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In the wake of last weekend’s disturbances (I refrain from using the word sectarian clashes) that took place in Alexandria, Egypt, I found that i had to do sumthing to express that these mindless acts don’t express the views of Egyptians, (Muslims or Christians), and don’t reflect even remotely how we feel about each other, And although any Muslim or Christian have all the right to feel grave and saddened by it, we should be smarter than to fall in a loop of retaliations. I really don’t care who did what and who was the first to attack, the more important to me is who was the first to refrain from attacking back, and I think both religions have encouraged not answering evil by evil and considered it the highest form of bravery.
We Muslims and Christians draw from the same heritage and culture, we share the same beliefs and God not only the same land… I hope we are smart enough not to let that go to waste… I am sure that things will soon be back to normal. However, we have to admit that there is a reckless minority acting irresponsibly based on their religious sentiments and that is a very serious issue. So it is the obligation of us educated to try to raise awareness, by holding dialogue between us youth so that such tensions can be overcame… by talking bout heritage, cultural similarities, shared experience and common goals… instead of thinking bout who believes in what and who did what! I raise this ribbon in support of my Christian brothers and respect of their grief and ask you to do the same… these were the acts of a single man and I hope to God they would never occur again.

On Sunday a church have been destroyed and also a mosque… and honest to God I don’t know which breaks my heart more!!!
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so beauty
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Just great bro...and yeah we r still united :D
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He is back, glad to see you cam back with such a good piece. I did not hear of these events but none the less it saddens me.