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Freedom Flotilla

By SoberHigh
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Remember the 31st of MAY: One more crime of humanity added to Israel terrorist score.
The massacre of civilian activists in the dead of the night.... carrying humanitarian aid to a starved and blockaded population.
The world wakes up to the news that Israel can kill civilians of any nationality, and get away with it.

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[link] added.
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There are at least 9 bodies/people unaccounted for. This is very important for many reasons, not just the crime of murder or drowning but also can cast a pall on the flotilla as well. They could be fish food, body parts, jailed. But there were more than 19 dead and at least, according to the survivor I heard today, around 50 injured.
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You must see that
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Seen it, what do you think of it?
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The true.
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Hmmmmm, it's interesting that you consider this video parody the "truth"!
This goes to show how deluded and insensitive you are!!!!
This video can be described as nothing but a distasteful and insulting provocation. To claim that they had terrorist ties is one thing, but to make fun of those killed and injured on the Freedom Flotilla, is not only insulting, but quite frankly very disturbing.
My rage over the flotilla massacre have doubled after watching this video! The Israeli government is mocking those who died and got injured and furthermore, mocking the anger of the world!
If that’s not the height of arrogance & conceit, I don’t know what is!
Israeli impunity has already been shown in the cases of Western peace activists Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndell who were killed while peacefully protesting against Israeli army actions against Palestinian citizens. But this last incident, it’s fallout and how Israel deals with the global anger at it, surpasses the limits of arrogance and conceit.

NOW you tell me what you think of this: [link]
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Global anger you say?
Mmm. I say Global old fashion antisemitism
In stile of A Dreyfus affair, if you know what i am talking about....
Freedom Flotilla you say?
Peace makers with knifes an tubes? Interesting way of making peace...
If it was not provocation that what is mining of that word?
People are died...
Well world will be ok without of couple terrorists i think ...
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"People are dead...
Well world will be ok without of couple terrorists i think ..."

I think Hitler used similar words referring to the Jews!!! Which goes to describe your indoctrinated state of mind!!!

antisemitism you say? Again, the same good ol' excuse for dismissing any accusations to Israel!

I'm not Anti-Semitic btw, cause I'm Semitic (yes Arabs are too!)

I'm not anti-jewish either.... nor anti any race or religion for that matter!

I'm however anti-bloodshed
and if that means anti-Israel, so be it!!!

Don't you realize that the roles have changed? Israel now is the new fascism, Zionists are the oppressors not the victim anymore!

It's funny this still think like they are the victims though!!! hilarious may I add!
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You can say until tomorrow that you are not antisemitic
And yea i know that Arabs are simits
And if you are against aggression so why i can't hear you(Arabs)
when people dieing at buses
Why when some stupid Muslim fanatic idiot shooting at disco and kills children
you are so speechles?
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you mean the truth?
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9 were killed, get your facts straight
and Israel acted in self-defense
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My facts are just fine insane! I know that they are nine, but that was made one day after the Massacre, when Israel imposed a blackout on the incident and no one knew exactly how many were killed.

I will change the numbers though...

As for the "Self-Defense" claims, you are absolutely right about that too, the poor peaceful Israeli commandos armed with the most advanced weapons on earth, were defending themselves from the evil unarmed peace activists!
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Unarmed? Really?

Do some more research before making any bold claims.

Israel did make a mistake, and they should have handled the situation differently, but once the soliders were being attacked with knives, live fire, poles, chains and all the other weapons that were found on the boat, they had no choice but to defend themselves.

And in terms of the blockade, do you understand why it is imposed? If Hamas did not fire any rockets to begin with, there would never have been any type of blockade. Israel wants to live side by side with the Palestinians, but the Palestinians refuse to allow Israel to exist. Israel has every right to the land, just as much as the Palestinians.

I can go on a long historical rant, but if you did some proper research, you would see my side.

Have a good day.
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Thank you MeRmaid... very insightful
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MUST HEAR: An American woman who was on the flotilla headed for Gaza offers a first-hand account of the raid

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Featured here [link] :)
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Thank you
I'm honored
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i happy i happy - goooood israel goood -
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timora87Student General Artist
of course you are happy..what else can we expect from nazi monsters like you attacking peace activists in international water ..good keep being happy so that the whole world know the truth about you and ur terriorism
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CreeppingDeathStudent General Artist
fuck you
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hahahah peace sheaping with weapon and hate
you make me laugh,
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timora87Student General Artist
of course we don't expect cowards like you to actually admit what they did but at least when u lie try to find something less hilarious .the freedom flotilla was inspected in every port they passed by and all ports confirmed that the ships had no weapons and more over israel attacked the ship in international water which is pure piracy and illegal
keep laughing ur doing an excellent job in showing the world how barbaric u are..ur even worst than nazis..they at least had the guts to admit what they did
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of course you dont anderstood with all the sheap - no problem
only with one sheap - war
interressing no?
but you can't anderstood that. you are blind of justice
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