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I was actually hoping for Clinton to win, boy, I was wrong when they announced Donald Trump as the winner...but anyway, the picture on ...

Starlight as Twilight? Wow, this seems like an interesting alternate universe. Question: Are you going to do a story based on this? It ...

This AU of Pinkie Pie is totally awesome! Can you do a story based on this? Please? Okay, I love how you did her, and I'm really not th...

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Smokey Sleeping  by SofiaPotter Smokey Sleeping :iconsofiapotter:SofiaPotter 8 0 New Kitten by SofiaPotter New Kitten :iconsofiapotter:SofiaPotter 10 4
A Romance Between Gabriel and Fiona
Fiona was tuning her electric guitar in the local park. She had pale skin, brown hair, and brown eyes. She was wearing a white t-shirt, with a pair of jeans, white socks, and white running shoes. Around her neck was a pink-purple star necklace. Gabriel happened to be nearby. He had a peach skin tone with a slight tan, neck-length chocolate brown hair that had honeycomb blonde highlights and styled into an emo cut, and round eyes that were a brilliant shade of aquamarine. He wore a red-and-blue striped t-shirt with a black lightning bolt right in the middle, blue ripped and faded jeans showing his knees, silver-and-green tennis-shoes, white socks, orange fingerless gloves, a green baseball cap, a shark tooth necklace and a pair of black Sony headphones hanging loosely around his neck. He wanted to talk to her so he could get to know her better. Fiona smiles as she writes down some lyrics in her note book. Gabriel didn't want to alarm her, but he really wanted to talk to her.
"Hello," he
:iconsofiapotter:SofiaPotter 1 0
Hetalia Going Costal: A Day At The Beach
(f/n): First name
(l/n): Last name
(h/l/c): hair length and colour
(e/c): eye colour
(f/c): favourite colour
Characters: Canada, Reader, (Pairing as two best friends), and one OC.
(f/n) (l/n) was at the beach with her best friend, Matthew Williams. The two had gone there for a music festival.
"I'm really happy you invited me to this music festival at the beach, (f/n)," Matthew says with a smile.
You smile at your best friend. "Thanks, Mattie. I'm glad you agreed to come with me,you’re an amazing friend," you reply.
Matthew scans the program that he had received from some of the staff.
"Looks like we also get to go backstage to meet some artists. Speaking of which, in 15 minutes, we get to meet this cool pop star going by the name Countess Contessa," he reads out.
"I've heard so much about Countess Contessa! She's this ordinary girl who was dared by her friends to sing at this karaoke bar, right?" you ask, to confirm.
"That's right. We're the first ones to meet her, so we s
:iconsofiapotter:SofiaPotter 3 2
The Love Story Between Different Couples Part 2
It has been a week since Lusamine has been defeated. Lila was just practicing her part for an upcoming performance.
Ian was watching Lila practice from a distance.
She finished with an epic pose, as she goes to get some water. As she does, she bumps into Ian, accidentally spilling some water on his shirt.
"I am so sorry," Lila apologizes, as she finds some paper towel to clean the shirt.
"It's fine, don't worry about it," Ian replies.
Lila grins as she goes to talk with her dance crew members.
Ian smiles, and goes to talk to his dance crew members.
Later on...the two happen to meet up again after the next elimination round. Thankfully, both of their crews made it through to the next round.
Ian decided to talk to Lila.
"I'm glad both of our crews made it through to the next round," Ian grins.
"Me too. I should go and tell my family the good news, by video chat," Lila replies.
"Sounds great," Ian responds.
"Maybe I'll see you around," Lila grins, giving a flirtatious wink.
:iconsofiapotter:SofiaPotter 1 0
TSW: The Next Generation Chapter 4
Chapter Four: Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos, Ashley and Taylor
Evie’s POV
My name is Evie, and I’m the twin sister to Mal. Our parents are Leonard and Cleo, who was a princess, well, of the vampire community. Her father, who is my grandfather, was the king of the vampires. After my parents got married, they took over ruling the vampire kingdom. So, technically, it makes both me and Mal princesses. Grandfather stepped down due to old age. I usually love to make puns, and my sister hates them. I’ve got a crush on Carlos, Frank and Lexicon’s son.
Mal’s POV
I’m Mal, and I’m Evie’s twin sister. Sometimes, she can be annoying with her vampire puns, but I’m used to it. There’s one guy who I can’t seem to get off my mind. That’s Jay, Carlos’s twin brother.
Carlos’s POV
I’m Carlos, and I’m the twin brother to Jay. We’re the sons of Lexicon and Frank. I’ve got a crush on Evie. I’m not reall
:iconsofiapotter:SofiaPotter 1 0
The Love Stories Between Different Couples Part 1
Sophia rubs her head in pain, as the mind control was slowly wearing off.
"S-Sophia!" Ash exclaims, in worry, as he runs over to Sophia.
"Ash? What happened?" Sophia asks.
"You w-were under mind control," Ash answers.
"The only thing I remember is Lusamine putting something on my fingers...and mind went blank," Sophia says.
"That's because... Of the mind control... It's possible Lusamine didn't want you to remember that after the mind control wore off," Ash responds.
"Thanks for rescuing me. I...appreciate it," she replies, blushing and looking away from him.
"A-Anytime," Ash replies, blushing, with a smile on his face. He looks away from her.
The two stand in an awkward silence, before Ash breaks it, for he wanted to ask her out on a date.
"H-Hey, can I ask you something?" Ash asks.
"Sure. Ask away," Sophia replies.
"Will you go o-out on a date with me?" Ash asks, nervously.
"Yes," Sophia replies with a smile.
"R-Really?" Ash grins.
Sophia nods. "Of course I'll go out with y
:iconsofiapotter:SofiaPotter 1 0
A Broken And Fixed Romance 3 (PREQUEL)
“If I can’t have Rochelle, then nobody can!” the evil king Alexander declared.
“Get your hands off my wife, Alexander,” King David shouted.
“You stole the love of my life away from me. There’s no way I’m gonna stand back and let you steal her away from me!” Alexander declares.
“Get a grip, Alexander! I never loved you! I’ve always loved David! You were insane, so that’s why I didn’t choose you as my husband!” Rochelle exclaims.
King Alexander brutally stabbed King David and Queen Rochelle, causing the two to fall to the ground. Baby Crystal began to wail in her crib, as the evil king tried to make his escape, however, the townspeople killed him.
“Your majesties!” Bailey, the royal adviser shouts, running into the throne room.
“ must do something for us…” Rochelle says, her breaths becoming slow.
Bailey felt tears pour down his face. “Anything, your maje
:iconsofiapotter:SofiaPotter 1 4
A Broken And Fixed Romance 2
Summary: This is the spin-off story to A Broken and Fixed Romance.
One day, Knox was going over to Olivia's house. He was carrying a bouquet of flowers to give to his girlfriend. However, she hadn't responded to his texts in a long time. He saw that the door was unlocked. He walks in, and sees the shock of his life: Olivia was kissing another boy!
"Olivia?!" Knox exclaims, shocked.
Olivia pulls away from the kiss. "Oh, hey Knox. I really didn't love you. I was just using you," the mean girl smirks.
"So you were cheating on me?! With who?!" he demanded to know.
"With me. I'm Jacob," the boy who was kissing Olivia says.
Olivia smirks evilly. "Jacob's a much better kisser than you," she says.
"And that's the only reason you're cheating on me?! Because some completely random boy is a better kisser than me?! That's it, we are so through!" he shouts at Olivia.
Knox storms out of the house, slamming the door behind him. Jacob and Olivia continue to make out with one another after the door sla
:iconsofiapotter:SofiaPotter 1 0
A Superhero Romance
It was night. A huge party was going on. A 26 year old male was following a 16-year old female. The girl had beautiful black hair, and teal eyes. She was wearing a pretty pink party dress, along with pink flats. As soon as she heard the footsteps behind her, she whirls around, and you could tell by her expression that she is clearly annoyed.
“Hank! Stop following me!” she snaps. The voice belonged to Brittany Drake, who was the daughter of Carlos Drake, the evil supervillain.
The 26-year old male, identified as Hank, stops. He has icy blue eyes, and messy platinum blonde hair, while wearing an unbuttoned dress shirt, jeans, and running shoes.
“Brittany, you know how much I love you!” Hank proclaims.
Brittany glared at her father’s second-in command. “How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t love you?! You have been stalking me, and I hate that! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and get some fresh air. Don’t follow me,
:iconsofiapotter:SofiaPotter 2 8
The Hopeful Singer Chapter Four
Chapter Four: Two Love Interests: How Do I Even Choose?
*Note: This is the final chapter of The Hopeful Singer. There will be two endings to this story, so you will see the outcomes of if she chooses her favourite singer, or the nephew of the director for her first ever music video. Ending one is the real ending, while ending two is fake.*
Sophia Williams/Deborah Diamond’s POV
It’s been at least two months since I’ve filmed my music video, and I already have a lot on my mind: the fact that I have two hot guys interested in me! One is Ace Charming, the popular singer who I am a huge fan of, and who I received my first kiss from. The second is Lucas Jackson, the nephew of the director for my music video, “Rags to Riches.”
I sigh. How was I going to choose? Then, I am distracted by my phone ringing. Turns out, it was Audrey Westbrook, the mayor’s daughter. After she wrote out all the apology letters to the nerds, her father ended her grounding early. Sh
:iconsofiapotter:SofiaPotter 1 2
The Hopeful Singer Chapter Three
Chapter Three: Recording & Shooting The Music Video for Rags to Riches
Sophia Williams/Deborah Diamond’s POV
My manager has told me that today was a very big day for me. I had already recorded the song I sang at the cafe open mic, “Rags to Riches.” Well, I’ll be doing a music video for that song! I am so excited for this: for I’ve never done a music video before. I wonder how it’s going to go.
“Sophia! It’s time to go to the set!” Colton shouts.
“I’m coming Colton,” I call back, running downstairs. He sees my excited face.
“Wow, you’re excited, aren’t you?” he asks me.
“Of course I am!” I reply.
We get in the car, and drive to the set. A woman approaches us, with a pair of headphones around her neck.
“You Deborah Diamond?” she asks me.
“That’s my stage name. Call me Sophia, Sophia Williams,” I reply.
The woman grins. “I’m Crystal Jack
:iconsofiapotter:SofiaPotter 1 0
The Hopeful Singer Chapter Two
Chapter Two: Deborah Diamond’s Debut
In this chapter, there will be 3 songs by 3 other artists. This is a disclaimer, to say that I do not owe these 3 songs in any way. Nope. Nada. Zilch. The only thing I owe is the plot, the characters, and any original songs you see.
Sophia Williams/Deborah Diamond’s POV
This was going to be my first meeting with pop star Ace Charming, as myself. I would then excuse myself, and change into Deborah Diamond. I really hope that everything will go well with my crush on him. I just have to make sure that I am calm, and I will be fine. My manager told me to meet Ace at this fancy restaurant. We would be in a private room, so no one will disturb us. Thankfully, in each private room, there are washrooms, so we wouldn’t have to leave the private room.
“I have a reservation, under Ace Charming,” I whisper to the hostess.
She nodded. “Right this way, he’s waiting for you,” she replies, taking me to the room. Once
:iconsofiapotter:SofiaPotter 1 0
The Hopeful Singer Chapter One
Chapter One: It All Begins, With A New Look, and A New Identity: What Will That New Identity Be, and How Will Sophia Fare Being Famous?
Sophia’s POV
I walk into my manager’s office, with a smile on my face.
“Ah, Sophia, good to see you,” Colton says.
“What’s on the agenda for today, Colton?” I ask.
“Well, I was thinking we could give you a brand new identity as a singer. You were telling us about the mayor’s daughter, who is a brat. If you have a new identity, she won’t even recognize you,” Colton suggests.
I think about it. “I think that would be an excellent idea, as long as I can tell my friends who supported me, and make sure they keep it a secret,” I reply.
My manager nods. “Very well then. I’ve prepared 12 different names for your choosing. Each name has been paired with one of the 12 birthstones for each month,” he explains, showing me a paper list.
Arianna Amethyst
Trinity Turquoise
:iconsofiapotter:SofiaPotter 1 2
The Hopeful Singer (Prolouge)
I’m used to being bullied. Ever since elementary school, I have always been pushed around, teased, and mocked. I’m not popular, I’m geeky. The popular kids always put me down. Everyday, I would say to myself that I would stand up to my bullies. However, every time I attempt to do so, I am manipulated into doing their homework, over and over again. I was also blackmailed, like many of the other nerdy kids, if we didn’t give the mean popular kids a grade less than an A+. Those were the only grades they would accept. They wouldn’t accept an A-, an A, a B+, a B, a B-, you know all those grades. Anyway, that was the past. I don’t want to remember those moments, please. That would completely bother me a lot.
Here’s some more information about me: I’m 17 years old, and one of the smartest students ever at my school, Rosewood High. People always ask me why I am so smart. I answer them with the fact that I was always
:iconsofiapotter:SofiaPotter 1 0
TSW: Next Generation: Chapter Three
Chapter Three: Prince Robert
Prince Robert’s POV
I brush my black hair and make it smooth. As a prince, I need to look perfect. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Prince Robert. My mother is unknown. I have a twin brother, named Alessandro, who is only a few minutes older than me. This means that he will be the one to heir the throne. My father, Blaze, is the evil king of The Dark Kingdom, where I live. He was the one who tricked the Chosen One’s friend, Violet, who is now the new queen of Elemental Land. I’ve seen her daughter too, Lucy. She’s pretty, however, truth be told, she’s not my type. Lucy understands, though. She doesn’t like me romantically either, so that’s one good thing.
Servants enter my room to help me get dressed. I roll my eyes. I could have gotten dressed myself. The servants dress me in a white dress shirt, with black dress pants, and black dress shoes. They also put a red jacket with golden trims on me. Once I was
:iconsofiapotter:SofiaPotter 1 0
My Stories, nice comments only please, thanks, Sofia Potter :) ;)


TFD Hunter: The Ex-Criminal by MasterOfWriting TFD Hunter: The Ex-Criminal :iconmasterofwriting:MasterOfWriting 1 5
F.A.C.E x Bullied! Abused! Reader: Save You
Author's note: The title should be warning enough. If this unsettles you, then do not read this. If you are in a similar situation, call these numbers: North America: 1−800−799−7233, UK: 0808 - 2000 - 247, Australia: 1800 737 732, or any other hotline in your country. Paopu-chan loves you with all her heart.
    The library was (f/n) (l/n)'s favourite place to take refuge from the hustle and bustle of her life. The vast expanses of book-lined shelves and quiet atmosphere gave her the perfect opportunity to catch up on her reading, but her English class ended last semester and she had a physics test that she must write on the Thursday of next week. Her friend, Matthew said that he struggled with that test last semester. He also recommended her to review kinematics. Since (f/n) was in the full year class, the time allotted to write the test was half as long as the semestered classes', so she had to work twice as hard to write the test
:iconkawaiipaopu:KawaiiPaopu 8 2
Hayley by princessCIT Hayley :iconprincesscit:princessCIT 1 2
New Profile URLs
DeviantArt is constantly evaluating better ways to serve our community, from new features to smaller updates and bug fixes. Today, we're making a change to the format of profile URLs that will have a positive impact moving forward. In order to better serve you, we’re changing profile URLs from to
Don't worry, your old URLs will still work, and you can continue to use them. Your old links/URLs will always redirect to your new ones.
We know a lot of deviants are attached to their URLs, so the decision to make this change was not done lightly. Part of the decision-making process involved surveying active deviants, and we discovered the overall sentiment was fairly neutral. Most people did not strongly prefer one or the other — as long as old URLs redirected. But, most importantly, we believe this change will be beneficial for you.
Why Changing URLs Is for the B
:icondanlev:danlev 1,166 4,691
The New Dynasty: News And Plans For The Future
Further conversation was halted as Twilight and Sunset entered the room. Even having been in the room before, it still took Sunset's breath away.
"This must be what Crystal Prep looks like." She thought idly before fousing on the two before them.
Princess Celestia wore the same benevolent smile she always wore, but both she and Twilight could feel a certain nervousness to it now. Which had them worried.
What would make Princess Celestia like that at all? Neither could ever remember seeing her like that.
Princess Luna meanwhile looked thoughful. Her gaze never left Sunset, and it made her gulp a little. Or maybe that was from having to deal with her counterpart so often at Canterlot High.
Twilight spoke up first. "Princess Celestia, Princess Luna. We cam as soon as we could. Is there something wrong?"
"Is it another villain?" Sunset asked.
Celestia and Luna shared a look before breaking into chuckles. "Oh relax you two." Celestia said. "No there isn't a problem or a new villain."
"At th
:iconmorion87:morion87 4 1
The Adventures of Pottertalia [Hetalia x reader] 3
The Adventures of Pottertalia
Three - The Sorting Hat
Like a school of fish, the massive group of first years travelled up the stairs in one big clump unbeknowst to two grey-blue eyes watching them overhead. The hues of the inside, tall walls towering over ten feet all were of warm colors, dimly lit by flickering flames alit on dirty white marble pedestals. You rushed over the flights of stairs, feeling Alfred's raven black robes whip at your sides as he did. The students suddenly made an abrupt stop and all landed their visages on a stoic, yet relatively old woman standing above in a velvet, dark forest green dress. She gave them all a quick look, her tight bun on her head not moving the slightest when she met with your gazes. She turned away quickly after and adressed the new group as a whole. 
She clapped her hands and motioned to th
:iconalfredosauce50:Alfredosauce50 9 4
Puppy Love - Part 4 by Nabs001 Puppy Love - Part 4 :iconnabs001:Nabs001 53 6 Puppy Love - Part 3 by Nabs001 Puppy Love - Part 3 :iconnabs001:Nabs001 52 4 Puppy Love - Part 2 by Nabs001 Puppy Love - Part 2 :iconnabs001:Nabs001 53 2 Puppy Love - Part 1 by Nabs001 Puppy Love - Part 1 :iconnabs001:Nabs001 74 4 Dirch praying for Toronto by trainnerdFromDenmark Dirch praying for Toronto :icontrainnerdfromdenmark:trainnerdFromDenmark 2 6
Can you hear me? [Dark! Spain x reader]
This contains mature content. 
The house was still. The air serene and unmoving, the only breeze you felt around your home was when you shut pantry doors. Occasionally, planks would creak to be the only noise heard around the place as you lived there as the only soul present. As a young teacher fresh out of college, it was odd that you lived alone and you weren't afraid of living alone. That was of course if you turned on all the lights when night fell and cooked dinner early. That way, you could retire up to the haven you called your bedroom and relax without a care in the world curled up with your favorite book. Your nightly routine you anticipated did not go the way as planned, however, but was interrupted by the obnoxious buzzing your phone made as it vibrated against your nightstand. 
Setting down your novel you had your nose in just a moment ago, you rolled over on your mattress to the device with a huff. You outstretched your hand and grabbed your phone, wonderi
:iconalfredosauce50:Alfredosauce50 39 32
Doll House - Part 5 by Nabs001 Doll House - Part 5 :iconnabs001:Nabs001 47 2 Doll House - Part 4 by Nabs001 Doll House - Part 4 :iconnabs001:Nabs001 40 9 Doll House - Part 3 by Nabs001 Doll House - Part 3 :iconnabs001:Nabs001 40 2




Happy 4th of July to the Americans here! :)
Happy Canada Day to all the Canadian users of this incredible site!!!
Happy Canada Day to all the Canadian users of this incredible site!!!
Yesterday, on Monday, April 23rd, 2018, at around 1:30PM, a man in a truck hit as many as 25 people. 10 people are confirmed dead, and leaving others fighting for their lives in Toronto.

This comes as a big shock, as nobody was expecting this. The suspect was a student at Seneca at York, who just graduated the week before.

Please keep all of Toronto in your thoughts and prayers-and share the hashtag: #TorontoStrong

Thank you.
Well, my cat is driving me crazy. He jumped onto the birds cage (door was closed, thankfully), and they were flying around like batshit crazy. They're okay, thankfully.
So, I haven't been posting or commenting much the past week. It is because I lost my grandfather. He passed away on Tuesday.
So, check out my latest post, introducing my new kitten, Smokey!
Will be starting my field placement for my program this week. I will try to update on all of my stories, but please, give me time. I have a lot of assignments to complete for my program.
So, I haven't posted a status update since December 2017...but I'm doing fine. I started my second semester of college. Will try and post stories whenever I have free time.
After 5 weeks, the college strike is over. Sadly: I only get one week off for Christmas Break. Luckily, after exams, I get another week off before winter semester starts.
Hey everyone, 

The Strange World, and it's sequel, Next Generation will no longer be published on here. Instead, it will be published on FictionPress. Here's the link… (copy and paste into browser.)
Negotiations will be starting again tomorrow for all 24 colleges in Ontario. Let's hope it's something good. Hopefully we get back to the classroom soon.  
Happy Halloween everyone! Unfortunately, I'm not in costume, but I was supposed to dress up as a retro-Minnie Mouse. What's the point of dressing up when I'm home due to the college strike, which is in it's third week.
Trying to work on a few more stories while the college strike continues.
Very sad news: Gord Downie, frontman of The Tragically Hip has died, at the age of 53.
Whelp. It's official. Got an update from my professor, and the strike is happening. :(



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