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A Horse Shoe In- My Little Pony 1001 Animations

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Writer: Ariel Shepperd Oppenheim

Date : September 14, 2019

Synopsis: "Starlight wants to hire someone to help her run the school."

An academic episode like this helps start out the school year well. This episode has Starlight trying to find a vice head mare given that she will one day run the school due to Twilight’s coronation, and wants some assistance. Trixie thinks she’ll automatically get the job, but still takes part in Starlight’s interview process. She doesn’t exactly do well compared to the competition, but Starlight can’t bear to say the truth. This episode gives a brutal, yet well taught lesson on how, while it’s great to work with friends, you sometimes need to stand your ground and say when they’re not doing a good job. Using Starlight and Trixie for this message works well. They both represent the opposite of each other, with Starlight being reasonable and firm, and Trixie being more impulsive and carefree, with the latter even accidentally teleporting in a beehive. There is still the sense of genuine friendship given that Starlight knows Trixie is good and simply wants her to control her negative qualities, while Trixie has the desire to do good, but doesn’t have enough strength to actively try and curb her more negative qualities. The ending is where things get interesting. Starlight admits that Trixie is not fit to run the school with her, and that Sunburst is. This makes sense given how he’s known her longer. However, Starlight also knows of Trixie’s good points, such as when she harshly, yet rightfully called out Gallus’ grandfather for not showing him proper care and attention. She then gives Trixie her old counselor job, which is a nice compromise. She can be blunt while still being within certain guidelines. I call this a win.

Side Note: Ariel Shepperd Oppenheim also wrote for Llama Llama and Vampirna.
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