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SA Zarina Freshman Knight by Sofiathefirst SA Zarina Freshman Knight by Sofiathefirst
Name: Zarina

Nickname: Zari

Age: 17

Island: Crescent Reservior

Height: 5'4" (hasn't grown)

Loftwing's name: Storm

Loftwing's gender: Male

Items: Sailcoth (made with her grandmother's help)
           Candle (got at the bazaar)
           Bow (won in a competition)
           Quiver (got at the bazaar)
           Bottle {sitting in the item check}

Personality: After growing up with 9 older brothers Zarina became a tough cookie to crack. She’s a childish, outgoing girl who’s not afraid to speak her mind. She can get a little rough and will tell you straight, if you’re doing something wrong. Because of the way she grew up, she can get easily embarrassed if someone were to say something nice to or about her. If you're able to break through to her center, you'll see that she's a really sweet and caring girl who will do anything to help her friends.
Since becoming a knight, she's developed a serious side to her, which only surfaces during a mission or if she's forced into combat.

Bio: Zarina was born into an average family. They weren’t rich but they weren’t poor either, that didn't mean things weren't hard. Since her parents only had boys before she was born, she had to wear their clothes for her whole childhood, which didn't make things easy for her. She was often mistaken for a boy and bullied by the other kids. She never told anyone about this because, if her mother were to find out, she'd be kept in the house for the rest of her life. Ever since she was born, her mother always protected her like a flower in a deku baba field. At first it was fine but later in her life, Zarina wanted to leave the isle and explore the world. This eventually became difficult for her mother to handle, causing a breaking in their relationship.
When Zarina was 13, a terrible accident occurred with her and her mother. She survived with few injuries but her mother wasn't as lucky. After years of thinking, she decided to join the knight academy in hopes to become stronger, to be able to protect the people she loves

Storm: He met the tomboy by one of the diving platforms after she was bullied by the other kids for dressing like a boy. Storm is an extremely stubborn bird who lives to protect Zarina. Despite being difficult sometimes, he’s Zarina’s best friend and only wants to see her safe, after watching her family. Since she joined the academy and made friends, he's become less hostile toward new people who meet her.

Extra info:

+    Despite her being out going, she’s got serious stage fright
She never cries in front of anyone unless she really trusts you
+    WARNING! She tends to wander in places she’s never been to (especially at night)
+    She can sing (but only in front of certain people)
+    The necklace she wears belongs to her late mother and she protects it with her life
+    You’ll often find her sitting in a tree
+    She has confused, love/hate feelings towards someone in the academy
+    Since she's getting older, her grandmother decided it was best for he to start wearing more girlish clothong
+    Her birthday is in early May

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December 4, 2015
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