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Writers: Michael Jelenic & Aaron Horvath

Producers: Michael Jelenic, Aaron Horvath , Will Arnett, Peter Rida Michail , Benjamin Melniker, Michael Uslan, Peggy Regan, Sam Register

Directors: Aaron Horvath & Peter Rida Michail

Creative Consultants : Marly Halpern Graser & Jim Krieg

Tag Sequence:

Writer: Amy Wolfram

Director: Ben Jones

Voice Director: Lisa Schaffer

Date: July 27, 2018

Synopsis: "The Titans want to be seen as real heroes."

It's safe to say that Teen Titans Go is a rather polarizing show, but when the show puts out something good, it's very notable. Let's talk about the theatrical movie, Teen Titans Go! To The Movies!.

This movie involves Robin wanting a movie when he's not seen as a real hero, and in order to help the Teen Titans become more popular . They try to get director Jade Wilson to make a movie about them, but she says no. They then decide to get themselves an archnemesis, Slade, to help rise their status as heroes. It eventually evolves into time traveling hijinks in trying to get rid of the heroes, and brainwashing .

This movie gets pretty insane as it goes on, yet there's also a strong amount of heart to it, particularly with its message on how you can be a hero in your own way by being yourself. I'll go over 3 major points: the Teen Titans, Slade and Jade, and tone.

The Teen Titans: One thing this movie does really well is to emphasize the bond the Titans have with each other, particularly with Robin's relationship with them. He's shown to be a big glory hound in wanting to be seen as a real superhero, particularly by the Justice League. However, he's also shown to really care for his friends, mainly in how , for as much as he claims its his movie, he wants to experience it with his friends. Up until the deal with Jade Wilson, he's actually not afraid to defend them. As for everyone else, I really do like them. While they do goof off and mess up a lot, they're also shown to be by Robin's side and respect his wishes in every step of the way. This is most evident in their video, where they show how he took them in from their own tortured upbringings. Even when they break off from him during his solo movie outing , there's a clear sense of distress on both sides with Starfire tearfully congratulating him, and Robin missing his friends when he soaks in some of the fame.

Slade And Jade Wilson: You're probably wondering why I put them both in the same paragraph. Jade Wilson initially seems like a reasonable authority figure in that, while definitely an ambitious visionary, she was at least somewhat nice in saying that she wouldn't do a movie based on the Titans before turning around. In actually, Jade is Slade. As it turns out, he pretended to be a famous director in order to get heroes on his side so he can brainwash them with his DOOMSDAY device powered by a Dytronium Crystal inside Titan Tower, and break up the Titans. All of this helps show how charismatic and manipulative he is. He even brainwashes Robin at one point. His motive is simple , but effective: He wants attention, fame, and power, and how his plan unfolds is glorious .

Tone: I should mention the tone of this movie. It has a self depreciative tone like the main series, but it's deconstructed here. The start of the movie has the Titans try to take down Balloon Man, but they get distracted by showing off their theme song, allowing him to get away. The Justice League takes him out and immediately chew the Titans out for their behavior, and say how they're, at best, quirky sidekicks who can never be real heroes. It works better here because they're repeatedly called out for their behavior, and the Titans are more closely knit with each other, making it feel more tonally balanced . There's also some nice homages to animation in general, particularly Disney, with things like the songs and Robin's nightmare parodying The Lion King, which feel really epic.

And now we talk about how the movie ends. The other Titans show their video on how Robin made them who they are, and he turns back to normal. They then manage to defeat Slade and shut down the device by doing their own version of the theme song, only more epic. They're then praised by the other heroes.

This movie is not only a step up then what's usually expected of the show , but it's also a glimpse into what the show could be like. Regardless, I like this movie, and with the mid credits scene, I look forward to more.

Here is the cast for the movie.

Scott Menville as Robin (Jacob Jeffries during the song "My Superhero Movie")

Greg Cipes as Beast Boy

Khary Payton as Cyborg

Tara Strong as Raven

Hynden Walch as Starfire

Will Arnett as Slade

Kristen Bell as Jade Wilson

Nicolas Cage as Superman

Jimmy Kimmell as Batman

Kal El Cage as Young Bruce Wayne

Halsey as Wonder Woman

Lil Yachty as Green Lantern

Stan Lee as Himself

Wil Wheaton as Flash

Patton Oswalt as Atom

Eric Bauza as Aquaman, Stan Lee's Assistant

Greg Davies as Balloon Man

Joey Cappabianca as Plastic Man

Meredtih Salenger as Supergirl

Dave Stone as Challengers Of The Unknown Leader

David Kaye as The Alfred Trailer Announcer, The Inside Premiere Announcer

Michael Bolton as Tiger

John DiMaggio as Guard, Synth Skate Voice

Tom Kenny as Machine Voice

Vanessa Marshall as Vault Voice

Phil Morris as Red Carpet Announcer

Alexander Polinsky as Control Freak

Fred Tatasciore as Jor-El, Security Guard

James Arnold Taylor as Shia LaBeouf/Fake Slade Actor

ADR Loop Group: David Cowgill, Debi Derryberry, Terri Douglas, Robin Atkin Downes, Jackie Goneau, Arthur Ortiz, Juan Pope, Shane Sweet
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Ugh i really Hate Teen Titans GO! And it's Movie