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Some Thoughts On My Mind (9-21-2019)

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Hey everyone. This is another SofiaBlythe2014. It's time for another STOMM. Let's begin.

1. Why I Talk About Disney And Warner Bros A Lot , Especially Disney Junior, DC, And Scooby Doo

This is something many people have asked me. Why do I talk about Warner Brothers and Disney a lot, especially with Disney Junior, DC, and Scooby Doo? The answer is actually pretty simple. I grew up watching many classic Disney and WB , especially when I was sick, hence my attachment to them. As for why it's Disney Junior, DC, and Scooby Doo, here's why. I watched a lot of Playhouse Disney shows, which continued well into my adulthood . I did watch plenty of shows from PBS Kids and Nick Jr like Arthur or Blue's Clues, but there was just something a bit more when watching Bear In The Big Blue House. This also continued into adulthood where I'm still more inclined to watch shows like Vampirina and Elena Of Avalor, though I do get enjoyment from shows like Let's Go Luna and Abby Hatcher. As for DC and Scooby, part of it is because I grew up watching shows like Batman The Animated Series or What's New Scooby Doo, though another part is the material. DC projects are capable of covering a wide range of topics and themes set to some awesome action scenes. As for Scooby Doo, I feel it's the definitive Hanna Barbera property that can cover a wide range of genres like mystery (especially story driven shows ) , fantasy, romance, and even some action, capable of entertaining all kinds of audiences. It's the most crossed over HB property for a reason.

2. How I Do Theories And What If They're Wrong

When it comes to making my own theories, I should go over some ideas. They are not something I release frequently, the most common reason being I want to make sure I get everything right. I use a combination of show logic, real life logic, as well as any statements the creators make. I also want to make sure I'm motivated . Now, what if a theory I think of is proven false? Well, here's something I want to say. I can accept if a theory I come up with is wrong if any information the show provides makes sense based on whatever is established. For example, when I wrote my article on how I'd put together a Sofia The First movie , I mentioned a plot about Amber and James fighting over who would be ruler of Enchancia . Then "Royal Wedding " showed it was more of a conflict for James than Amber. I then looked back on the episodes , and saw it made more sense than I thought. I then took my time to make sure my points on Amber being queen make sense. The same also goes for my theories surrounding Scooby Doo And The Curse Of The 13th Ghost (though with more suspension of disbelief). You can definitely stick to your guns on what you think is right or wrong, but also don't be afraid to be proven wrong if something happens.

3. My New Format For Reviewing Marvel's Spiderman , As Well As Talking About My DC Preference

They say that time can affect you feel about something , and this is the case with Marvel's Spiderman, which retrieved from its 1 year hiatus on September 8 to continue season 2. Don't get me wrong. I still like the show, and don't have much issue with it, but I think this is one of those shows where i'm better only occasionally reviewing it. I am still watching it, but I'm not as passionate in reviewing it. To be fair, this is also because of my own tastes and experiences. My main reviewing for Marvel Animation is with Marvel Rising, and the upcoming Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur. As for tastes and experiences , since I was young , I've been more exposed to DC Animation rather than Marvel Animation, hence why I have a bit more of a connection with the former. As for Marvel's Spiderman, I'll review the the main arcs considering Superior Spiderman and the season 2 finale, and the six specials for season 3. Just don't expect them right away.

4. Infinity Train And Amphibia Bombs For Late Winter To Middle Of Spring

So, let's talk about Infinity Train. I do intend to review it, but more on my own terms . I originally tried to go for a November 9 airdate, but I decided to put out my review for the September 2 Lion Guard episodes . Its not a specific date, but I'll release my review during the period of late winter and the middle of spring, between February 29 and April 25. The same goes for Amphibia. I wanted to get out my review for the remainder of season 1 before the year ends, though with everything I plan to review and discuss, I'm not 100% sure I can. I'll still review them, but don't expect before the end of the year.

Thanks for reading.…
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