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The Roaring Flames

Gift for nekonotaishou Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!!!
Tonametl ref by nekonotaishou  Tonametl portrait by nekonotaishou

I'm excited to finally share this! Sooo sick to draw, man. My favorite piece yet! I was inspired to create this composition by the song Valhalla - Rok Nardin… I think it fits extremely well, conveying such a dangerous & deadly energy as you listen. It corresponds to what this almighty beast is capable of with those sharp claws & saber teeth 100%
This was the final drawing of 2020, what a perfect way to go after a year's worth of Hell.

UPDATE!! Added a brief 6 step painting process for fun, I plan to make more in depth painting processes in the future!
Neknosaber-process by TheSodaSmuggler

Photoshop CC 2017
Wacom Intuos Tablet
Time: several hours
Featured Character: Tonametl by nekonotaishou
Artwork is mine
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© 2021 SodaSmuggler
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I love this to pieces <3

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Thats terrifying

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Proportions are perfect, I love this <3

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This is expertly terrifying! Great job!
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this kind of 'coming at you' pose is notoriously hard to pull off, and you did a great job

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Thank you so much! Love your work!

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Holy cr*p this is good! I like how you did the fur!

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The flames are so epic!! And that expression and pose is so well done! Love the blue contrast sky to the red/yellow fire!

keep up the good work!

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The dynamic pose and lighting is amazing!!

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