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MINIrialism 2

By SoberHigh
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The MINI fiasco

Yesterday, and without prior notice, MINI space management curtailed 90 votes off my entry “amazing and electrifying”!!!
They removed the votes claiming they were generated by fake accounts, and effectively moving my design from the 6th position to the 24th!!! Reducing my chances of a win...

I’ve contacted them to object, and requested a list of the accounts that they claim are fake, but they said they cannot provide that!

Please if you are one of the voters log to your MINI space account, vote again, and send the “MINI space team” a msg saying that your account is not fake, and that you did vote for me (You can reply to the welcome msg they sent you when you joined the MINI space).

And if you didn't vote yet, vote at:

Read more about the incident in my blog:

Today MINI space team are continuing their bias and favoritism,

They have removed my latest entry, which I added after the incident and titled “MINI BS”, without so much as a notice... probably cause they deemed it offensive to MINI.

They are explicitly exercising censorship on my freedom of speech!
They curtailed my freedom of expression just like they curtailed my votes!

Well you can enjoy it on my deviantart account, which definitely has more traffic and creativity than MINI’s hypocrite website will ever have.

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