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Dragon Fighter

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Piece done as a part of my personal development. Idea suggested by a co-worker, but by no means an original idea, a google image search confirmed as much. Still fun to put your own spin on it though :)

For work in progress shots, visit my tumblr: [link]

I like dragons sleek but bulky, with not to many details. How do you like your dragons?
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The Dragon looks awesome! I think you did a great job on its design. I like many different dragon designs, I think it's stupid to pick just one. The Fire breath is the best part! Wish I could draw fire like that. I love the details!:love:
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Thank you very much :) Glad you liked it!
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No problem! I like it!
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I would not find much friendship with that rear gunner and dragon as his wings like like the only thing thats getting hit.
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Haha, hopefully they's practiced alot at not shooting their own dragon ^^
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Oooh! I love how you illustrated the fire! Very lovely painting - lots of movement, and just an awesome composition overall. Great work! :clap:
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Thank you! The fire required alot of patience.. But worth it ^_^
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You're welcome! Your patience with it certainly paid off - it looks so awesome! :D
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A nice chage of idea from your everyday jet fighter!
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Awesome awesome awsooome design!!! sick idea too!
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I wonder how fast a dragon would fly. Even the BE2, a really poor performer, could easily do 100 km/h. Something like a Nieuport 11 could do 150 km/h. I doubt that creatures as big and bulky as dragons could fly that fast.

OTOH, they just might be tough enough to withstand machine gun fire...
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Yea, they'd me much slower of course, but I imagine then being able to charge up like balls of flame and shoot it off in great speeds which makes for a nice missile like projectile. :D
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I love the concept of this, it's something fresh from all those fantasy-dragon-riders, very stylish. It's the little things that give it extra punch like the symbol on the wings and that German helmet remodeled fto fit a dragon. Ausgezeichnet, like they say in Germany. :D
SofieWikstromArt's avatar
Glad you like it and notice all those details :)
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