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It's been a long time since we posted anything, we apologize for the long hiatus, we were busy with irl true but the main reason why we weren't able to post is because one of us had some issues with her pc that we couldn't fix, she had to wait for a couple of months to buy a new one, it's not as good as the one she had before but we're back to work at least and we're happy to post new artwork :)
We hope that you'll enjoy this piece and the few ones to come !
Also we are open for commissions again, if you are interested pm us or send us an email at

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Holy moly this is so pretty. I want these to be the backgrounds in an anime
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Always amazed by your skills and your talent !
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I love your work! 
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Wow, this is incredible work!The lights are... and that wall... oh no, there goes my jaw, on the floor, falling forever, in awe
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aww thanks a lot !! This makes us very happy :)
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Wow!  The color and the blending into the gray is so beautiful 
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Thank you Hime !! We're glad that you like it <3
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So beautiful! :D
I really love your style, I hope you will post more often now :)
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Thank you very much !! We hope that as well, we will try our best :)
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Glad you two are back.  I like what you guys do with light and color.  Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks a lot ! We're happy to be back and we're glad that you like it ! :)
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Nice work! Gives a surreal image of color inside a bland and dark landscape. :)
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Thanks a lot ! It means a lot to us ! :)
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your welcome my friend

a  good cheer 2u and Xmas Jester Happy Holidays

and a goodHappy New Year 2011 2019...:D (Big Grin)
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Thank you! Happy new year! Huggle! 
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Great color work :)
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You're very welcome ^^
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