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Deviant Art is at it again, this time in cahoots with Neil Gaiman:…

At first, I thought this was a charitable effort, with Blackberry as its corporate sponsor.  Under that supposition, I disapproved, and expressed my disapproval, but very mildly.  Now, watch me disapprove rather more forcefully (but still quite politely, because I'm repressed, that way):

The Keep Moving Project is NOT a charity, with Blackberry as its corporate sponsor. It's an advertising campaign for Blackberry, from which Neil Gaiman expects to make a small profit, which he will donate to an unspecified cause. So...problems:

1) Contributors don't know what they'd be contributing TO, beyond Blackberry's continued success.  Does Neil Gaiman's idea of a worthy cause coincide with yours?  Who knows?  (There may be somewhere online where one might discover the intended beneficiary, but I couldn't find it.  It all seems a bit airy-fairy, to me.  I am happy to donate my work and my time to legitimate, registered charities, when I can afford it, but this is not an appropriate way to solicit donations.  It's...well, awfully tacky, isn't it?)

2) Publicity for artists involved might be rather limited, as Blackberry is not obliged to credit them in all instances where their art might appear. It's highly unlikely artists would get NO credit, but their work--their free work--could certainly be used in manners far beyond the scope of its original intent.

3) This is basically your standard-issue "ha, ha; fight for the chance to work for free, lowly nobodies!" competition. It's exploitative and demeaning.  If Neil Gaiman would like to collaborate with artists, he should ask politely.  And he should not expect anything of the artists that he is not demanding of himself.  Sometimes, creative people band together to create something they're passionate about, with no certainty of profit:  artists and writers collaborating on comic book submissions are a good example of this.  But we usually do these sorts of things with our friends or trusted colleagues--people we know, people we respect, people with whom we share a mutual trust.  Not random people on the Internet, who compete for the privilege.

Let's not encourage it, and encourage everybody else not to encourage it! (That is to say...let's discourage it!)

Neil, DA, you are DOIN IT RONG!
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And there I thought it would be a nice idea, until I read this post and was warned and the winners might not get any credit for their hard work and can be lucky it that's the only problem. Thank you for the warning. Honestly.