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I have totally been absent for a while here. But maybe you have noticed the two new works I have uploaded. :D Jeey! 

It is story time; 

My boyfriend had an old computer laying around, which was still better than the one I had. And it was much faster and quicker. But I also had an exam coming up, So I wasn't really drawing. And for some reason when I wanted to get drawing on this computer again, it just wouldn't turn on. 

So I just continued drawing traditionally. Not uploading much here. Until my boyfriend was like; "why aren't you drawing digitally anymore" So I explain the whole thing and he checks out the computer... 

And he turns it on... no problem at all. Turns out... I was not pressing the on-button... I was just tapping away at the little light ... 

I am so ashamed... I am a dummy! 

Anyway, everything is fixed now... 
Expect more uploads. Also; 
My blog had a beautiful makeover  Love 
If you have any topics you want to have discussed over there; let me know! 
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November 7, 2017


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