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Take on Me

A tribute to one of my all time favorite video game series- The Last of Us

The background is originally composed for a separate project but I utilized it for this concept as well because I just couldn't get over the fact that it screamed TLOU so I gave in to my temptations and boom, finished result. I don't normally draw humans so this was great practice and I have to say, I'm very happy with how Ellie came out. I heavily referenced a statue of her that I own from the TLOU2 collector's edition box... brought her so much more to life in this piece. The setting is randomized, I'm not sure where she is but she's somewhere... hunting for that bitch ass Abby Chainsaw  

This drawing is a combination of matte painting and actual painting, specifically the buildings were photographs integrated into the scene that were then detailed over by hand. Lots of work but I wanted to make this as realistic looking as possible in terms of conceptual environments. Some photos used are free stock images for personal use. Most of the photos used are actually my own, I tend to visit abandoned places as a hobby of mine.
Please do not redistribute, copy, or sell this work. If you intend to post this anywhere else or use it non commercially, please credit me for the work. 

Crit & feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

Edit: Forgot her tattoo, added that in lmao oops

Photoshop CC 2017
Wacom Intuos Drawing tablet
Completion Time: 5 days
Layers: 67   
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2500x2000px 6.38 MB
© 2021 SodaSmuggler
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There's one of person I follow who has a similar name to you and also draws wolves, so I'm always mixing you up with them.

Regardless, drawing over photographs? I think that's like rotoscoping or something.

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Great work! :o

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Ooh I absolutely adore the concept of flooded cities, very well done!

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