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Mira Royal Detective Blog (10-24-2020)

3 Favourites
1. Mystery at the Gymnastics Show

Writers: Geetaki Lizardi & Becca Topol

Director: Francis Glebas

Date: October 23, 2020

Synopsis: "Mira must find Preeti's lucky headband when it goes missing right before the gymnastics show."

Today's episode was brought to you by the letters G, L, and C, which stands for good luck charm, as shown here. This episode involves Meeti and Preeti preparing for a gymnastics competition in Jalpur. When Preeti's headband goes missing while touring with Mikku and Chikku, Mira is on the case to see what happened. This episode is all about how you shouldn't let bad events get to you. We get a good exploration of Meeti and Preeti's characters that helps make this work. They both love gymnastics, but Preeti is shown being more passionate about it. It's interesting to see this more physical side to her, but it works. What probably helps is that when she loses the headband, it's more due to letting excitement getting the better of her. It can happen. We do get some clues to help us with Meeti drawing sketches of all the places they went to. It's interesting to see this more thoughtful, artistic side to her in contrast to the more physical Preeti. They both contribute to the case given that she drew them all at the clock tower, the only place she didn't wear them. Of course, we get more clues like how there are pink sequins everywhere. The bad news is with how the headband was ruined at the clock tower. Nonetheless, when she's encouraged by everyone else to keep going, she gets the courage to carry on due to skill. The gymnastics show goes off without a hitch. It's a success.

2. The Case of the Curious Confetti

Writer: Lisa Kettle

Directors: Fred Reyes & Joseph S Scott

Date: October 23, 2020

Synopsis: "When confetti starts popping up all over town, Mira searches for the source."

Here's an episode that won't blow up in your face. This episode has Neel throwing a picnic in the park to show his appreciation for everyone. His invention that hands out invitations malfunctions and he leaves it at Mira's house for awhile while he gets ready. However, Mira has to deal with mysterious bouts of confetti appearing all over town. So, let me spoil the twist of the episode. The confetti is from Neel's invention accidentally shredding the invitations all over town. Yeah, it's somewhat obvious, but the clues are at least laid out, mainly with how some of the confetti pieces are bigger and have pictures on them. Plus, it makes sense for a mess like this to come up. Neel is a great inventor, though when he has his mind on other things, he can mess up quite a bit. He also has an extra layer of likability because he throws the party because of the camaraderie in the community, something that is worthy of showing appreciation. I do like the ending of the episode. He fixes his invention. Rather then get rid of the confetti, he uses it for the party. That's pretty smart.
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