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Invisible Illness: Anxiety, NOW ON KICKSTARTER

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About a year ago I was asked if I wanted to co-produce an anthology about anxiety. The book would feature artwork drawn by artists whom, like myself, have lived with anxiety. I had no idea what this project would entail, but here we are, one year later with a Kickstarter project which is live and kickin'!

For my piece, I wanted to focus on the invisible part of the disease and how most of us suffering from it can seem okay on the surface whilst struggling on the inside to even make it through the day. Anxiety changes most aspects of how you live your life, but the most prominent ways it changed me was:

- Crippling lack of inspiration and creativity 
- Irrational fears of strangers and situations where I’m forced to interact with them
- Permanently changed relationships with friends and family

Check out the Kickstarter here!

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:hug: It's been a weird kind of honor to be there for you during some hard times, and especially rewardgin to see you grow and slowly but surely move past your experiences. ♥
My favourite thing about your comic is how it is an extremely personal and sensitive, individual take, on anxiety... but it conveys something really universal anyway. 

All my fluffy feels Ms Co-editor :heart::rose: