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I have been working with the lovely impluvium (again, I fail on linking to dA accounts) on art assets for the project I mentioned last time. Said project is almost ready for public consumption. By the end of this month, I should start spamming y'all with it. (Okay, not literally; I'll be nice.)

I want to make sure everyone welcomes Tazzmeraz to dA (or back to dA or whatever her story is there; just nod and smile and pretend to believe her - it's what I do), and, fair warning, she and LisaCat'll probably be ...advertising our project, too. :) We've been working on it since the beginning of this year (with some few breaks due to real life interferences like, y'know, college and, um, surgery...), and we're all kind of bouncing in our seats to be able to show it off.

In the meantime, life continues apace here in the Tower. Aero Bars for everyone!
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I am working on a project with the fabulous LisaCat (sorry, I don't remember how to link to other dA accounts) that requires a lot of art. Specifically, it requires landscape/architecture/scenery type arts in fabulous full-color, and yes, I am willing to reimburse in USD for these drawings. I am willing to negotiate price on what the artist thinks is fair, and yes, I know that can get pricey. But I also know that artists don't just DO ART with a magic wand and I want to be sure they're fairly compensated for their time & effort; given a price, I can dig around and see if I think that's fair, but without that starting point, I am afraid that I would either offer too much (and thus overspend on an already expensive part of this project) or else offer too little and insult the artist by undervaluing their work.

We're looking to evoke a sense of the fantastic here, and we have a very specific fantasy world set up. We want a style closer to realistic than stylized, though some stylization is okay, and we want that same style held throughout the works, which will all be uploaded on the web as part of the project site. You WILL be credited, with a link to your dA, your professional site, your email - whatever link you want us to use. And you are welcome to use the art you do for our site in your portfolio, though I'd hope that you would also link back to us/list our URL on there when you do. As far as I'M concerned, you can make & sell prints, too, though I think we'd definitely require a mention of what it was created for in the product description and a link to our site.

This site of ours is not trying to be a money-making venture, but I do hope it'll be a lasting one, and I'm willing to turn out the pockets a bit for a more professional look. It'll be a site (hopefully) seen by lots of people, and even if it collapses, you will have been paid for your work, so it's all okay on your end, yes? But yeah, not technically a commercial venture here.

I do also know I'm asking for a lot of art: 15 pictures off the top of my head; there may be more necessary that I'm forgetting. Digital delivery is fine, since it's to be used for the web. They don't have to be HUGE GINORMOUS but unfortunately we're having a communications problem with our main coder so I can't give exact dimensions (we are discussing Plan B's in case this person falls through on us entirely). They'll be banner-headers at the top of certain pages, basically: bigger than a standard banner ad but we don't want it to eat the whole page. ...though, now that I think about it, we might want to use your art in ads to help get traffic to the site. If we want to do that, we'll certainly let you know about it first, and there'll be credit on the image for your site/dA/whatever you want us to use for crediting purposes.

If you think you know someone who fits the bill (or if you do), please let me know in the comments! I am having a PayPal issue atm, but I have a couple different options of getting USD to you if PayPal is your preferred method of payment (and I wouldn't blame you if it were): I can either use my credit card (which I know charges a fee; I am willing to raise the payment enough to cover that fee hit) or just give the money to someone whose PayPal account isn't in a semi-permanent state of limbo (long story) and have them pay you. ^_^
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Well, something good enough to post here, anyway. And it's not WoW-related! It IS game-related though: this is Bayushi-Saori's character for Isnit Weyrd (assuming they approve her). She comes from Tyrra, which is where you play in when you're at NERO (apparently; I've never done it). So actually she's related to TWO games.

Blah blah real life blah. It's entirely LisaCat's fault I'm playing Isnit Weyrd, but I'm enjoying it. Also, I AM trying to draw more. I drew my own Isnit character last night, and from a straight on angle instead of my usual one. It's...not that good, but it's better than I was expecting it to be. I might post her anyway. No promises.

PS: I chose Alienated for the mood not so much because I actually feel alienated but because I LOVE WATCHING IT.
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I'm in a kind of meh mood.  Have to get a part time job to help defray school debts; one of my best friends is going to Afghanistan; I have the most random sleep cycle ever at the moment; and I'm just feeling really cut off from people.  Lonely, despite the husband and cats.

No, no new arts to post.  I feel I should point out that I mostly got a DA account so that I could follow my friends and the work of artists I like.  So hopefully you're not really expecting ME to post stuffs. >_>  That's a long wait for a train don't come. (Firefly)

Gonna go get some stuff done around the apartment.  Not going to look for a job 'til after I come back from my trip to Btown, but I think, when I do, I should concentrate on the...possibly geekier spots (bookstores, Best Buy, etc.).  I need friends up here badly, and working at a shoe store (as I did last time I felt the need to get a job) doesn't really give me a high likelihood of finding people with similar interests.
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I found some art I'd like to scan and upload.  Stuff that isn't quite so horrible.  (And hey, it's not all "Me playing with colors in Photoshop!" either!)  But it's not scanned yet.  

I need to work on writing. ~_~  Still.  People are pestering me about Vorpal Lhura and I have a research paper and a promised bday fic and that still unfinished Arthur/Eames Inception fanfic (damn you, Inception, I wasn't expecting to ever do fanfic again!)...and my airship pirates.  Argh.  I miss you, Ryker! ;__;  

Back to school and all that (see aforementioned "research paper").
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Wow, GenCon felt like more fun than it has been in a long time!  And I got an autographed print from Glenn Rane, after babbling at him like an idiot.  I'm terrible around celebrities. ~_~

Autographs from Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, Sandeep Parikh, Robin Thorsen and Jeff Lewis, as well as Lar and Sohmer from Looking for Group.  I was a busy little...whateverIam.

Took me a day to recover, and I'm not at 100%, but I'm getting close.  Probably by the time I'm fully recovered it'll be time to head to Btown.  Heh.

No new artsy-ness, sorry.  If anything, I need to work on my writing.
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I haven't slashed in years it seems, but Eames & Arthur just...just...

Also the movie is excellent ;)  

Soon is GenCon and I'm about to explode from the sheer geekery.  I probably need more sleep.  I've been playing with OpenCanvas, courtesy of Miss Manders, and coloring some line art she did for me that is <3  I might upload it when I finish it.  I love the way Lucius's hair came out, but Ryker's is kind of meh, and I'm not sure about Del's at all.
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Thank you to Miss Manders ( ) for making my avatar for me and coloring it and all :)  

I might fight to get Photoshop to download again.  *whaps*
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I posted some of my Photoshop projects and a couple not-hideous sketches.  I'm very self-conscious about what little art I produce.  I might get around to uploading some of my better photos at some point.

Do not hold your breath.

Mostly I was just fiddling with DA this morning.  Got some favorites up too.  Bedtime for bonzo.
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I made this DA account because I have many talented friends who post things here.  I have been known to doodle, and I'll probably upload stuff 'cause, what the hell?, I have the space.  But I'm not SRS ARTST; I write more than I draw.  Thanks for stopping in though.
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