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World Academy Sim Date {Hetalia Sim Date}
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Published: September 16, 2014
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this game is old and outdated and will not be updated with your favorite character sorry x

- If you're stuck at the dance it's cause you DIDN'T FINISH A SPEECH PATH wow amazing
- you cant write some letters in the enter name cus i was still a noob at flash and its never gonna be fixed sorry
- dont make lets plays on my game sorry but yall are rude
- The cheat button is hidden and i will not tell you where it is


One day delay but that ain't too bad! ;D

This should *mostly* be bug free, but with a file that required as much coding as this one did I sincerely doubt it's 100% bug free *_*


After months of waiting, planning, and--mostly on my part--tears, World Academy Sim Date is here and ready for the public!
I'd like to thank dubkidz for her extensive help on character scripts. I'd also like to thank cheese17 for her help on character personalities, since I was on Hetalia-hiatus for like, two years?

Additionally, I'd like to thank my beta testers: Rin-luver, daridoodle, Mori-Kisekine, and last but not least Wolfie111496. You guys are awesome, and the only reason that this game doesn't have (or has less) errors.

Music is by blink-182, an amazing band that helped shape so many other of my favorite bands... along with an everlasting addiction to punk music.

Okay. End of description, I'm gonna go take a four million year long break from Flash u v u


also for the record I will hide any comments that refer to France/Prussia/Spain rapists, pedophiles, or perverts bc I don't want that type of trash on my game sorry but y'all really need to stop that
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happydoo2Hobbyist General Artist
Best. Game. Ever.
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blizzariacupcakeNew Deviant
How do you start playing this game?
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happydoo2Hobbyist General Artist
It's pretty easy to start. You just choose a name and country for yourself, go through the introduction, and then proceed to familiarize yourself with the hetalia boys around the academy. By talking to each one and selecting the correct answer to their speech (there will be a little message that pops up telling you how many points you earned when you select the correct response) and their affection level towards you will grow. When it reaches a certain level, you will be able to go on a date with that boy, but make sure that you have bought them two presents from the shop (it's pretty easy to tell what present is for who based on each boy's country). If the date is successful, you will receive a kiss and then proceed deeper into the relationship and on your way to the dance. I won't provide spoilers, ;) (Wink)  but each boy will have a twist towards the end of the storyline where it will stress your relationship. If you compete your selected boy's affection meter (again, there will be a little message that pops up when the meter is compete), you will be able to dance with the boy at the end.

I don't remember the exact length of days right now, (it's been a little while since I played) but I was able to complete two boys paths in the time limit and then pick my favorite at the end. Usually Francis. :D (Big Grin) 

Hope this helps and you have fun! 
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Minty-AhoyHobbyist Digital Artist
when you press the kiss button repeatedly it sounds like a gun
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Madisyn330Hobbyist General Artist
I was scrolling through the comments and this is by far my favorite
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OliviaTheDemonPonyHobbyist Artist
1 wrong thing drinking is legal at 16 for beer and wine in germany 18 is for that high ass stuff life vodka
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Fiore-RosewoodHobbyist Traditional Artist
I played this 4 years ago and I play it right now because the game is good.
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Kaybear06Hobbyist General Artist
wonderful game, it can really cheer you up! ^^
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ThetinyfooxStudent Artisan Crafter
I've been complimented by a bird i feel fucking great thank you  
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Sometime when i'm really sad, i like to come here and play this game, for some reason this is actually makes me really really happy
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EmilyShimada Digital Artist
I feel so bad for Russia(Ivan) he thought the player didn't love him
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femprussia3Hobbyist General Artist
I raped the kiss button
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RoseMaylieGottschalkStudent General Artist
i think i found it but it doesnt work..
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RoseMaylieGottschalkStudent General Artist
nm i went past day 68
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RoseMaylieGottschalkStudent General Artist
nm i went past day 68
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i've been wondering is it the kiwi bird or fruit?
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Shark---teethHobbyist General Artist
DoNT rApE tHe KisSiNG bUTttOn
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Played this game for years now... so much fun!!!!
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JustADamagedThingStudent General Artist
England: What country do you represent?
Me: Oh, Kuora Mwoyo. (an OC I made. I dont really use real countries for OCs because everybody does that. plus i just wanted to)
England: I've always wanted to visit there.
Me: The name literally means depression and it was made specifically for people with depression...
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I like that one description says *STOP SAYING YOU'RE RAPING THE KISS BUTTON*
 I'm grinning ear to ears even though I didn't do that. 
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RosesRosieStudent Traditional Artist
I'm really sad they didn't like the most hilarious replies, I couldn't stop laughing with them lol
But you know what I'm more sad about...?

None of them liked my Kiwi costume.
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Darn! I don't know what Germany likes!
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typically choose products Germany is famous for
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