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TOTS Blog (9-14-2019)

5 Favourites
1. For Lion Out Loud

Writer: Rick Suvalle

Date: September 13, 2019

Synopsis : "A lion can't stop roaring."

So, here's an episode that many people can personally relate to. This episode involves Pip and Freddy delivering a baby lion named Linus (voiced by Hudson Cordero). However, he has a very loud roar that makes it difficult to deliver him. Now they have to get him to be quiet so he can be brought to his family. This episode gives a nice message on knowing how to control your impulses. Linus is definitely well written here. He doesn't roar to get some sort of sick amusement . He is a baby after all. He just wants to have some fun, and is just unable to properly comprehend his behavior. It also helps that no one sees his behavior as bad, just something to be kept under control. This is where the climax comes in. Pip and Freddy manage to bring him through a cave, but his roar causes many rocks to fall down. They then manage to get him to control his roar by letting him roar quietly. This allows them to walk through the cave and get to his family. That's nice.

2. Porcupine Panic

Writer: Brandon Violette

Date: September 13, 2019

Synopsis : "Petey is afraid of the tube."

Here's an episode that has an interesting take on fear. This episode involves Pip and Freddy delivering a porcupine named Petey (voiced by Boone Nelson). However, he's scared of the baby delivery tube system and its various components. Now they have to help him get over his fear so he can be delivered to his family. So, what angle does this episode take when talking about fear? It comes down to this message : "To help someone not be afraid, go down to their level.". Petey is definitely a sympathetic character. He's shown to be afraid of the delivery system, but it works here. From his perspective, it looks like something that will suck you up into places unknown, and being in an unknown place for someone his age would definitely be scary. I also do like that no one is necessarily trying to change him to not be scared, but more help him cope with it. Its best shown in the climax. He's shown to love his toy train. Pip and Freddy decide to be train cars and go through the tube with him so he's less afraid. It's silly yet also sweet. This is a winner.
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T.O.T.S started airing here in the UK this week, 6 episodes in and I’m loving it! It even has one of the best theme songs I’ve heard in a while!

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The theme song is written by Rob Cantor, who also did the music for Goldie And Bear, as well as the Disney Junior Nursery Rhymes.