotion,extra information:

BUST ►30$

  Mekomiya[Bust#4] by SofiMXDGarinRex [BUST#5] by SofiMXD

PORTRAIT style:'LIT' ► 35$

xXTheHappyWhaleXx [LIT] by SofiMXD

  past examples: 
  light on me [LIT] by SofiMXD  AquaSongMLP1 - Raffle Prize [LIT] by SofiMXD  RainEterni [LIT] by SofiMXD  tsand106[LIT] by SofiMXD

 Painted full body ► (NOT AVAILABLE)

 (simple background) 

Mekomiya [Painted Full body] by SofiMXDShinya17 [Painted Full body] by SofiMXD

  past examples:  

Mekomiya [COMM] by SofiMXD  Mekomiya [Painted Full body] by SofiMXD KuroFireDJ [Painted Full body] by SofiMXD Mekomiya [Painted Full body] by SofiMXD 


Painted full body with background ►(NOT AVAILABLE)

**extra character: +$

**the price depends on the complexity of the characters, and background [ASK]

  [contest entry] by SofiMXD [CONTEST.e] by SofiMXD
[contest entry#2] by SofiMXD



waiting list:

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AnimalLover787's avatar
so you aren't allowed to post the unwatermarked version of commissions when they are done anywhere?
SofiMXD's avatar
I can make the mark a little smaller, and It depends for what use :)
AnimalLover787's avatar
is the image watermarked or is it just your signature you're talking about?
SofiMXD's avatar
only the small signature :) 
I put watermarks only on designs(when I post them) and send the un-watermarked version to the client :)
AnimalLover787's avatar
oh ok I thought you meant huge watermarked imgae so we can't see the art, sorry. May be back, love your art! :) thanks for clarifying
SofiMXD's avatar
no problem, you are basically right ha-ha, this is what I wrote in my terms of service, but I actually meant the small signature :)
thank you so much for you kind words ♥ it means a lot
rrooaaddkkiill's avatar
rrooaaddkkiillHobbyist General ArtistFeatured
type of commission: Flat sketch!
the reference:…
pose/emotion,extra information: Any pose! Could you add their machete in there as well?
SofiMXD's avatar
yeah I can :)
added you to my list 

It's 9$ for them <3
rrooaaddkkiill's avatar
rrooaaddkkiillHobbyist General Artist
Sent!! Thanks so much!!
Wolf-SiSi's avatar
Can i get flat sketch for him?
Okari2 by Wolf-SiSi
SofiMXD's avatar
ommgg yeaas ! he is a beauttyy Love 

what emotion/pose ? :)
it is 13$ for him btw
Wolf-SiSi's avatar
Its on u ^^
And okay! <3
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ahsanali97 Interface Designer
baRoguing's avatar
baRoguingHobbyist General Artist
I wish I wasn't broke :(
Lass1e's avatar
Lass1eHobbyist Digital Artist
Dang dude there are p low prices , you should raise them !
SofiMXD's avatar
thank you for commenting about this, I really appreciate that ♥
I am planing to make some changes before I reopen them :)
Lass1e's avatar
Lass1eHobbyist Digital Artist
No problem! they are quite low for your talents haha
Mekomiya's avatar
MekomiyaStudent ArtistFeatured
Hey darlin'! Can you slap me on your waiting list when you open up a slot? <3
SofiMXD's avatar
Hey there! I know it has been long ago, but, are you still interested?
Mekomiya's avatar
MekomiyaStudent Artist
Yes i am! 
SofiMXD's avatar
you can note me the details :)
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