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For Gaza 02

By SoberHigh
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correction. you support the illegal smuggling of rockets to be fired at Israel.
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I printed two of these out and took it to a demonstration in Minneapolis today. It got lots of great comments. I ended up giving them away. Thanks for your great work.
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Great... keep spreading
that's exactly why I did it...
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Featured here [link] :)
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Israel had EVERY RIGHT to take over these ships. They were headed to our territorial waters even after Israel clearly stated that they will not be let through, but they persistently refused!
We suggested that the humanitarian aid will be transfered to Gaza after examination by ... See Moreisrael, to make sure that there are no threats to us in there. But the point of this magical cruise wasnt to actually transfer the aid-it was to cause a media outrage upon us. But we couldnt allow the ships to arrive at their destenation! I guess most of you dont know that between 2000-2009 thousands of rockets were falling on israeli cities! and CIVILIANS! but did the media care? of course not, they only cared when the poor little terrorists released the videos from the operation we did there in 2009 to prevent this. We always have to defend ourself but all the world sees is their side.
So even now, after all these wornings when we boarded the ships we sent soldiers with PAINBALL rifels- we did not expect resistance with knives ,clubs and etc. We risked our own soldiers LIVES to prevent a massacre.Do you really think that we didnt have the option to simply sink their ships? But we wanted to end this by peaceful measures and apparently now we are blamed for being terrorists???????The live fire from our side started after the first group of soldiers that landed on the ship got beat up, and one of them thrown down the stairs to a lower level.What other reaction could they have asked for?
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Israel has no right to control Gaza’s sea as its own territorial waters.
Israel has no right to blockade Gaza or to stop aid convoys arriving to Gaza by sea or any other routes.

In doing so, it proves that it is still in belligerent occupation of Gaza sector and its 1.5 million inhabitants. And as an occupation force, then under international law Israel is responsible for the welfare of the Strip’s inhabitants. Given that the blockade has put Palestinians under the worst starvation circumstance for the past four years, Israel should long ago have been in the dock for committing a crime against humanity.

But if Israel still argues the legitimacy of its blockade on Gaza against International law, Israel cannot argue that by attacking these ships in International water, it have reached a new height of arrogance and contempt of International law.
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Gaza, by international law, is part of Israel and as such, it's territorial waters are also part of Israel.

Israel provides Gaza 15 tons of supplies on a daily basis. you say they starve, but there are tons of videos that shows otherwise. The reason for the blockade is so that weapons won't get into Gaza, which is why the Israeli army requested to inspect the aid the flotilla brought.
there is NO country that will allow unchecked supplies into it's territory and you know I'm right about it.

from all the boats that participated in the flotilla, only the occupation of the Marmara ship was violent and why so? in the inspection held after the riots on the ship, weapons, such as clubs and knives were found on board. this is not "humanitarian aid".
Israel suggested the flotilla to board in Ashdod port and after the merchandise would be inspected, Israel will deliver all the aid to Gaza. why didn't they agree?
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pyroProfessional Photographer
The clubs are humanitarian aid supplies for spanking children, and those knives are kitchen knives. What's your problem? At least they don't bomb children and babies like Israel does.

BTW, sexy pics on your profile, are you single ;) :rose:
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i find it hard to see spanking children as humanitarian but whatever.
all the rockets that are being fired toward Israel are coming from Gaza strip. and not once, nor twice, people from our side payed with their lives because of the bombs.
believe me, we have better things to do than dealing with Gaza, but since we must defend ourselves we put the siege on Gaza.

thanks for the compliment ^^
sadly, I'm dating my boyfriend for about 2 years :D
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حسبنا الله و نعم الوكيل
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