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Quiet Memories
"Most of the time I don't know what to ask for." I look at her and her bottom lip quivers. "And when I do, I don't know how to.
"I guess it's hard to ask for something I already have."
She nods in agreement, snow falling of her hair, and I collapse back into the cold white, watching the flakes pile up slowly.
"If you don't know what to ask for," she starts again, staring up into the same clouded sky. "Why don't you just ask about?"
"About what?"
"Anything. The sky, the ground, the reasoning, the logic, the people. Ask about me, I'll tell you all I know."
I thought for a minute, the silence filled in with the reassuring sounds of soft wind. "What... are you?" She kept quiet. I tried again.
"Who are you?" With that question, she turned, a childish grin on her face.
"You already know. I think you mean to ask who am I to you."
Silence fills my ears again, warm despite the cold walls around me. Too thick to make snow angels now, probably.
"Who am I?"
Her grin turns to a small smile
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"A childhood imaginary friend,"
My companion.
A friend that has been with me my whole life,

A girl that mirrored myself.

She follows me with sightless, milky alabaster and flushed crimson eyes;
She could not see but she could observe.

Bloodshot eyes.

She would speak to me with words vocalized from a jawless mouth;
She could not talk but she could harmonize a melody that conveyed my troubled subconscious to sleep.

Her tongue drapes from the absent space where her jaw should have been.

She would follow me on unsteady, splintered legs;
She accompanied me through my dreams and sometimes into the waking world where she did not belong.

She is broken.

My one truest friend,
Someone you cannot see.

She's peaceful and warm,
Though her faded decayed flesh is cold as ice.

The remains of a face that was distorted and twisted into a permanent grimace would sometimes look like a smile,
Kind and genuine.

Her neck is sometimes longer than usual and her head would fall to the side, but that's most days.

She is everything that I am not,
Our similarities are simply a mere coincidence.

She is everything that I have forgotten and everything that I have lost.

She is my true self.

She is far too real,
But you cannot see her.

Because she's simply;
"A childhood imaginary friend."



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Scarlett S. Blackwood
lemme get uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh


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