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Old House

A few months back we took a couple of our works down to update our gallery, however we have reconsidered our decision and decided to reopload some of our very first pieces after looking back at them, this piece is very special to us, it was our very first one as SOEURISE, we felt like putting this out there again ! :) 
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This is so beautiful :love:

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wow :-O
i would love to life there
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Aw thanks we're really glad that you feel that way !! :)
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Thanks a lot !
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Really... I could look at your houses and background art ALL day. 🌹
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Why thank you ! That means so much for us :)
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Very nice  Two thumbs up by hano22  Christmas Emote by xxxThePretentiousxxx
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Thanks a lot mpz28 !
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Looks awesome!!

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Thanks alot Ryuzuki we always appreciate your feedback as usual !
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Oh gosh this is sooo stunning!!!  I  just wanna commission you guys to daw a few locations in my world  one day  (…) . So much amazing talent!  Dreamy and  cool!!
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Thank you so much for your kind words and support ! We would love to whenever you feel like it in the future :)
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You guys are open for comms? how much would they be?? i ve been wanting to get my Environment done in ages by pros. And watching you both for so long, it is inspiring and amazing! Id be freaking happy to get them done
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Thanks a lot ! We really appreciate you considering us ! We have replied to your note about commissions with all the necessary details :)
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Saw and find it awesome!° Thank you!!
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I liked this scene the first time around, and I still think it is very cool.  Thank you both for sharing.
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Oh you're one of our first watchers ! Thanks alot for the continuous support and we're glad to share with amazing people like you who give us motivation to continue doing what we do ! :)
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