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I'm so extremely sorry about disappearing but in my defense, it wasn't intentional. I dont have internet access these days(UGH) and I had exams before(DOUBLE UGH) so I couldn't thingy. I'm so so so sorry ok? I mean really. worst part is I dont even have any art to upload(SO USELESS). and the next worst part is that I'll disappear again-we moved and teh moving men dropped my computer so... yeah. Looks like I'll be living a cavewoman's life for a while now... on the plus side, once I get my supplies out I'll start arting aagin and improve!... on the otherhand I dont have a scanner or anything so... I'm so so sorryDX

Anyway, how IS everyone?! please reply and tell me because whenever I get time and free wifi I do check my DAbby. I miss all of you, and I miss updating and everything. I'll try and go reply to stuff now, you all are amazing and dnt you ever for get that oka?

this entire journal was a train-wreck, oops.
<3 I've been hibernating, Happy new year, everyone! <3
This is a post made for what has already come to pass.
no, seriously this should've happened three months ago=3= so Hi, everyone! I hope that all of you who celebrate christmas had a nice time and happy belated cry-day to anyone who.. had their hearts broken by BBC... again.;m;(see how literal the first line was?)it's oka, I understand the feel *cries with you*
Happy new year, guys! And if any of you are having a hard time dealing with all the crap life's throwing at you, know that there's a jaded sixteen year old-who happens to be going through an existential crisis atm-sitting in front of the screen, rooting for you!
this is why I delayed so long AAAAAAAAAAAAA idk how to continue>.< So like, hi everyone! heeyyy~ yeah, gehehehe that's about all.
take care of yourselves!