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Porter Express: Jason Dott  by Sofiathefirst Porter Express: Jason Dott  by Sofiathefirst
Hhhhhrrrrrnnnnnggggggg!!! Another application for Porter-Express

Name: Jason Dott - Jay

Gender: Male

Age: 29 

Height: 5'9"

Birthday: November 5th

Species: Dalmatian

Type: Cranky

Occupation: Officer 

Hobbies: Tinkering, playing guitar, reading blogs, swimming

Personality: Jay's a really serious, no nonsene pup and, once he's set with something, it's incredibly difficult to change his mind. He's easily annoyed by many things and isn't one to take other people's crud. Once you somehow manage to break through his outer shell, you'll find that he's actually a nice person, when he tries to be. Once you've become his friend, he'll start developing a protective nature over you and slowly, but surely start showing a sweeter side to him. You just have to be patient with him.

History: "You come from such a privileged family. Why choose a standard career like that?" This is something Jason's been hearing for most of his life. He was the middle child of 7 and the son of a lawyer and a doctor, so yeah, he was pretty privileged. But he wasn't like any of his other brothers and sisters, who loved to show off. He was more quiet and reserved in his youth and spent most of his time alone, or with his grandfather. His grandfather was a police officer and told him stories about when he used to work at the force. Jay loved every one of them and considered the old man, his hero.

However, his grandfather passed away when he was 12, leaving his badge with the young pup. And from that moment, he promised to become a police officer, not only to help people but in hopes that he'll feel closer to his hero. Others didn't understand and his parents were against it at first, often trying to get him interested in other, more business oriented careers. His mind wasn't changed. If anything, it fueled his drive and, by the time he was in his last year at high school, he'd already written out his application to the academy of his choice, so his parents let him go in the end.

He was able to achieved his goal and started working in his home town. But, with all the people who would not stop questioning him about his choice in career, he decided to move away, to a smaller town.

Likes: Sweets, anything technological, hot chocolate, savoury foods

Dislikes: Spicy food, horror movies, people who cry easily, apocalypse theories, dirty jokes, disruptive noises, dodging the question, anything time wasting, being interrupted, being proven wrong, teasing, smug guys, coffee, tea

Extra info:
- He's got a sweet singing voice (good luck getting it out of him)
- His left eye's green and the right is grey
- He never leaves home without his grandfather's old badge
- He starts getting shy around the person he likes
- He drinks alcohol, but NEVER when working

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March 19
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