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Porter Express: Stella Stars  by Sofiathefirst Porter Express: Stella Stars  by Sofiathefirst
Application for a new group I found through BeckImaginative and would very much like to join. Fingers crossed!

Name: Stella Stars

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Height: 5'6"

Birthday: January 1st

Species: Skunk

Type: Uchi

Occupation: Baker - Ace's Bakery 

Hobbies: Baking, Cooking, reading, Soccer

Personality: Stella is a stubborn, hardworking lady. She's a bit tomboyish, but confident and won't hesitate to tell you off if you've done something wrong. If you manage to dig a little deeper, you'll find a sweeter, more caring skunk, willing to do just about anything for others and listen to them, when they have problems. She has a soft spot for children and people younger than her and, though she will refuse to admit it, she's a hopeless romantic that hopes to one day find her other half. That being said Stella is terrible at flirting and just as bad at hearing it, she will become a blushing and confused mess.

History: Stella grew up in a relatively normal sized family, with her parents, who were both bakers, and three younger sisters, who were triplets. Being the eldest, most resposibilities, be it household or babysitting, fell to her while her parents tended to their bakery, which proved to be a challenge for her, consuming basically all of her free time for most of her childhood.

She was 14, in high school, when she was finally given some breathing room, as her sisters were old enough to help out. She needed something to fill the time she had though, that's when a friend recommended she try soccer, which is exactly what she did, along with taking up a few other hobbies along the way. By the time she graduated, she'd worked her way up to the first team soccer, came in 10th for the top students in academics and had started working part-time at her parents' bakery.

After that, she continued her studies, while staying at her parents' house and did relatively well for herself. After a few more years of working as a baker, she decided to leave home, wanting a new setting and become more independent.

Likes: Coffee (especially in times of stress), spicy food, romance novels, scary movies, watching sports matches

Dislikes: untidyness, ice-skating, lazy people, unnecessary yelling or fighting

Extra info:
- She owns a collection of romance novels
- Her sisters are 7 years younger than her
- If she sees something that's out of place, it will bother her until it's fixed or she fixes it herself
- On the same note, she won't re-ognize other's things if she doesn't know them (it'll still bother her though)
- Someone once mispronounced her name Stellar, to which her parents responded "She's out of this world!". It's become a thing now and Stella finds it embarrassing
chachiincharge Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018
I love her!!
Sofiathefirst Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
I love your icon XD
chachiincharge Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018
Thanks!! It was a gift. I wish I could say I made it
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