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Medical Emblem of an Engineer



The Rod of Asclepius and the Caduceus are both symbols commonly used for medicine (correctly or not). Here I present a stylized hybrid of the two symbols. A single snake wrapping around the body of the Caduceus.

Triangles and sharp angles play a strong role in the design. I wanted to design a medical symbol that reflected part of me in it. I am an MD/PhD student with a background in three different undergraduate areas. The emblem as a whole represents my current focus on medicine while the triangles represent the tripartite nature of my background; and their repetition in the design reflects my feelings about how important the perspective those past experience have been in studying medicine. The sharp angles reflect the precision of engineering (part of my background) and reflect a hope that I will someday learn to incorporate that level of precision into my practice.

This is my first artwork that did not originally begin as either a computational project or as a fractal artwork (my previous design, Water, Earth, Fire, Air even came about as part of thinking about fractal patterns initially). I've wanted to find a stylized emblem representing medicine since I began my training last year, but have not found one that I really liked. This is my contribution to the many representations that have been created by many artists of these classic symbols.
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