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Dear All,

6 days ago I participated in a web competition run by, titled:
MINI Space Design Competition 3

I participated using my profile on the website, under the net alias “soberhigh”.

The purpose of the competition is to design a creative background for the MINI space, under the theme “electrified”.
I participated with 4 designs, which rapidly won praise and during the last 5 days my rankings kept going up, until one of my designs ranked 6th this morning with 195 votes. With 4 more days to go, I was expecting certain win in the competition.

This morning, at 11:59 am, I received this message from the site management:

“Hi Soberhigh,
first of all, thank you for entering the design competition on and uploading some of your art as backgrounds.
Our tracking process unfortunately flagged some of your votes as coming from “fake” accounts.
Therefore we had to eliminate these votes in order to give all competitors the same chance.”

With this the management of the site removed 90 votes out of my 6th ranking design moving it to the 24th position, effectively ruining my chances to win; and this so called filtering was done with the leading design only, the rest which are ranking at 43, 54 and 85, were left alone. Furthermore, this filtering was only applied to my profile.

Aggravated by this injustice I contacted the site management, objecting to the votes recount, and requesting a list of the false votes, or a list of the accounts that they thought was fake, in order to verify if these accounts were fake or not.

Of course the respond was that this cannot be done.

Their reply was:
“as much as we would like to send you the form with all the accounts, that would not be possible because of the way our system filters the votes.”

Right now I’m left with a grave feeling of betrayal and injustice on the part of the MINI space management, and I don’t know how to go publicly with this incident that reveals unfairness and bias.
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Today MINI space team are continuing their bias and favoritism,

They have removed my latest entry, which I added after the incident and titled “MINI BS”, without so much as a notice... probably cause they deemed it offensive to MINI.

They are explicitly exercising censorship on my freedom of speech!
They curtailed my freedom of expression just like they curtailed my votes!

Well you can enjoy it on my deviantart account, which definitely has more traffic and creativity than MINI’s hypocrite website will ever have.