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Unofocial NPC Gale by Sofiathefirst Unofocial NPC Gale by Sofiathefirst

I tried, really did. This is Zari’s big bro

Name: Gale

Age: 22

Height: 6’2

Personality: Having 8 younger brothers and 1 little sister, Gale grew up to be a voice of reason. There was never an argument between siblings that he couldn’t resolve. Because of this, he’s also become a good listener and an understanding person and will never turn down anyone in need. But he’s also developed a protective nature to his sister, you can thank mom for that, and will change from friendly and understanding to deadly and mean if you try to hurt her. When you first meet him, he’s cheerful and sweet, but not as confident as Zarina. He can also be very clumsy but always gets whatever task he’s given done, without mistakes.

Background: Gale was fairly average growing up and, like Zarina, wasn’t very popular with the other kids. As he watched most of his siblings join the academy, he stayed home and looked after their grandfather’s woodcarving shop. Since Zarina was never allowed to leave Crescent Reservoir, he used his spare time to fly around with his bird Quake, learning whatever he could to teach his sister and it always made him happy to see her so interested in the outside world. When their mother died, it tore him apart, but he never showed it, to keep others from worrying about him. He was surprised when Zarina suddenly decided to join the knight academy 4 years later. He was the only one who supported her decision in the beginning, but was saddened to see her go. He least wants to be there for her like old times, so he tries to visit as often as he can.

Other Information:

    ç  He calls Zarina ‘Peaches’

    ç  He spends his pass time reading

    ç  He enjoys being around enthusiastic people

    ç  He’s really blind when it comes to love… Really -_-

    ç  He’s gifted with the harp

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September 2, 2015
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