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Daiyamondo adopts - OPEN

Species info

Daiyamondo  - species guide by SobaInu

1. Amar0q 
2. Queen-Lofty
3. Zigzagoons
4. Sonicmanic100

Daiyamondo Adoptables focus on the -design only-
Which means you can change or chose the following things once
you bought it:
♦ Name
♦ Gender
♦ Bodybuild
♦ Age
♦ Size
♦ Minor changes on the fur pattern/fur color 
(Do not break the Guide rules!)

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flower-prison's avatar

omg I love #2 could I grab em if they're still available?

flower-prison's avatar
LunaShadowsWolf's avatar
I would really like to have the second one, but I am asking that you really want to be payed by paypal? ;;
SobaInu's avatar
Yes paypal only >u<"
Sonicmanic100's avatar

Would I be able to snag number 4 and if number 1 comes off reserve would I be able to get them too??

Sonicmanic100's avatar

Sent~ And thank you for keeping me updated- I'll keep the money aside just in case uwu

SobaInu's avatar
Number 1 has been taken! >u<
Sonicmanic100's avatar
Aw ;; Thanks for letting me know~ Perhaps another will come along that catches my fancy~
SobaInu's avatar
Thank you so much!
Will send the file now <3
Zigzagoons's avatar

could i get number 3 please? :dummy:

Zigzagoons's avatar

paid!! tysm qwq

SobaInu's avatar
Thank you! <3
Will send the file now!
Amar0q's avatar
Ich würd gern 1 nehmen, aber kannst du vielleicht bis Mittwoch ihn auf hold legen? O:
Ich hab meine Bankkarte verloren und bis dahin ist mein Konto gesperrt :'D

(Ich kann aber auch ne Freundin fragen, also wenn nicht wäre das auch ok x3 <3)
SobaInu's avatar
Ja kann ich machen, ist ja schon nächste Woche >0<b
Wenn deine Freundin es vorstrecken möchte kann ich meine mail schicken.
(Kann grad nur nicht editieren, bin am Handy xD")
Amar0q's avatar
Ich hab sie gefragt, sie könnte auch erst Samstag q o q' Sag einfach was dir
von beidem lieber wäre, gehalt hab ich anscheinend auf mein Konto heute bekommen,
das wäre kein Problem XD

Kein Ding x3
SobaInu's avatar
Ich schreib dir mal eben ne Note xD
CinnamonToast-OwO's avatar

id like #2 but its in € and thats alot in australian money :( ($66 ish in my currency)

SobaInu's avatar
I'm sorry there is such a huge difference but it would not make sense for me to charge a different currency than my own >u<
LunaShadowsWolf's avatar
Awww the number 1,2 and 3! ;____;
I love them so much! TToTT
Kohonas's avatar
The first and last one omg ;w; 
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