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do you have best friends ?

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I do! I don't get to see them that often, but yay for email!
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This is really cute btw
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The expressions you've given them are great! :love:
They make a really good pair of friends. :D
Hi there, I'm currently desperately looking for cool artwork such as what is above to be published in the first edition of Brainwash Magazine ( and this would be great in the mag. Please email me if you are interested in having this published in hard copy. Your work would be credited to you and I'd love for you to write a 50 word bio about yourself to include in the magazine. Design work is happening NOW so the sooner you can respond, the better! Please don't reply on this site, please email: Jessica Barlow at I hope to hear from you, kindest, Jessica.
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yes, lol in fact the this looks like us XD
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opps ^^; take out the in my last comment
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We're not really best friends...we're more like sisters :)
But I love them to death!
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can i use this to make a gift to someone that hase made me some gifts and been a friend even thow we never met just on DA, and has no picture of her..........
i will credit you and send a link :) that s if u agree if not i will find something elce
thank you :)
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Yeah I mean if your gunna credit my work then it's fine : )
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yaay so cute! :giggle:
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i have best friends too , like 4 or 5 , and the others are just friends :)
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Cool !! :) spend time together as much as u can before college starts !
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wer staying together inshalla even after college starts :)
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I do!
One boy one girl. and they are annoying, labelling, tyiryng and stuff... but I like them very much.
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