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001. Bulbasaur.

I kind of half joked one day that I would draw every single Pokemon. Granted it may take several years, heck, it's probably a never ending project, but it would definitely be an interesting. On another note, I always, always drew cute happy things and I think I'm slowly growing out of that. After one or two sketches, this one quickly took on a life of its own.

I don't think I'll really try to draw them all, but I might as well start with the first - my favourite - Bulbasaur.

Pokemon Gallery: [link]

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Bulbasaur - one of my favourite Pokemon! And yet... I haven't seen him in this sort of style before. Its actually rather cool :D
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Thank you so much! It was definitely a fun experiment. I've always loved bulbasaur so he had to be first :la:
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i love how you made it look creepy
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That is one kick-ass bulbasaur.
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You're welcome!
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i choose bulba-HOLY CRAP YOUR CREEPY XD lol
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Better think twice before choosing!!
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Huh? This isn't the Bulbasaur I know and love! :iconcryforeverplz:
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Woah... this is creepy... yet COOL!
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That is a sick bulbasaur. Didn't know it could look so....SLEAK :O
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Thank you so much! :heart:
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cool for once bulbasaur doesnt look fat
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Awesome piece... the lighting is outstanding. I'm not entirely sure about the lens flare, but otherwise, sterling artwork.

It's facial expression is interesting - did you come up with it yourself, or is it based on one in Pokémon?
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Thanks! Yeah I struggled a bit with the lens flare.. at the very least, it's better than the glob I originally started out with.. lol.

I didn't want it to look just like the normal character and went in a more darker direction. I wanted to see how it could possibly look if it was a little less cartoony, and this is what I ended up with after a few sketches.
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It's cool! I wasn't bashing the piece, i just thought it might be something to work on in future images. Otherwise, it's a fabulous piece of work... really professional in nture, like the kind of illustration you'd see on toy packaging.

As for the darker twist, i think it came off really well... there's a more 'feral' look to a character which is usually quite cute.
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