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You can stand me up, at the gates of hell...But I  by Sockmonkeyinatuxedo You can stand me up, at the gates of hell...But I :iconsockmonkeyinatuxedo:Sockmonkeyinatuxedo 5 2 In your black heart of hearts, you know by Sockmonkeyinatuxedo In your black heart of hearts, you know :iconsockmonkeyinatuxedo:Sockmonkeyinatuxedo 5 0 Darla (Its sad to say goodbye) by Sockmonkeyinatuxedo Darla (Its sad to say goodbye) :iconsockmonkeyinatuxedo:Sockmonkeyinatuxedo 6 4 I Don't wanna die alone by Sockmonkeyinatuxedo
Mature content
I Don't wanna die alone :iconsockmonkeyinatuxedo:Sockmonkeyinatuxedo 3 0
Come on, Kid. You're a long way from home Pt.2
Moose| Buck| Captain

 The buck had given the blue doe a nice beating before he had come out, the doe now missing more of her scarred ear, and wouldn't be out of her den for at least a full moon. After not having seen Rahilil when she returned, the buck had known something was wrong. Sniffing around the area, the buck continued to make his way to the marshlands. "Come on kid, where are ya?" he whispered to himself, peering around he made sure there were no predators nearby before he sighed. Only seeing a few birds circling around an area, as they all seemed to be getting lower and lower. Nodding determinedly, he began to run where the birds found there next meal. Letting the mud fly behind him as he dug his claws into the ground to keep balance, the large, old buck began to get closer and closer. Finally seeing the dark pelted private, the buck sighed in relief as his icy blue eyes caught sight of him breathing... Well
:iconsockmonkeyinatuxedo:Sockmonkeyinatuxedo 2 0
Strike 2

Word count:
Half/Moose- 4479
Half Face| Doe| Captain

 It had been a sunny, and wonderful day. Birds were chirping, the grass was beginning to regrow as much as it could. Flowers begab to bloom, and everything seemed to be absolutely perfect, in the warren known as Bogweed Wood. Well, everything was going great, until a dark blue pelted doe, had been paired to go on a patrol with a rabbit she was trying to kill. It was something she absolutely hated, and she wanted to kill a rabbit then and there for assigning her with him. The rabbit was a weak link to this warren, and nothing would change her mind about it. She was there, she was the one who experienced it, and she knew her allies believed her. They told her so. But... The fact that he was still in a rank other then a prisoner continued to piss her off. Hopping through the tunnels, Half began to track down the darker pelted rabbit. The useless buck, who's only purpos
:iconsockmonkeyinatuxedo:Sockmonkeyinatuxedo 0 0
Fight Night Champion
Moonflower| Kit| Non
A small head emerged from there den as they gave a small yawn, and peered around with there bright yellow eyes. They didn't seem all that excited or surprised, but they soon saw that the coast was clear and soon exited the tunnels and sat at the entrance, beginning to groom their fur.
Gravel | bogweed | kit

 Gravel darted outside the den, lunging at the grass. He landed skillfully, that being he had working on it. He panted, backing away. He didn't sleep, being that he couldn't. He glanced around, fur covered in grass. He carefully licked the grass off of his fur, gaze glancing around. He had noticed that everyone as beginning to wake up.
Moonflower| Kit| Non

 Moonflower saw the movement and rose a skeptical brow. The kit was smaller then they were, and they didn't seem very fierce in their eyes. Scanning t
:iconsockmonkeyinatuxedo:Sockmonkeyinatuxedo 4 5
Huh...OH Yeah! Yeah...can i eat now  by Sockmonkeyinatuxedo Huh...OH Yeah! Yeah...can i eat now :iconsockmonkeyinatuxedo:Sockmonkeyinatuxedo 7 1 You better leave me and my rock alone by Sockmonkeyinatuxedo You better leave me and my rock alone :iconsockmonkeyinatuxedo:Sockmonkeyinatuxedo 7 0 Untitled by Sockmonkeyinatuxedo Untitled :iconsockmonkeyinatuxedo:Sockmonkeyinatuxedo 9 0 Dominic Ref sheet by Sockmonkeyinatuxedo Dominic Ref sheet :iconsockmonkeyinatuxedo:Sockmonkeyinatuxedo 3 0 Moonflower App by Sockmonkeyinatuxedo Moonflower App :iconsockmonkeyinatuxedo:Sockmonkeyinatuxedo 6 1 No I won't back down, I will stand my ground by Sockmonkeyinatuxedo No I won't back down, I will stand my ground :iconsockmonkeyinatuxedo:Sockmonkeyinatuxedo 9 2
So it Begins
Rahilil | private | buck
 Week had gone by since the incident in the old tunnels. Rahilil had been busy with low rank duties like cleaning tunnels and feeding the prisoners. As the day finally came to a close, the rabbit left his guard post as a higher ranking rabbit came to replace him. He went out for some last silflay, and when he re-entered the warren it was already almost dark. What few cracks there were atop the tunnels allowed in a little bit of light that was soon to fade away and to be replaced with the rising moon. Rahilil was tired, and longed for sleep in a den he shared with few other privates. Some captains and sergeants passed him as he made his way towards the den and he bowed his head to them. Just as he was about to round the corner for the last tunnel separating him from his place of rest, Rahilil could hear more approaching footsteps from in front of him. Rounding another corner, a large blue doe turned to face him, and recognised him stra
:iconsockmonkeyinatuxedo:Sockmonkeyinatuxedo 4 2
And the Winner is...
Vireo | Prisoner | Buck
Vireo couldn’t believe the unruly mess that the prison grounds became everyday. The small rabbit gathered twigs and bits of fur that the rabbits had torn off each other in their daily scuffles, brushing it all the edges of the prison space. It seemed to be a never ending task to try and keep the place livable but he didn’t really mind. He wanted to be helpful and he had proven himself to be a rather lousy digger and he could fight about as well as he could fly. At least no one had used him to practice their own fighting techniques on today. He was afraid that eventually even the kits would be chasing him around trying to pull his ears off.
Half face | Doe | Captain
 The dark blue doe scanned the area, as she growled. She didn't wanna be here, but she had to be. So whenever she got the chance, she shoved past the few prisoners, as she hummed. Looking around the area, before he spotte
:iconsockmonkeyinatuxedo:Sockmonkeyinatuxedo 1 0
The Gambler, The Muscle, and The Brains
Heather | Captain | Doe 
 It had been a long and incredibly eventful day. Heather had accompanied the higher ups in a mission to gather supplies for Bogweed, and had proven very successful. A journey to the farmlands was always a major risk, so the ability to return to the dens unscathed was something the doe was incredibly thankful for. Upon her return she had presented her haul to the others before dropping it off and heading for the dens, allowing herself some time to preen her fur and relax for the time being until she would inevitably be called to duty once again. Her large ears flicked forward when she heard another rabbit approaching, but she didn't turn away from her grooming, waiting to be approached first in order to not intimidate whoever it may be.
Half face | Captain | Doe
The dark furred doe grumbled, as she continued hopping along. Stupid prisoners, with there need to annoy her and the other guards. They s
:iconsockmonkeyinatuxedo:Sockmonkeyinatuxedo 2 0


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I'm here, I'm queer, and full of existential fear.
Oh hey, nice to see someone here. It's been a while. I'm Sock, and well welcome. Thanks for stopping. Thanks for staying. Thanks for considering.



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Y'all these are so adorable really should make one before it's too late
Myo Event  by shlohmo
In your black heart of hearts, you know
   You're just like me

Name: Esposito, Lawrence

Age: 17

Gender: Non-Binary 

D.O.B: November 2nd

Height: 193 cm, 6'4 ft

Weight: 195 pds, 88.45 kgs

: Human

  Bleach Peach Rose (Meaning: Desire and Enthusiasm) light cherry blossom cherry blossom light cherry blossom Peach Rose (Meaning: Desire and Enthusiasm) Bleach  
'Darling, even my blood is High fashion. If you cut me I bleed Dior'

Year: 17

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual, would be poly but they can't handle not giving someone more attention then there favorite

Ability: Bad Eggs (Manipulation Empowerment)
Their power comes from the corruption of others, and they feed off it. Allowing them to gain strength, and kind of keep their youth for now, though they don't necessarily know how to necessarily control that. The darkness from themselves and others can help them form servants and puppets for their own personal use, or for the battles. Whatever comes first. That's where the eggs come in use, as they form inside the small the eggs, and emerge just as quickly. They range up from 4 to 6 feet tall, with skin that's a sparkly pink goo. Well, occasionally when they aren't the ones they keep on the battlefield. But, the original ones will be made out of a dark and purple goo from the darkness of the corruption, and they will seem to be wearing a mask as though they are making a front to hide the corruption and darkness, just as the source of the creator has as well. When they begin to feed off the corruption more, it levels to where it will affect there speed and stamina as well, though there is a limit. Once most of their minions are out, the blows from them begin to affect them as well. Once they're all wiped out, they'll resort to defense as much as possible, until their stamina begins to wear away and the corruption has to re-wrap itself around them and build up again before they can fight once again. The chick there for support, as well as a way to show there is a limit to what they should and shouldn't do.

Attack: 6

      Pink teddy bearTini Pills Pink teddy bear   
      'Oh, darling, its on the house. Stars never pay'

      pink heart Loyal    
     pink heartPassionate
      pink heartImaginative
     pink heartReliable
          pink heart Accepting    
pink heartCaring
pink heartPatient

heart 4Selfish
heart 4Proud
heart 4Rude
heart 4Blunt
heart 4Cruel
heart 4Two faced
heart 4Shameless
Lawrence can be a real pain in the ass if they see that you don't look like someone they could trust, for they can tell how corrupted and dark you truly are. They mostly stay with the looks, but if they can't decide they try to consume whatever darkness is inside and if none, oh honey. Prepare for a wild ride, and this fashionista to introduce you to there wardrobe. All the positive traits will be shown, except for a few until they really know they can trust you. They may be two-faced when they know a relationship won't end up going well, but if they know you're pure of heart trust me when I say, they'll always try to find the ones who hurt you. First meetings with Lawrence can go all different types of ways, they like your outfit they might just compliment you and it'll be a nice small chat. But if they catch you doing anything that irritates them, you're in for a real beating. But being friends with them will benefit tremendously. With there parents throwing money at them and trying to keep them quiet, they're not afraid to help a good friend out, or simply use it on themselves as they usually do. This one may be cold-hearted, two-faced and all other things. But get close to them, and they'll let down their facade of the prideful, and fashionable self. They'll let themselves tell the real story, and they'll leave the need to be beautiful for once, and let out there ugly side. Let out the more emotional side of them. But if they ever found the purest person they saw, they would possibly breakdown then and there. It would be a miracle for them after what they've been feeding off of all around them. They would try there damned hardest to befriend that one person or people and keep them as close as possible, as well as to try and shield them away from there own corruption. 

       cherry blossoms d Skeleton Hand Left +|F2U|+ Pink Balloon Animal Avatar Skeleton Hand Right cherry blossoms d   
'Oh honey, Goddesses don't speak in whispers. They scream'

Bio: Born in Rome, Italy, Lawrence was born into a rich family who didn't necessarily care for him. Of course, why should he care when he has all the money he could ever want? Well, turns out money has limits when you become older, but we're not at that part just yet. When he was a child he had all the attention he ever wanted from his Mother and father. Allowed to roam Rome whenever he pleased, Ice cream every day, and all the unconditional love he could ever want and need. His parents spoiled him rotten, until the age of 5. Where they thought the servants were enough company for the small boy, while his mother could go drink and dance all she wanted though he knew exactly what she did when his father wasn't home, and his father could play poker and make deals others couldn't refuse. The servants were nice for a while, taking him here and there without needing his parents permission. But, it became boring for they only obeyed to his commands, and he didn't mind that. But they didn't praise him unless he asked, they didn't give him attention, they didn't give him affection, they gave absolutely nothing. It made him dread the next day when he arrived home. The school was alright for a while, the people there praised him, and sure there were some bullies but he was too lost in his own world to genuinely care for them. He had friends, he had everything he could ever want. But then it came to fights in middle school, and that's when it took a turn. He began to feel his heart pump with a sort of filling sensation when he was around certain students. Especially when he was around his parents, he began to become more confident as well. Buying hair dye and trying to rediscover himself, as he bought all the clothes he ever wanted. Trying to find his true self for a while, as he found out he didn't identify as a male nor female. He didn't feel like one, nor did he feel like the other. So why not be neither? Of course, their parents didn't approve of this by the time they were 15, and their father soon confronted them about it, when they were trying to make a cake from scratch. But like the old days, their father thought it wasn't right for a man to be dying his hair, cooking in the kitchen, wearing such feminine clothing. Thir father dragged them by the hair out of the kitchen, and their mother just watched. Beginning to beat them was the most attention they had gotten in ten years, but they didn't want their attention anymore. They began to feel something course through their veins, and they had quickly pulled away and had begun beating there father. Not holding back, as they continued they found they could see through the man's darkness and they had quickly dropped him. Watching as he went unconscious, Lawrence ran to their room and began to quickly pack. Taking all they could, before they stopped as they were confronted by their mother. They feared she would try to stop them the way their father had tried, for they didn't want to hurt her too. Though that didn't happen and instead she gave them advice. Advising them to go where their grandmother lived. She had apparently moved when they had become rich and found Japan to be a peaceful place. Thanking their mom for the secret sanctuary, their mother did one more thing before she allowed them to leave. She did something that their Grandfather used to do, to bring all the darkness away. She rubbed it on his forehead, his temple, and his chest. Before she placed it down and allowed it to hatch. From that egg, came a small being that slowly began to grow, as it had the mask of a fox. She had explained the darkness that was apart of it, and soon they knew what it was. She explained the school to them and quickly booked a plane for them to go. Finally making their way there, they stayed with their grandmother, they were taught a bit of discipline, but not much as there grandmother was living the high life as well. Finally making their way towards the high school, they began to try and find out who they were once again. Hoping that there were no more people that would feed them, and their power. But, they knew that would never happen, and they just couldn't wait to get the year started. 
Double Rose - Pastel Pink - Left  Pink   
Double Rose - Pastel Pink - Left Baby animals
Double Rose - Pastel Pink - Left Sweaters
Double Rose - Pastel Pink - Left Fluffy and soft items
Double Rose - Pastel Pink - Left Sweet and innocent people
Double Rose - Pastel Pink - Left Shopping
Double Rose - Pastel Pink - Left Vinyl Records
Double Rose - Pastel Pink - Left Pecan pie
Double Rose - Pastel Pink - Left Glitter
Double Rose - Pastel Pink - Left Following fashion trends
Double Rose - Pastel Pink - Left Dandelions

Tini Pill Vomiting 
Tini Pill Rats
Tini Pill Pills
Tini Pill Cupcakes
Tini Pill Uniforms
Tini Pill Roses
Tini Pill Country Music 

Additional Info:
Tini Eyeanorexic
Tini EyePays for love sometimes
Tini EyeMakes shady deals, and buys whatever fur that's in the black market
Tini Eye Binge watched the Office every day
Tini EyeLoves to push others they hate around
Tini EyeCries when no one is around to bully  
Tini EyeIs trying to make their own clothing design

Bullet; Red - Slight attraction
Bullet; RedBullet; Red - Attraction
Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red - Infatuation
Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red - Lust

Bullet; Orange - Like
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange - Respected
Bullet; OrangeBullet; OrangeBullet; Orange - Greatly respected
Bullet; OrangeBullet; OrangeBullet; OrangeBullet; Orange - Idolizes

Bullet; Yellow - Slight Curiosity
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow - Major Curiosity

Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! - Unease
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U!Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! - Disgust
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U!Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U!Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! - Aversion

Bullet; Pink - Slight crush
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink - Crush
Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; Pink - Love (romantically)

Bullet; Green - Acquaintance
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green - Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green - Close friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green - Best friend 

Bullet; Blue - Wants to get to know them
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue - Misses
Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue - Can't bear without

Bullet; Purple - Platonic like
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple - Like family
Bullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; Purple - Joint at the hip

Bullet; White - Slight suspicion
Bullet; WhiteBullet; White - Major suspicion
Bullet; WhiteBullet; WhiteBullet; White - Distrust

Bullet; Black - Annoyed by
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black - Dislike
Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black - Hate
Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black - Wants dead

Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! - Shy
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U!Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! - Nervous
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U!Dark Blue Bullet - F2U!Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! - Discomfort

Black Rose - Dead
Question Mark - Unknown status 
Pencil - Mentor / Apprentice
red heart bullet - Mate 
black heart bullet - Fling / Ex
House - Family

Father, Lovinski Esposito: Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; BlackHouseBullet; WhiteBullet; WhiteBullet; White
Mother, Cierra Esposito: HouseBullet; OrangeBullet; Orange<da:emoticon id="567" profile="undefined">
Grandmother, Loreto Esposito: <da:emoticon id="301" profile="undefined"><da:emoticon id="567" profile="undefined"><da:emoticon id="567" profile="undefined"><da:emoticon id="567" profile="undefined">
Darla (Its sad to say goodbye)
           L Letter Block A Letter Block M Letter BlockB Letter Block   

Name: Lamb

Age: 19 moons old 

Gender: Buck

Rank: Private 

Mentor: N/A 

Tini Pink Rose   Strong bite

Tini Pink Rose  Great hearing

Tini Pink Rose  Can move very silently 

Tini Pink Rose  Swift 

Tini Pink Rose High stamina


Pixel Rose Bullet - BlackCan't hide in his surroundings

Pixel Rose Bullet - Black Not a very strong kick

Pixel Rose Bullet - BlackHair gets in the way of his face

Pixel Rose Bullet - BlackLarge tail gets caught on things easily  

Tini Lungs 

Appearance: Thin buck, with grey socks. His tail is very large, and very soft as along with his fur, even though it seems flat, and sharp. It actually feels very soft, and comfortable. Something anyone could lay on if they wished. His ears have large tufts at the end, that sway in the wind and, more silky then soft. Bright emerald eyes, that hold mischief on the outer core of them, but on the inside they hold grief and great guilt. He walks with a small sway of his hips, and his head held high. Few large grey blotches on his creamy looking fur. 

Tini Heart  


Tini Bandaid Obedient 
Tini Bandaid Caring 
Tini BandaidLoyal 
Tini BandaidFlirtatious 
Tini BandaidCompassionate
Tini BandaidSoft (does not really have high expectations and etc)

big tree [not hot]Clingy
 big tree [not hot]Invasive  
big tree [not hot]Crybaby
 big tree [not hot]Sensitive 
big tree [not hot]Uncontrollable of outburst  

+|F2U|+ Vaporwave Full Moon 

Kit: Lamb was taken in by two doe's named Sunny, and Birch. He didn't know who his real parents were, only that his parents had told him that a few sergeants had found him in an empty den in the pit,  and decided to place him there. Apparently, they had been taken in by the two doe's as well. It made him feel..well, he didn't exactly know but it made him feel nice, and safe. He had other rabbits that cared for him, and sure he found out the only reason they brought him, was because they never wanted their mother's to be lonely, but he couldn't help but respect that. Even if it was the only reason he was brought back, from whatever danger he was taken away from.

6 moons: He lived a nice and soft life, with his adopted brothers and sisters helping make sure he became strong and healthy, and two mothers that cared deeply for him, it was nice. Especially with what he saw happen to other rabbits outside of the comfort of his den. The beatings scared him, yeah, especially when it was his family beating other rabbits. But he knew they were doing it because it was apart of there job. So he never interfered, but he didn't ever not question them. A few would snap at him, others would explain calmly why they had to do it. So he accepted it, what scared him though, was when he would do something on accident and get beaten himself by captains. He knew no one could help him, and he had accepted that. But, that still didn't mean he wouldn't cry everytime it happened. Sometimes crying silently when he saw others being beaten. He talked with a few rabbits, but since he was a bit spoiled with his siblings, some didn't take too kindly to him. It discouraged him to get out of the den a bit, but not enough that he wouldn't communicate with some of the other kits. Spending time with his mothers, and chatting with any rabbit that would love to talk.

11 moons: Sadly, when the guilt came, was when he was play fighting with a kit named Sage. Playing too roughly with the kit, after seeing that his siblings were watching, he accidentally bit into the kits leg, and bit a chunk out. Causing the kit to bleed out, though not die immediately. Ridden with guilt, he ran to his siblings for help, protection, anything. Well they gave it to him. They made him fight a rabbit a bit thinner than he was, forcing him to kill them after. Once the deed was done, he was told to wait. Having rushed back to his den, he curled up with his mothers, and found comfort as he had shed enough tears to fill a whole pond it seemed. The next day, he found himself with his siblings surrounding him, and telling him he was a private, after they had made up a story. The rabbit he had killed was 'trying' to escape in the story, proving he was loyal to Bogweed, and would make a great private, and sooner or later, a captain. He thanked his siblings, and soon was up with the high ranks, though not as respected or as isolated as he was down in the pit, he didn't really mind it as he spent time with his mothers more often, trying to find comfort, after he found out Sage died from infection.  

Private: N/A

Tini Guts  
Tini Blue Star Mate: N/A

Tini Pink Star Sexuality:  Bisexual (prefers males)

Cloud - tiny bullet point - F2U Kits: N/A

Pink Arrow (U) Kin: Adopted parents, and siblings. 
Mothers: Birch, Sunny.
Brothers: Wheat Seed, Berry, Rain, Toad
Sisters: Robin, Crow, Snowflake 

Original design by: Ivyoverdose 

Moose| Buck| Captain

 The buck had given the blue doe a nice beating before he had come out, the doe now missing more of her scarred ear, and wouldn't be out of her den for at least a full moon. After not having seen Rahilil when she returned, the buck had known something was wrong. Sniffing around the area, the buck continued to make his way to the marshlands. "Come on kid, where are ya?" he whispered to himself, peering around he made sure there were no predators nearby before he sighed. Only seeing a few birds circling around an area, as they all seemed to be getting lower and lower. Nodding determinedly, he began to run where the birds found there next meal. Letting the mud fly behind him as he dug his claws into the ground to keep balance, the large, old buck began to get closer and closer. Finally seeing the dark pelted private, the buck sighed in relief as his icy blue eyes caught sight of him breathing... Well barely. Making his way over, the buck ran the birds off and soon flicked the flies away. Looking down at the young rabbit, he sighed. "Rahilil... Come on kid, nod yer head if yer awake" Moose ordered, keeping his voice low, as he tried not to disturb the buck. He was a bloody mess, and he hoped truly he wasn't as injured. Otherwise, he would have to pay the other doe a visit.

Rahilil | private | buck

 The private had laid unmoving and silent on the ground, believing he'd been discovered by a predator and that his miserable run would be cut right there. But when the voice of the old captain rang in Rahilil's limp ears he almost couldn't believe that he'd been discovered by something else than scavengers. He stayed silent for a moment, before exhaling with clear joy audible from his voice "Captain Moose??..." He dragged his paw up to his face, a few more flies took off when he rubbed his eyes and managed to get some of the blood off them. He lifted his head only a little and sure enough, there the captain was. His face appeared oddly, concerned? Rahilil knew he looked awful, judging by the nasty feeling he had all over his body. He still grunted as he tried to lift up his front body, but barely even got a single paw under his chest before collapsing with a grunt. "Why'd you come for me, captain?" Rahilil sounded weak and pathetic. His thoughts soon steering to a different direction from the gleeful ones he'd just felt. Everything hurt.

Moose| Buck| Captain

 His heart began to race as he watched the buck stay practically limp, not another one...he was too young. But, he didn't focus on the negatives at the moment, he would carry the private if he had to. Giving a shaky sigh, the buck prepared to grab Rahilil by the scruff and carry him back to his family. Before Moose's eyes widened, and he gave a small smile from under his 'stache. "Yeah... It's me, kid... Can ya stand?" the buck knew it was a stupid question, but he had to ask just in case. It would surely make a difference when he either brought him to the river to clean the dry blood up or to go to the private's den. Anywhere really, as long as, it was away from any possible elil. Watching the pathetic display of the private trying to get up reminded him of something that happened so many moons ago... But he wouldn't be distracted by the memories. "Why'd I come for ya, kid? Well, don't you think that's a stupid question?" he joked, giving a soft laugh as he gave a small scrunch of his nose, looking at the buck made the guilt begin to eat at him. "I came because you have a family kid because you have something worth living and fighting for....and I'll be damned if I let that hideous doe win." he finally answered truthfully, leaving a few things out but not much. Gently leaning over, he gently pulled the buck up onto his stomach. Before letting him lie there, wondering what to do. "Can you stand?" he repeated.

Rahilil | private | buck 

Rahilil huffed suddenly "Nightshade..!" And then grunted as Moose helped him up. Rahilil's eyes looked unfocused although he could now hold his head slightly above the ground, his chin was still practically resting on the mud. The private stayed silent as Moose watched on. The crows cawed from a distance now. Their calls seemed to be the only sound filling up the marshlands for the moment being. Finally, Rahilil sniffled his response "I can try.." He stumbled a few times while trying, Moose helped him a little, so the private was soon sitting upright. He still looked unsteady, leaning his body on his front legs and letting his head droop. "You seem to know who's responsible for this, sir... Well, now you know that she beat me to it too." Rahilil huffed angrily, his ears pulling back in shame.

Moose| Buck| Captain

 Watching the private, Moose gave an exhausted sigh. In all his days living in this warren, it was a surprise he was even helping this buck. But, he hadn't experienced everything in this life, and he was glad he was doing something new. But, he just hated that his friend was the one who had gotten beaten more than once. "Hey, Hey. Now don't get all negative on me now kid, that's my job...But she hasn't beaten you until you're dead, and she's taken everything. Now, come on." helping the buck finally get on all 4's, Moose sighed and tried to control how shaky he was. "Now we're gonna take a couple of steps... If you can't make it... I'll either be forced to drag or carry you there." he informed the buck, as he sighed. "How bad was it?" The old buck asked, prepared to make sure he would do the same to the doe if he dared mess with the private or his family ever again.

Rahilil | private | buck

Like you're making it any better
 Rahilil thought. He saw no fault in the captain, more so in himself and it made him act out. He yelped when he got pulled upright from his scruff, his legs held, barely. The captain was still holding him from his scruff and the frustrated private shook him off with a nasty growl, "I can walk on my own!" before almost falling back down. The captain was persistent and stubborn, so he grabbed him again, this time holding him until he took a few steps forward and then letting go. Rahilil, now finally steady huffed deeply, still angry "I was supposed to be just a regular patrol! They ordered us two to go." He turned his head to the captain who had hopped next to him, "She threatened me, me and my mate and my kits, captain. I didn't start it! But I couldn't let it slide either." He mumbled something more "She even brought up..." Rahilil cut himself off before continuing, he'd almost told Moose about Winter. It made him shiver.

Moose| Buck| Private

 Ugh, children. He never would understand why they were so stubborn and whiny, but he had to help this one. They weren't enemies, and they weren't strangers... But he was a fellow private, and what he could call somewhat of a friend. Holding him by the scruff, he was surprised that the buck had even dared to shake him off. Moose narrowed his icy eyes, and quickly grabbing him by the scruff again, and making sure he could walk, before releasing him. Stubborn buck was gonna get a cuff to the ear if he didn't shut up. But, Moose couldn't really do it. He knew it was just from the failure, and what had happened during there scuffle, so who could blame him? "How do you know it wasn't a setup or some sick game?" Moose asked while continuing to listen and watch him walk forward. "I know, private. Calm down," he ordered, raising an ear as he never finished his sentence. "What she almost brings up, son?" the buck asked, hopping by his side, as they began to make there way back to the warren. The buck knew little about Rahilil, except for the fact he had tried to chase down an escaping prisoner.

Rahilil | private | buck

 They kept moving until Moose pressed about the subject. Rahilil knew he could lie about it and very possibly get away with it without the captain ever hearing it mentioned ever again. But the old buck's gaze told him otherwise, he'd heard already, but no one in the warren seemed to know. Other than Half-face and her few allies it seemed. The captain's question had been stern, but well-meaning. The private stopped and let out a pained sigh and his breath shivered. Rahilil eyed Moose for a moment, the old buck had saved his life this time. They were tied, but Rahilil thought he'd owe Moose an explanation. They were alone in the marsh, and Rahilil prepared his entire body and soul for what he would tell the buck next. With another pained sniffle, he spat out his secret, like a rotten lump of fruit. "She brought up Winter... She always does.." The dark buck allowed his head to droop again, he kept his eyes glued to the ground and his muck and blood covered paws. "Think of me what you like captain. But I loved him, and that fucking doe will never stop guilting me about it. But she's right to hate me.." His ears flattened "And it's alright with me if you do too, sir."

Moose| Buck| Captain

 Moose looked to the private expectantly, though he wouldn't try and continue to bother him if he lied, or simply just didn't want to talk about it. He understood that feeling, as he remembered the blood he had on his own paws when he had killed those kits... How the mother struggled to protect them... All because he wanted to prove his worth. Looking to Rahilil as he spoke, he rose his bushy brows and sighed, nodding softly. Thinking for a moment as he heard the younger buck speak, the captain sat down and thought for a few moments. Contemplating what he should do, before shaking his head. "Listen, kid... I understand you wanted a better life for you and him... You wanted to be together and be happy somewhere where others wouldn't try and kill you every few seconds. Where rabbits wouldn't beat you, for looking at you the wrong way... I don't hate ya, Rahilil. But what I do hate, is that you're hanging onto him. Onto winter." the buck tentatively raised a paw and placed it on the private's shoulder. Sighing as he remembered when his heart yearned for a doe once... When he wasn't as cold... And then... That wasn't the only reason he truly chased down the doe. It was because of what she did to his mutilated she looked afterward... He saw the vision of her behind his lids, and he couldn't control them from being glassy. "You have to let him go, and let her know that it won't get under your skin anymore, son. Focus on the now, because I'm sure the buck would want you to move on." he tried, his voice soft for once, even with his country accent in the way, the buck gave the younger a soft gaze.

Rahilil | private | buck

 He winced at the touch of the captain, almost expecting a smack that never came. His words rang in the private's ears, so far only his mate had spoken to him in such a manner.. His mate and.. Winter. Moose spoke aloud the truth that Rahilil was too hesitant to say aloud himself, it stung, but also relieved him of the weight of his responsibility. He looked at the old buck and his eyes reflected his own on multiple levels. Rahilil saw his bloody head and his hazy eyes in the captain's pupils. He felt comfortable and calm settling in his head, finally. "I'll try my very damn best sir... But I know he'll never forgive me. If he would he would have left my dreams undisturbed moons ago." Rahilil then nodded to himself "But you shouldn't think he's tilted my loyalty father from this warren. If it came to it, I'd do it again, and again if it meant I'd get to meet Captain Nightshade." Having mentioned his mate, the dark buck's ears quickly stood upright. "I can trust you not to mention this to anyone, Right sir?" The private's question had turned from hopeful to tight.

Moose| Buck| Captain

 Nodding as the buck gave a small smile, he was proud of the buck. It was almost like watching the sun he never had growing up. It made him prouder then he had felt in this entire lifetime, as he stood up tall. "That's okay, kid. Because one day, he'll know you no longer care about the past and will soon fade away, once you stop for good... That's when he'll be gone... I assure you"the buck tried to reassure, before raising a brow at the next statements. "....Well, I'm glad to hear it, kid... Because you've done good, and you have to know that... I know you won't become as corrupt as most of those rabbits in there, and I know you'll do what's right. For your mate, and your kits." the buck pretended to contemplate before he gave a loud laugh and his stache seemed to turn upwards. "Of course you can, kid. Now come on, to the river to clean you up, or back to the warren?" the old buck asked, having calmed from his boisterous laughter, and had soon returned to his calm and cold demeanor.

Rahilil | private | buck

 Rahilil wasn't sure if to believe him or not on the matter of his memories. But he wouldn't talk back to him anymore, and the promises he made set his mind on ease, things would surely turn for the better if he was the one to decide it. "If you're so sure about it, then I won't argue against it." He almost fell from surprise when the sand colored captain suddenly burst out laughing. Regaining himself, Rahilil returned his show of glee with a smirk... Still nasty with dried saliva, blood, and mud. "Sir, I'd truly love a wash, but we better head back. Otherwise, they'll send a patrol after the both of us." The private took a step forward and turned his head where he was heading. He began to hop away slowly, still unsteadily, but at least he was moving forward.

Moose| Buck| Captain

 The buck nodded and gave one last smile before he sighed at what would happen in the near future. The kid would have to keep a closer eye out on his friends, family, and especially his future kits to come. The doe wouldn't stop, and Moose very well knew that Rahilil would never back down either, but when it came to the both of them in the end... He didn't know what would happen, so he focused on the now. The old buck continued to hop alongside the private with no casualties on the way, except for maybe a small trip here and there, but they had safely returned to the warren as quick as they could possibly go, upon leaving Rahilil there, moose couldn't help but feel the eyes of a malicious doe watch him, but he was never bothered. He was prepared for any attack that would come to him. Especially since the doe would have a small limp for a while. It would be stupid to attack right when she was weak... He guessed the rage blinded her, for now, they were even. An eye for an eye is what his mentor always used to say.

Word count:
Half/Moose- 4479

Half Face| Doe| Captain

 It had been a sunny, and wonderful day. Birds were chirping, the grass was beginning to regrow as much as it could. Flowers begab to bloom, and everything seemed to be absolutely perfect, in the warren known as Bogweed Wood. Well, everything was going great, until a dark blue pelted doe, had been paired to go on a patrol with a rabbit she was trying to kill. It was something she absolutely hated, and she wanted to kill a rabbit then and there for assigning her with him. The rabbit was a weak link to this warren, and nothing would change her mind about it. She was there, she was the one who experienced it, and she knew her allies believed her. They told her so. But... The fact that he was still in a rank other then a prisoner continued to piss her off. Hopping through the tunnels, Half began to track down the darker pelted rabbit. The useless buck, who's only purpose in this warren was to either breed or be left out for the elil so the others could survive. Asking around she thanked the rabbit's who helped her, trying her hardest to stay positive, and possibly polite. Sniffing the air she knew she was close, as she gave a low growl, and let her ears fall to the back of her skull, as she moved on.

Rahilil | private | buck

 The private had been chatting with another guard who sat on the edge of the pit with him. Rahilil had managed to make a small name of himself for being around the pit for the last couple weeks almost constantly. He'd started to become known as a strict guard, who either talked calmly or drove a misbehaving rabbit into the ground for disturbing the others. Most of the other privates working at the pit knew him too, but mostly as a constant, reliable presence. Rahilil had allowed his guard to drop to some extent. The rabbits in the pit had been resting so they were generally very calm. The atmosphere appeared to shift with the expression on the other rabbit. His eyes trailed behind Rahilil, and he stiffened up to greet the captain. The captain hopped over with fluent and rapid leaps. The private turned around as he heard her nearing close. Rahilil had changed on multiple levels since they'd last time met this closely, his scars and his ear had healed and the slash had left a nasty mark on his temple.
Why was the Captain coming to him? Rahilil thought. He turned to her, his posture proud and tall but his ears laid flat. No matter how much time he'd been given to reflect on himself and this Captain, Rahilil still found himself being filled with self-pity and disgust whenever Half face was around. "Everything alright Captain?" The private questioned her. Sensing her irritability, he decided to play nice while they were around the others.

Half Face| Doe| Captain

 As the doe continued to hop, she sneered at any glances she didn't like. She still respected herself after all, even if she was trying to be a bit nicer. Watching as the light at the end of the tunnel began to shine it's way through, she sighed. It was always pit that made her feel down, especially since Elra had gone missing and they didn't know where she had gone. At least, not half. She searched, and searched, and searched for the doe. But she never found her, and she hadn't been there for a while. Mostly tracking down the other doe, and looking for elil. Seeing the other privates different reactions to her presence, made her feel better, but she didn't show it. She let her growl, and furrowed brows stay whilst continuing to smoothly make her way to Rahilil. Nodding to the other private as to ease their tension, the doe continued on to let her grey and cracked eye land on the buck beside the other rabbit. Eyes becoming half-lidded, as a large soft smile began to form on her face. It would've looked nice and sweet if the horrid and mutilated side of her face was replaced with normal fur. Though, at this point she looked like a viper, ready to play with its prey before it brought it to its inevitable death. "Nothing is wrong private. Though, we do need to leave this place. We were ordered to go on patrol." she replied, agreeing to stay on the safe side for now. Though silent, it was a temporary truce.

Rahilil | private | buck

 The rabbit behind him had scampered off, leaving Rahilil alone with the captain. Her expression made it clear that she'd been at least as displeased to hear the order as he was. Whatever the case, Rahilil knew that she'd take advantage of the assignment in some way. He wasn't sure if he had the will to deal with her games at that moment. His brow furrowed a little "Understood, I'm more than capable of leaving my post." He stayed a little lower than he usually would when he stood up. He hadn't returned the nasty smile Half face had given him, knowing it would only make her blood boil. "Lead the way, captain." He said with a hint of tension in his voice. When the doe shot him a glance, he felt an unpleasant tingle on the scars on his face.

Half Face| Doe| Captain

 Half face couldn't help but snort, as she watched the other rabbit leave. Whoever their mentor was, must've had a lot of patience and probably gave up halfway through training. Trying to plan how she would torture the buck today was useless, especially since she wasn't really gonna do anything today. Exhaustion was hitting her more harshly nowadays, she was almost scared it was death coming to take her away before she could experience another battle. Nodding Half turned and began to hop away, twitching her ear as she realized just how the simmer in her blood was beginning to boil. No no no, she shan't have that. She can't scream out, and attack him just like that. She had to be prepared to really fight, and today she truly wasn't. But, she knew something would piss her off at some point but, if it was the private's fault... Then well, what could she do about it? "How have the Prisoners been?" Half asked blandly, hoping there were at least a few new ones.

Rahilil | private | buck

 Rahilil and the captain had already made it to the tunnels when she asked the question. "They've been mostly well behaved for the entire morning, captain." He spoke with confidence, but the last word came out more like a quiet huff than a word. "Only a single scuffle went down between two of the prisoner rabbits, but another guard managed to settle it." Even though he was just hopping along behind the doe, Rahilil kept his eyes away from her. Preferring to have them glued on the ground while they were in the tunnels all alone. He couldn’t be looking forward to the patrol any less than he did. Last time he'd been this near the captain she'd marked his face and ear with shame. He didn’t want it to repeat, but he tried to remind himself that he'd changed since then. He wasn't an absolute nobody anymore, and the private had even gained some muscle. They kept moving along, and he mustered up a question "What area will we be patrolling, captain?" As the doe glanced over are at him with her mangled face, the private felt a shiver run through his body and his ears pressed down even more. He felt angry at himself for fearing her.

Half Face| Doe| Captain

 The doe gave a grunt, and a small nod as she continued to look around the tunnels. It seemed the other rabbits had seen her coming and decided to move. How strange...As the doe walked, her claws left there marks in the cold, and rough tunnel grounds. Digging in, while she tried not to turn on the buck and rip his throat out like she did to a prisoner a few days ago....or was it weeks? Shaking her head, she squeezed her eyes shut, before blinking a few times. Trying to regain concentration, before she heard the next question. She didn't answer at first, instead decided to stare at him with her grey hued eye, that didn't seem to want to let go of seeing him cower and wanted it to become more visible to anyone who came around. But, she couldn't. Not now. "We will be patrolling the Marshlands" she answered, flat and irritation evident in her voice, it seemed she could care less on what the private tried to pull. One wrong step and she would kill him. She didn't mind another useless rabbit out of the way, and she was sure the whole Warren could care less. Deciding to make some conversation, Half sighed. " is everything going, private ?"

Rahilil | private | buck

 The air felt tense despite the somewhat calm manner in which the captain was speaking. Her question came out almost nonchalantly, but Rahilil knew it wasn't genuine. "I've been sparring with rabbits of different ranks from time to time, and gone on multiple patrols already... nothing too special to report," Rahilil answered clearly, but he didn't dare to ask more questions than were needed, or to give the doe information that would let her get under his skin. So he decided to keep Nightshade out of it, but it would turn out to be a mistake if Half Face had caught on to the rumors already. The wind from outside was now audible, they were not far from the exit.

Half Face| Doe| Captain

 She raised a brow as she hummed, skeptical but she wouldn't question much. She didn't necessarily care, and hopefully, he could tell. "So how's your mentor?" she asked, continuing on with her prodding. She saw the light at the end of the tunnel and shook her head. She was glad to finally be out of here, as she began to hop a bit faster. Finally emerging from the dark tunnels, she inhaled a deep breath and smiled as she felt the cool wind make contact with her fur. "Have you seen any signs of Elra so far?" She asked a bit worried, she knew she was somewhere here, she just wanted to make sure she wasn't delusional and there was a chance she was coming back. Before sighing and shaking her head. No, she couldn't focus on that, she needed to make sure everything was okay and fine around the borders.

Rahilil | private | buck 

Ah, of course, she'd ask him about his mentor. He didn't want to mention the name of his mate, or mentor for that matter, but he couldn't lie about her either. After her question followed an uncomfortable silence that lasted until they reached the tunnel exit. The captain seemed to silently chuckle at his absence of a reply. Half face moved on with her questions it seemed, but a hint of worry in her voice sparked no empathy in Rahilil's heart. "I've seen a glimpse of her, yes. She appears to be doing well..." When they had reached the exit, Rahilil stayed behind the blue doe and sat in the tunnel. He looked straight at her, ready to finally respond to her earlier question. Rahilil kept his composure when he spoke, "NightShade's my mentor, captain." The captain turned around slowly, an expression of slight surprise painted on her face. Rahilil appeared steady, almost cold as he spoke.

Half Face| Doe| Captain

Liar. Was all the doe thought when the buck had mentioned Elra. Turning with a slight surprise, she snorted and chuckled. "Yes I know, dumbass" she hissed, as she turned fully and hopped towards the rabbit. "I asked how she was....haven't seen her really around lately, and last time I saw a glimpse of you two.." she let out a low chuckle, as she got close enough so that they were practically nose to nose. "Last time I saw you two... You looked even closer then a private and a mentor should be... It makes me wonder" she smirked, and gave a wheezy laugh while turning around, and continuing to hop. "Hurry the hell up, before I make you be the sacrifice for the fox that might be awaiting us" the doe threatened, oh she would love this. If her assumptions were right, which they were for she was never wrong, then she would be able to get under the skin of this useless buck and begin to play. Her mind soon being consumed with all the possible ideas that came to mind, proceeding to look and scan the area as they continued to hop out of the safe area of the warren and towards the other parts of the warren.

Rahilil | private | buck

 He'd been able to hold himself together, but once Half face had gotten close to him and kept pressing about his mate Rahilil could feel his fur bristle. He almost wanted to use the moment to bite the captain and kick her out if the tunnel, but he more than well knew he wouldn't do that. It wasn't worth it. He kept quiet and took it all. It made him feel humiliated to not be able to go back at her, but he tried not to show it. When the captain turned and called him with her, Rahilil forced his body to follow. Her threat almost sounded empty, looking at her burned limbs Rahilil wondered how the doe was even able to hop. But her injuries seemed to have never really slowed her down on anything. The scars on his face tingled again. He followed her around, the buck had stayed silent for a few minutes. Rahilil knew something was going to happen sooner or later and his full concentration was going into making sure he was prepared and making sure he appeared calm and collected. The main warren was slowly being left behind. The uneasiness in the private grew, but he knew that above all this, he had a mission to complete and orders to follow.

Half face| Doe| Captain

 Venturing further and further away from the warren didn't faze half face, she went in and out as she pleased. Sometimes it didn't matter if there was an order, she would ignore them. What would the General do? Bitch and whine about his burns, and make half face almost the same fate somehow? Least likely, since she's running through fires and survived, as a means of survival and not just pure rage...well maybe a bit of that too. Oh, how the scarred doe could see a fox or a lost dog. She would absolutely enjoy leaving the private behind and telling Nightshade the news herself. The pain on the doe's face would be delicious, and the tears would just be a bonus. Plus, the doe could do better. But, half face could care less about what the captain did after she informed her, neither could she care less about her well-being. They weren't friends, and Half didn't plan on even becoming acquainted with Nightshade. Sniffing the air once more, her torn ear flicked. It was the smell of fox but, luckily it was faint. Otherwise, she would have probably charged the direction it was in and pushed Rahilil in the way of there large jaws. The doe had nothing left to say, and she didn't want to know anymore. Some of the information she had was already enough.. For now. She knew she would eventually have to beat the buck for more information, and she wouldn't mind if that time was today.

Rahilil | private | buck

 The two had arrived at the marshlands. Around them, only a few short shrub and bushes dared to grow. The warren was too far away to see, mainly obstructed by hills and dead grass. The private's nose twitched at the smell of the fox and the threat from the captain rang in his head. No matter how old the smell was, it only made him tenser. They kept hopping in silence for what seemed to Rahilil like forever. His mind was far from calm though questions and ideas flooded his head, all having to do with this cursed doe who could have killed him if she wanted. Grow a pair, the snarky comment from the older captain made Rahilil stop moving. He sat down, finally ready for whatever the doe had in mind. What did Rahilil want? Answers. He sat tall, his voice stern and well audible "What is it that you want from me, captain?" All the private knew was that Half face knew of his deed, and wanted him to pay, but why? "Why waste your time on me? A traitorous buck? I want to know, what makes me so special?" His last question came out as a growl more than a composed question.

Half Face | Doe| Captain

 With narrowed eyes, the doe let her dark brown eye scan the area and make sure there weren't any noticeable signs of danger for her own safety. Continuing to hop away and further into the lands, she was suddenly stopped from the question. She gave a low growl, before giving a loud dry laugh. "What do I want from you?" the doe repeated the question as to comprehend how stupid the question and the buck was. She had already told him many times what she wanted. She wanted Justice. Turning around, she made eye contact with the buck. Raising a brow at the growl, Half couldn't help but let out a smile before beginning to walk closer. "What makes you so Special? Well, that's easy. You're the only one that survived. You're the only one that managed to become a private so fast, you're the one that I hadn't managed to rip apart in the prison grounds before you could climb up the ranks." at this point, she had gotten closer. Not close enough that their whiskers were touching but, close enough so that the buck could feel her breath on his fur and how much she spat out the words directed towards him. "You survived private... That's what makes you so special.." he voice was low and dangerous, and before she could even stop herself she lifted her head back and quickly made contact with his. No mercy when she had thrown her head into contact with his, as she tried to suppress her groan she stepped back and huffed.

Rahilil | private | buck

 When she spoke, Rahilil's mouth had opened up to a snarl and his front teeth shined white threateningly. He was just about to lean back in at her face and give her a piece of his mind but the dark coated buck realized far too late why Half face's head had pulled back so suddenly. The impact threw Rahilil onto the ground, his legs failed him and the private was left to scramble on the spot. He hissed and groaned as he pushed himself up. He didn't find the words to respond to her at first, her answer had been oddly truthful. His body was still low on the ground as he looked back up into the captain's eyes a nasty snarl was still painted on his face but this time it was more from the thumping pain in his head than anything else. "I'm pretty good at surviving, and climbing back up." He got up, but he felt dizzy. "Is that all that you got for me this time? A nasty trick. Seems to be all you're capable of." he belittled her, teasing her for another strike. He wanted to see how far she had decided to go this time, taking in some hits would only make up for it later. The first one had been a rough one, but Rahilil hoped he'd be able to take the second one as well.

Half Face| Doe| Captain

Concentrate Half Face, you've made it this far with all the burns your body could probably handle with many chances of infection, this was just a small headbutt.
Yeah small headbutt her ass, she felt the pain harder than when she got shot straight through the ear. Watching what the impact did on the buck, she couldn't suppress her laughter it was genuine and she couldn't help herself. Dear Occidens how she just wanted to wrap her paws around the buck, and break his ribs in. She would love to hear the crack of bones beneath her paws and just get the satisfaction of knowing the buck was dead. Looking back down, the smile was still apparent on her face and the other side of her face was stretched up a bit as she grinned. "No, I have more." she raised her paw and began to push his head down to the muddy ground as she put all her weight down. "I have so many, Rahilil. I guess you aren't as smart as you look through. I keep my promises, and not all my threats are empty. Don't Think I haven't heard the word spread in the warren." she pushed his head down fully, and began to dig her claws in. Before she saw him get up, and she let go. "Well, you aren't completely wrong. Sometimes it is if I'm not very fond of the rabbit. But this isn't just some soft disliking Rahilil, and we both know it.
This is pure, fiery hatred, that will never go out until you're dead" the doe spat. Her features becoming more horrific, as the skin began to fold, and stretch it seemed it would snap and let go as it couldn't handle it. Her face had turned into a vicious snarl, and her claws were ready to swipe and kill. "You and Nightshade are lovers now it seems... Hmm, do you ever wonder if she takes pity on you? With how weak and stupid you are. Or maybe, it's just because she doesn't know what I know. What we know" the doe was closer than ever, now. Her chest right up against his, as she glared down at him, her eyes full of that dark, and venomous hate, that she would take to any lengths if it meant this buck would die. "Maybe I should tell her.....Maybe I could tell her that you would do the same to her if it meant any means of escape" the doe began to circle, before pushing him harshly from the side with her large, and broad shoulders.

Rahilil | private | buck

 He yelped when he hit the ground again, this time he was left seething on his own, he huffed with rage and disbelief. He should have known the captain knew too and taken action before he got kicked down. With a yell, the private sprung from the ground, his claws leaving deep impressions into the muddy ground. Rahilil pushed the captain onto the forest floor, she huffed but the disgusting smirk from her face hadn't faded. "If you do as much as breathe in her direction I'll tear off your fur!!" He yelled in her face, the captain appeared amused and kicked him off her. The buck landed well despite feeling his head still spinning. He only now noticed the faint trickle of blood on his head, it colored the tuft of fur on his head partially dark red. She'd gotten up if this would have been just a few moons ago Rahilil might have turned tail and ran. His legs still beckoned him to turn tail and disappear, but something overshadowed that impulse. He had a family to protect. Rahilil sprung back at Half face, she was ready for his attack and they ended up boxing for mere seconds before Rahilil grabbed the captain's shoulder with his teeth. The grip wasn't good enough, he'd only managed to grab her fur, but it seemed to hold for a moment.

Half Face| Doe| Captain

 Chuckling as the yelp entered her ears, the doe held her head high. With the buck, she would never get off her high horse if it meant she could get under his skin so easily. Though she was a bit surprised when he suddenly pushed her and she made contact, having been lucky enough that her scars and burns hadn't opened up. She had let out a huff, but it didn't stop the mischevious smirk from staying permanently. "I highly doubt that, but cute" she hissed, before kicking the private off and shaking her fur. Licking her paw she slicked her hair back and prepared for a real fight. The adrenaline slowly beginning to course through her veins, and her pupils becoming smaller as she began to concentrate. Her fur began to stand, as her ear twitched and she was prepared to rip this buck apart. Shaking her head, she quickly prepared for the attack and quickly boxed and let her claws catch whatever they could. Holding in a yelp from the bite ad the fur began to be tugged, she quickly stood on her hind paws and fell down on Rahilil all the same, as she heard a small yelp she quickly got up and shook off. Growling, she swiftly turned and cuffed him on the maw, pinning him while he was still down. She let her claws get a firm grasp on his forehead, as the buck struggled. Before beginning to rake them down, and beginning to see red. But, it wasn't that easy because she felt the breath be kicked out of her, and soon she was off the buck in mere seconds. Watching as he tried to shake off the blood, she growled and tried to catch her breath as she gave small gasps for air.

Rahilil | private | buck

 He groaned and screamed, his mouth already foaming and full of the captain's fur while she kept him down. She made the same mistake as he had, and in the middle of being torn to shreds, the buck managed to throw Half face off him. She only stopped a few steps away from him and Rahilil was in a rush to get back up, but his eyes were only able to be partially open since the blood from his head had fallen into his eyes. He flung at her again, still partially on the ground, and used his front paws to slash at her rather than biting. Rahilil kept his head back and aimed his strikes at the doe's burned skin. Only a few made contact and those that did make the captain hiss and fall lower to meet him. There was fur flying everywhere, and the private's side was smeared in mud.

Half Face| Doe| Captain

 Breathing heavily, the doe watched, trying to become ready and prepared for the next attack. Growling, and hissing from the pain on the burnt side of her face she almost screeched as she fell lower and lower, before deciding to pull back and away from the blows. Feeling blood flow down her face as she tried to stay calm, she stood on her hind legs and raised both forepaws before slamming down on the bucks back, and making him go fully down. Soon hopping off, and grabbing onto his ear, she quickly shook her head and tore at it continuously. Before pulling, and trying to tear the ear off, until she yelped and let out a pained roar as she felt the buck attach to her forepaw, and bite down.

Rahilil | private | buck 

The private yelled the pull on his ear was surely going to rip it off. Rahilil's eyes started to roll back, but the captain had stepped next to his head and Rahilil bit down on her left ankle hard. She pulled back, tearing her leg out from his mouth with force. He was just about to lift his head up when the captain kicked his head with her back legs, making it press down into the ground below, leaving a dent under it. The private wanted to plead for her to stop, Half face had managed to beat out the fight from him once more, but Rahilil's last drops of pride made him keep his pitiful words to himself. That is, for the few whines and gasps that left his mouth. The private's dark body lay before the captain's feet, his back feet were moving, seemingly trying to kick him up, but the rest of his body was too worn out to respond. His head rested on the ground sideways "You lack dignity.." was all he could wheeze from behind his foaming mouth.

Half Face| Doe| Captain

 She let out a yelp from the bite and quickly pulled away. Trying to suppress her whimper, as she growled and shook her head. The pain was beginning to get to her, and she didn't like it one bit. Breathing heavily once the buck seemed to finally stay down, the doe turned and looked the rat straight in the eye. "I lack many things, worm. Your words do not faze me" she retorted, before she grabbed a pawful of mud, and put it over the bucks face. She smiled, as she soon continued to beat the buck till he was unconscious, not caring for who would ask about his whereabouts, later on, she pulled at his ear, and raked her claws over his side. Not daring to pull at his back legs, for fear of him kicking her and being able to get back up again. The doe soon began to feel dizzy, as the blood continued to roll down, and stain her fur. Giving him one last cuff, she soon hopped off. Proud to have taught the confident buck another lesson, for she would always succeed in this little game. Whatever it takes, to have this buck beg for his life in the end.

Rahilil | private | buck

 She'd kept beating him although the private was out already. His body barely twitching at her blows. Rahilil only came back for a short moment to see her leave with a slight limp before going under again. The day went on and the shadows grew taller. The buck's blood was starting to dry alongside the mud that was stuck to his pelt. Flies buzzed around his mouth and wounds, the buck's ears barely twitching to flick them off. He breathed deeply, his side expanding and falling unsteadily. When he finally came to it he hadn't found the willpower or the energy to rise up. Rahilil could feel the afternoon sun burning his dark pelt. He truly wanted to move, to sprint off after the long-gone doe and stop her from arriving at the warren, but he couldn't. Then his ears caught movement somewhere near him. If it was a fox, a cat or a dog would matter little now, he wouldn't be able to tell for the blood had dried and blocked his nostrils and even his eyes were glued shut.

Strike 2

Rahilil+ 100 acorns

Moonflower| Kit| Non

A small head emerged from there den as they gave a small yawn, and peered around with there bright yellow eyes. They didn't seem all that excited or surprised, but they soon saw that the coast was clear and soon exited the tunnels and sat at the entrance, beginning to groom their fur.

Gravel | bogweed | kit

 Gravel darted outside the den, lunging at the grass. He landed skillfully, that being he had working on it. He panted, backing away. He didn't sleep, being that he couldn't. He glanced around, fur covered in grass. He carefully licked the grass off of his fur, gaze glancing around. He had noticed that everyone as beginning to wake up.

Moonflower| Kit| Non

 Moonflower saw the movement and rose a skeptical brow. The kit was smaller then they were, and they didn't seem very fierce in their eyes. Scanning the area, they soon hopped over to the male, as they rose a brow. "What are you doing?" they asked, they're voice devoid of emotions for now, as they prepared there own claws, in case the other kit decided to pounce.

Gravel | bogweed | kit

 "Hm?" Gravel lifted his head, seeming to stare right through Moonflower. "Hi, I'm Gravel. I'm just practicing. Did I bother you?" The large kit tilted his head. "Hey, aren't you Granite and uh... Dogwood's kit? At least, one of them?" He circled them, studying them. "Hm." He took a few paces back, shifting his floppy ear, his other ear perked. He glanced at their claws. "Don't worry. I wouldn't hurt you. Your papa would've killed me, wouldn't he?"

Moonflower| Kit| Non

 "Oh, I'm Moonflower, but you may call me Moon" they stated as they hummed, and smiled calmly. Enjoying the small bit of company, even if she was the one who had to confront the kit themselves. "Yeah... But it shouldn't matter. You belong to opal, and sugarplum, correct?" watching them circle, she felt her fur begin to stand on end. Raising a brow at the statement of there father, they rolled there eyes. "Aren't you worried that I could've killed you? I am practically larger"

Gravel | bogweed | kit

 "It should matter! You're pretty much set for success! And yeah, Opal and Sugarplum are my moms. Don't tell Opal this, but I think I like Sugarplum more. She's more.. tough!" He grinned. Gravel blinked towards Moonflower, realizing she was a bit taller than him. "That's cause you're older. And, you got two straight ears! My ear is floppy, at least one of them." Gravel took some time to think. "I bet I could beat you up no problem. Sugarplum AND Half-face help me get stronger. You probably sit on your butt all the time, asking everyone else to do your work. No offense, Moon."

Moon| Kit| Non

"Not when your father rarely spends time with your, or your siblings. Otherwise, I could truly care less for him" Moon admitted, her ears flicking, as there left eye twitched. "Sugarplum... No... Opal seems more like the one I would adore. She's soft, but could handle a beating if needed." they stated, the kit might have not known, but they were always watching. No matter what day, or time, or season it was. Their eyes were everywhere. Their eyes widened a bit as they chuckled. "You mean your weak and small mother, and that mangled doe you hang out with. You know she's only using you, right? She enjoys how stupid you are" the kit lied, of course, they would love to be able to get under this boastful kits skin, as they chuckled. "Alright, you wanna try and beat me up?" they asked, soon standing, as they quickly cuffed Gravel on the snout, before pushing him back. "Then try to beat me up" they challenged, a mischevious look in their eye, as they awaited Gravel's next move.

Gravel | bogweed | kit

Gravel frowned. "Everybody Loves Opal. She's all nice and friendly. But, she's blind and a prisoner. I don't wanna end up like that." Gravel let out a quiet snarl. "Sugarplum looks weak, and she is small, but I'll tell you this. She could easily take on a captain if need be. Luckily, she doesn't need to challenge anyone, because she's already respected. And, my mom isn't a private, like yours. So, shut." Gravel looked insulted. "Half-face is not using me! She's nicer than she looks. Of course, you wouldn't know that, because you'd make fun of her! They both are better than our parents! Your mom is like, crazy, and your dad is obsessed with being 'perfect'! At least my parents have common sense, and my siblings aren't crazy like yours!" He snapped. "Yeah, I'll beat you up!" Gravel lunged at Moon, tackling her.

Moon| Kit| Non 

"Pfft, she may be blind, but you're even blinder and stupider then she is" Moon hissed, as they unsheathed there claws, and stood to there full height. "Oh yeah, could she take on Half face then, or would she be too much of a coward, and can only attack blind does, and small kits" Moon snapped, never forgetting what caterpillar told her about sugarplum, that doe was gonna pay, and she was gonna start by making sure this stupid buck know, that caterpillar was on her side. "I highly doubt your friend Half face has respect for her. After all, she practically threatened you and her. So what if my mom's a private, at least she's stronger then yours. Dumbass" she growled, there teeth beginning to bare as there fur began to stand. "hah, your parents have common sense? Then why did she beat up caterpillar, for no reason" she rolled with the tackle, before pushing him off, and cuffing the kit across the eye. Letting their claws catch some fur and skin, before jumping back, and throwing dirt in their eyes.

Gravel | bogweed | kit

 Gravel stumbled back, blood oozing from his eye. "Jeez, sorry!" He tried to rub the dirt off of his eyes. "Aw dang, you're making me bleed!" Gravel could still see out of the eye, but it was blurred. "Agh! I can't lick it clean!" Gravel whined, trying to lick his bloodied eye clean. "Caterpillar isn't cool anyways! All he does is whine! Even Ember doesn't do that!" Gravel said, licking his paw before placing it onto his eye. "Ughh! This isn't helping! Now, Opal and Sugar AND Half-face are going to be on my ass about this!" He said, frustrated. "What did you do to my eye, Moon? That wasn't nice at all! I can't even clean it up!" He glanced around.

Moon| Kit| Non

 Moon watched with a satisfied grin, their brow raised and there bright yellow eyes piercing through the small rabbit before them. "Good," they said simply, as this rabbit didn't deserve many words. God, this buck was pathetic and so stupid. Didn't he know never to back down from a fight? "Caterpillar is cooler then you'll ever be, Gravel" they practically spat, as they hopped forward and narrowed there eyes down at the rat. "All you're doing is whining" Moon had lowered there voice, and a large and vicious snarl could be seen upon there maw. Continuing to hear the whining, the kit rolled there eyes. "That's what you get for thinking you can beat me up" with a swift turn, they kicked the buck mercilessly, letting their hind claws scrape at whatever they could, before landing. Not so gracefully, but they still managed to turn around without stumbling. "Who's going to protect you now, rabbit?" Moon began to pad closer, head held high and fur waving in the breeze, as they hopped closer.

Gravel | bogweed | kit 

Gravel let out a semi-threatening hiss as he was kicked. He took a deep breath and rammed himself into her. He bit down on something but wasn't sure what it was. He tugged at it. All he knew was that it was either her face or chest. He went onto his hind legs, still biting, and let his front claws scratch wherever he bit. "I'll protect myself, then!" He snarled through his teeth. His vision was hasty, and even though his other eye saw perfectly clear, the adrenaline was making it unfocused. He didn't see what he was doing, he just kinda... knew?

Moon| Kit| Non 

The kit growled as she felt him bite down, luckily she had enough chest fur to protect her actual skin. Quickly rolling over, she squished the buck several times as she rolled, before standing on her hind legs and spinning, as she clawed him off. Soon throwing him to the dirt, as she grabbed a large rock and threw it near his other eye. Not knowing if she made it, as she hopped back, and prepared to charge at him once more.

Gravel | bogweed | kit

 Gravel wheezed as he was clawed off. He stumbled to the ground, luckily, so that the rock soared over his head. He quickly stood up and charged at them. It looked like he was going to jump on them. In the last few moments, he slammed his front paws up, quickly twisting his body. He kicked them in the face over and over again. He then quickly turned back to face them. His claws scratched at their face, hoping to deal some damage. He quickly darted to the side of them, hoping they wouldn't get his fat tail.

Moon| Non| Kit

 Moon growled as they felt their paw make contact with there face before they fell forward and growled. Spitting out the littlest amount of blood, before they quickly regained balance, and like a fox upon a rabbit, they grabbed the buck's tail and began to shake as they pulled. Soon raising both their paws and digging them into there ribs, as they began to rip there tail to shreds. Soon moving there claws to there hind legs, and holding them tightly. Their claws soon being placed as they dug into him. Moving there maw to there lower back now, as they bit down hard and began to drag them through the dirt. Throwing them down, as they huffed. Pushing them to there side, they quickly put both paws on there throat and began to put pressure and all there weight. Waiting for the buck to stop fighting back, as a sign for them to let go. But Gravel was a fighter, and they saw that.

Gravel | bogweed | kit

 Gravel shrieked, snarling loudly. He desperately clawed at Moon's arms as they strangled him. With all his force, he kicked her belly, claws scratching painfully. Gravel kicked as hard as he could, knocking them off. He took a couple of deep breaths, before scrambling up. He lunged at their face, claws digging deep into their face. He used all his weight to shove their head down. He quickly shoved his face near her neck, biting it. He bit as hard as he could, hoping it was enough to make the older and bigger rabbit bleed.

Moon| Non| Kit

 They screeched as they felt there face being clawed at before they felt there neck begin to bleed. Coughing and soon losing there breath they soon went limp, and their eyes were glassy and were wide as they lied there. It didn't seem like they were going to get back up anytime soon. Apparently, he bit wrong.

Gravel | bogweed | kit 

Gravel panted, anger filling his eyes. "Watch who you mess with, Moon. Don't ever talk trash to my family." He spat, kicking their limp body harshly. "Even spoiled brats like you can't beat me." He glanced around. "I can't wait to tell Half-face!" His eye was half open and was definitely going to be wounded for life. His tail and hind legs were terribly wounded, and he collapsed, exhausted. "I beat.. someone..." He mumbled, glancing down at Moon. "Hey, I'm sorry. I know you're joking. Get up." Gravel lifted a paw and nudged their head. "Otherwise, you're eyes would be closed, like you're sleeping. That's how everyone describes death. So, wake up."

Moon| Kit| Non

Moon listened, trying to stifle there laugh as this was all a joke this kit couldn't beat them. He never could. So they were just waiting for a perfect moment before they jumped up and pounced on the kit. Ripping at there ears, and clawing at there face as they pinned them with there back legs. There was no way this small, pathetic, and prideful kit was gonna beat them. They needed to learn that respect, and fear was the only way they were ever gonna win, so they continued. Not caring if there was the smell of iron beginning to fill her senses, and not caring if the kit whined and whimpered. "Not all death ends with rabbit's eyes closed. That's just a myth your mommy told you, so you wouldn't have to cry about seeing the betrayal, and regret on ever being your friend in their eyes." they continued with there beating, as they chewed and pulled roughly on their ears. "I love how you think I'm the spoiled brat... And by the way, half face is going to be disappointed that you got beat by the sleepiest kit here, runt. Not even sugarplum loves you... Because then she would be here, protecting you from me. My parents aren't here, because they know I could kill you if I wanted to" the doe hissed, as they pushed there paws to the back of there head and slammed it into the ground, repeating the process, until his nose seemed broken and he was bleeding. "Give up yet?"

Sugarplum | bogweed | sergeant

 Sugarplum glanced around. She was leaving the prisoner den, after her argument with Opal. She glanced at the two kits. She squinted, as she watched the gray one horribly beat the brown one. "Huh." She turned her head away, before suddenly looking back. That's Gravel! She realized. She let out a snarl. She quickly changed courses and slammed into Moonflower. "stay away from my son, faggot!" She snarled, slamming Moonflower down. Her mouth was still bleeding slightly, and her tail was... gone. The pure anger and instant hate were horrifying. She lifted a paw, slashing their cheek harshly. "Go run back to your stupid mother and your 'all-mighty' father, runt!" She snarled. "Maybe they'll save your worthless piece of trash!" She slid off the kit and stood in front of Gravel. "Touch my son again, and I'll have your head around my neck!" She snarled, teeth bared, ready to attack.

Moon| Kit| Non

 The doe continued as they snickered, before preparing to get off. Yelping when they were pushed off, they snarled as they heard the words. Deciding not to retort, as they glowered at them with there bright yellow eyes. Not daring to make a move on the larger doe, but keeping her eyes on the smaller buck behind her. "Wow, you really are pathetic, huh Gravel... You had to have your little mommy come and protect you because that's how weak you are" the kit gave dry laugh, as they gave a soft grunt from the slash. Before looking to the doe. "Your son is going to replace you with Half face you know... And Half face is going to kill you and your worthless kit because she doesn't respect you at all. Why do you think you aren't in her inner circle. Getting any benefits. Because your a Fucking rat." the kit hissed, before preparing to pounce again. "Do it, kill me then. Coward" Moon challenged, before maneuvering around her and trying to make her way towards Gravel. "This is for Caterpillar " they spat, as they raked their claws against Gravel's eye, before being prepared to meet there fate. No fear, no regret, or guilt. Just... A somewhat completion.

Sugarplum | bogweed | sergeant 

"Why would I want to be in Half-face's inner circle anyway? She can be Gravel's new mom, but I will still protect him." She snapped. Sugarplum's eyes widened. She glanced at Gravel as he collapsed, his eye heavily bleeding. She lunged at Moonflower, digging her claws painfully into their chest, ripping an ear off painfully. "Oh ho ho, you won't get off the hook so easily!" Sugarplum laughed. She slashed one of Moonflower's eyes. She then bit one of her legs, biting it hard then rotating it. She didn't stop until she heard a snap. "I'll break every single limb of yours! Then, I'll take your eyes, then ears. Ha! I'll make you suffer by keeping you alive, as a disgusting worm." She grinned slightly, "And, I will be by your side all the time, to ensure every moment you live, you will suffer."

Moon| Non| Kit

 Moon yelled in agony as they felt their leg break, and they couldn't stop themselves from screeching as the torture continued. They felt helpless, but they never felt guilty. Why should they, what was the point of life if they were always gonna live with regrets. The kit whined, and screeched, yelped and whimpered. But the only things they never did was beg for mercy, or speak, or even cry. They didn't shed one tear, as the pain continued on. They succumbed to it, as they stayed wide awake, trying to relish in the pain, as it consumed there being, and made then feel as though they were on fire, the world began to circle around them as well, as they began to bleed out horribly. She wouldn't waste words on sugarplum, she was just some pathetic mother trying to be accepted where she never could, and Moon would die happy, just knowing that

Sugarplum | bogweed | sergeant

 Sugarplum smiled. She raked their other eye, enjoying the moment. She glanced at Gravel. She frowned at how wounded he was. She quickly locked her jaws around another limb, snapping it. "We'll keep your ear, so you can listen to how useless everyone will think you are." She said, amused. She studied the wounds Moonflower had from Gravel. She stared for a moment. "You don't seem to understand a lot, vermin." Sugarplum sat next to them, putting her face close, knowing that if the kit tried anything, she would break every single bone in their body. "My kit, Gravel, has done a splendid job handling you. You see, he has little to no training, is only a baby. You, on the other hand, are much older, and you're father probably trains you." She smiled. "What is so amusing, is that you consider yourself better than him. But, the fact he could actually touch you, let alone injure you, is splendid. That really proves how stupid and lazy you are. Isn't that embarrassing? That you let a little kit get under your skin?" She took Moonflower's face is shook it. "What will you tell your family? That a little baby got under your skin and you attacked it, but still just barely won?"

Moon| Kit| Non

 "I don't know sugarplum, is that why opal left you and is taking the kids. Because you're doing the same as I? Trying to remove another weak link from this warren. What about caterpillar huh? That's the reason your mate kicked your ass, even with her blind ass. You're the real weak one you know... Beating up kits for fun, because that's the only type of rabbit you can actually beat... How pathetic... Get the hell away from me, before I rip your throat out" Moon held humor in their voice, as they gave a chuckle before letting the doe finish the job, as they snapped their teeth on their paw, and bit down as hard as she could as she heard what she thought was a small crack from one of her claws. "I barely have the training, because my father doesn't care for us, and our mother is too worried about rescuing mica to train no, I have no training. Your son does though, that's why he almost beat me... But almost doesn't really count in the battlefield, now does it? How about in those tunnels, when you ran because of a stupid skull... You're just as scared as any other creature on this planet... Sure my father will deal with you...but not with you really, he'll have captains hold you back, and kill your whole pathetic successors... Only leaving caterpillar alive as my last wishes... So go ahead, kill me. At least my mother accomplished being an actual caring one"

Sugarplum | bogweed | sergeant

 "Gravel is NOT a weak link." She said coolly, though her voice held irritation. "And, yes, I lost my tail to Opal. But, it is now a reminder to never hold back. I held back for her, but obviously, I shouldn't have done so. And no, I don't beat just kits. Hell, I could beat anyone with the right encouragement." Sugar glanced at Moon as she bit her paw. Sugar listened to the kit, amused. "That was quite a while. I've grown. Perhaps you're trying to use the past to make me ashamed? I don't regret anything. And even if you killed my successors, why should I care? And for your information, I will KILL Caterpillar before you take me. You're quite talkative. Let's fix that." She grabbed a rock and forced her mouth open. The rock was dull but sharp enough to kill. She shoved it into their mouth, letting it slice her tongue. She grabbed their face, shaking it, making sure the rock ruined their tongue. She then slapped Moonflower. She then turned to Gravel, who was barely awake, blood oozing from him. She licked him, knowing Moon could barely move, let alone run.

Moon| Kit| Non 

Moon simply shrugged, not struggling anymore as they let themselves become consumed by the darkness, no longer being able to comprehend anything as they stopped moving and talking and simply slept as they bled out.

Fight Night Champion
The moon was severely injured when a kid tried to throw gravel at it

Moonflower- +80 acorns

Gravel/Sugarplum- +60 acorns


Chibi's and Customs.
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Outfit(if added to custom):
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