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March 21, 2012
Panduranga-temple by ~naunau08 is an isometric pixel with gorgeous, dreamy colours and very fluid animation.
Featured by Lyricanna
Suggested by Krissi001
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The temple of Life

When the Gods created the world, they made a temple and named it the temple of Life. The temple has kept the world alive for thousands of years. Gods used thousands of souls to make each brick. The temple maintained the treasure of life. This treasure has been bringing the life to human beings, animals and vegetable world by the God's water..
500x300, 5 frame, 128 colors.
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Extremely colorful and vivid, has lots of appeal imo =) green naturally flows into blue here without a harsh, contrasting transition which makes the whole thing seem more soft and relaxing. You're really talented! 
Gl1tch54's avatar
Awesome and beautiful <3
Howlinggrace's avatar
This is Amazing it's awesome 😄
TheBlueFreezerBunnny's avatar
I love it! It seems like something straight out of a Zelda game. :)
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Would you mind if I shared an animated ambiance for Sailfish OS that uses this piece as it's wallpaper?
Socnau's avatar
Sure, you can :)
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THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow! Not gonna lie, kinda blown away. So dep!
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Wow, such art, much amazing, wow.

Rainbow doge emote 
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I love every single detail of it
On2XSecretProbation's avatar
I love the water effects!
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Thank you :) (Smile) 
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How much you charge to do a few animated characters and buildings in this style and similar resolution/detail?
Socnau's avatar
Hi, thanks but i'm not open the commission yet :)
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love this! i just want to be there D:
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