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"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it." -John 1:5, NLT

This highly detailed Newton fractal stood out to me as conveying a sense of might that made me think of a creator executing his will. The central figure is the emanation point for all creation while it is flanked by two smaller figures, which, together, are reminiscent of the Triune God of Christianity. The very small figures coursing off into the periphery seem to me like executors of the divine will.

Some Technical Details
This is a Newton fractal of a polynomial in the complex plane near the origin. The zeros of the polynomial were chosen so as to have symmetry. At each point Newton's method is used to find a zero of the polynomial and the number of iterations required to converge to a zero determines the intensity at each pixel. The image was color-mapped and post-processed in GIMP to add vibrancy and to soften some edges that I thought were not very artistically pleasing in the background. This method is very similar to the method I used to create Inner Light.

This fractal was rendered using a custom program that I wrote.

I typically like to render images in 4x the final resolution to allow for anti-aliasing when the image is down-sampled, but due to a mix up I lost the exact equation of the polynomial and I couldn't re-render it at higher resolution. I experimented with a de-speckle filter for awhile, but ultimately decided that the speckles add a bit of character. The image is a fractal, after-all, so there is sort of an infinite level of detail available near the edge of the foreground.
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This one is very pretty! :D