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'A Storm is comin' ororo from xmen

By SoDesigns1
The beautiful, Storm, from the X-Men.
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OMFG.....I don't have the words. Storm is and will always be my Goddess. That is exactly how you've portrayed her. I bow down to your mad skills. I'm completely blown away.
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This is great! I love how you did her hair.
This is Absolutely, Undeniably, Positively the most Beautiful representation of Storm I have Ever seen. Ever.
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Yes Gawd! There is no way I could've said it any better....
Ugh, the beauty. It's too much. Too great. Amazing job.
This is absolutely beautiful.  When will this print be available for purchase?  I must have this on my wall in my living room!!!
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WOW. This is beautiful. I love the afro hair on Storm
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 This is Awesome and Beautiful
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@~Cristina37 aww thanks for saying that, appreciate your kind words, Thanks guys I appreciate when people appreciate my work and take time to comment, when we're all rich and famous i'll look back on this and smile.
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How have you had this up since December and it's been seen and faved by so little?
This is beautiful, here's to it getting more recognition.
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I wholeheartedly agree...
So beautiful. When i move her eyes follow me^^
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Wow! Wonderful rendition. Very rarely see Storm portraits where she sports an afro. The white hair carries it quite well. I do like how her face is slightly asymmetrical - gives her a more human look, despite the absolutely flawless skin, startling blue eyes and voluptuous lips.

The jewelry appears rather amazing as well; the neckpiece looks almost liquid, though!
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God DyAAAM! you captured her essence sooo well!! before looking at the name i thought to my self "damn thats good, she looks like storm" then BAM! its storm. I like your take on her alot, great job with the hair (although the comic geeky fan girl in me kindda wants to see it straight because she got mad at beast in a comic for asking if it was weave @___@ - its not weave btw and her eyes are naturally blue to o.o hmmm go figure.) But in any case, it looks absolutely beautiful! colours are fantastic, her skin looks smooth, its just great, really, really well done. I'd love to get to this level of digital painting.

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Hey Phoenix fury thanks for the award, I shall cherish it forever, and just to let you know the comic geeky girl in you shall be appeased, if you look through my other deviations, you will see Storm sporting straight hair, and even locs.
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Beautiful! I love it!
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ah! I LOVE this~ :iconiloveitplz:
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Wow... she could put me on my knees with a just a look... worship the goddess.. mmm
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zrdgvayZWEGRUIlakjeriludlhluitju9e56ys'pgojbkl OOOOOOOOOOH MY GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THIS IS AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL I CANT EVEN STAND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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