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Nanda's Real Pen and Marker Brushes for Photoshop

After creating realistic pencil brushes for Photoshop, I decided to create some pen/marker brushes as well. Here's a set of twelve brushes for Photoshop. The first four aren't realistic brushes, but you might like them anyway.

The brush set includes:
- Sketch Pen
- Pen
- Ink Brush
- Marker
- Real Ballpoint Pen
- Real Fineliner
- Real Marker
- Real Thin Marker
- Real Thick Marker
- Real Highlighter
- Real Brush Pen
- Real Gel Pen

I hope you'll enjoy them and if you decide to use them in your artwork, please share a link in the comments. I'd love to see it! Thank you!

You can find my real pencil brushes at:
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GRACIAS, me encantan

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nice going to try them out

Great work! - thanks for sharing them

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Love it!! im gonna try them now

greencadaver's avatar

thank u! they're great! the pencil ones too

i think it so interesting

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Hi there. I am unable to see the link where I can get those brushes and I really can't wait to put my hands testing them in my art. Are they free?

Gracias!! Buen trabajo.

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Thank you. Your brushes help me a lot.

Great work! Thak you!

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I'm starting with digital inking and your brushes will definitely help!

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God bless you!!

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Okay, so I came back to send the link to this to another artist, and I really just gotta say thank you. I've been using these religiously since about 2014 or 2015. Seriously, thank you. These brushes are fucking amazing, and I actually have been recommending them to anyone who starts out with Photoshop. Again, just thank you!

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Thanks so much for those amazing brushes, I hope that you really know how you are helping the community with this kind of tools!

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