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Emblem of the Healing Arts



I designed this very shortly after I finished Medical Emblem of an Engineer and you will see obvious similarities. This is a more gentle and friendly take on a common medical symbol, the Caduceus.

This is a design I created in response to a call for submissions for a new logo for JayDoc - a free health clinic that is partially staffed by students from the University of Kansas Medical Center. The original logo also had circular text with the groups motto and name around it, but I have removed those for submission here because I was unsure whether IP law permitted me to use those.

They decided another logo would meet their needs better though, so it didn't end up getting implemented. I decided to hold off on posting it here while waiting to hear back in case they liked it in which case I would have planned to grant a sole or exclusive license. Since they didn't though, I retain IP rights to the design so here it is!

It was originally symbolic; here is the description I provided to my contact:

"I have tried to design it with JayDoc specifically in mind. In that regard it is symbolic: (a) the work as a whole contains a common symbol for medicine, (b) the stylized snakes are facing outward (rather than classically inward-facing) to symbolize JayDoc's community focus, and (c) the wings have three segments to them symbolizing three important facets of JayDoc -namely, Service, Education and Community."

Just as a general disclaimer, nothing in this submission or in any artistic piece in my gallery represents the views of anyone except for myself (i.e. I do not represent JayDoc or KU Medical Center in any way).
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