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Tagged by Briyoedoe23 


1) You have to post the Rules

2) Answer the Questions and make 12 New

3) Choose 12 People 

4) Tag those people

5) Tags Back are allowed

My Answers:

1) what do you think about gay or lesbian couples? (or bisexual)

don't snog in front of me and i'm cool (i just generally don't like PDA lmao)

2) favorite movie? 

avengers infinity war what else

3) believe in the paranormal? 

not particularly 

4) you're favorite hobby? 

drawing / baking

5) rather play video or bored games?

video games duh

6) fav color?


7) night or a morning person?

definitely a morning person

8) you are in a fandom? if yes what fandom?

generally not in any

9) fav you tuber?

n/a or i forgot

10) who is you're inspiration?

generally artists like Finchwing or Maplespyder

11) have a sweet tooth?


12) Is YoU'rE  MoM GaAY? 

yours is lmao

My questions

1. what's your worst fear

2. favourite book?

3. biggest inspiration of aLL TIME

4. your worst drawing and why

5. lizards or birbs

6. snow or rain

7. favourite artist/song

8. lmao if you watched infinity war did you cry (+1 i did like once)

KillerLoneliness HotCherry1 Little-Caracal XWhiShaX NorthernDownqour Kira-QueenOFDarkness yojaka910 alliekiitty i don't know many people ok? 

1 question for every person tagged
Hit me up homeslices

I do feral animals; sorry, no anthros or humans! I will respond to you even if I decline, please don't be sad if I don't accept!