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Just throwing this journal out there to say that I still check this account time to time. I may even start uploading some of my commissions I've gotten over the years again. However, I'm not sure if I for will do that or not yet. I tended to have much higher occurrences of people stealing my character/using my art on other sites a LOT more when I had them posted on this account, so it makes me a bit hesitant to start posting here, Either way I'm more active on FA anyways.

Side note:
I wish I could change my name on here without having to pay to do so lol.
Cuz I'm back at skool and I'l lurn gud buksmarts. :D
Well, with the overwhelming (/s) response I got, I decided to take down my commissioned art. You can still see all of it (and more) on my FA page, but since dA is pretty dead I guess, I figured that there wasn't much point in keeping it all here. Nobody comments on anything here hardly anyways or really does much of anything at all, so bleh. I mean, my last journal, which has been up for over 2 days now, barely got over 10 views itself. I don't expect this to really get much either, but I'm not even concerned about pageviews. It's just the silence shows that relatively few people will care and I think most of the few watchers I do have, have already moved on or something similar as well.

I'm still here and will check up every so often, but I won't be posting any more commissioned art from now on (unless things completely change for whatever reason) and only personal art.

Have a good remainder of the week for those who see this.
As the title says, I'm really taking into consideration the idea that I may just take down most of my commissioned art on here and exclusively post on FurAffinity (and Weasyl and SoFurry maybe) from now on any new art I receive while leaving any art I have done myself still on. Hardly anybody favs or comments on here too anyways.
What do you all guys think?
Just... fuck.
Haven't had a celebrity passing hit as close since Steve Irwin..
I'm going to miss him a lot.

"O CAPTAIN! my Captain! our fearful trip is done;

The ship has weather'd every rack, the prize we sought is won;

The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,

While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring:

But O heart! heart! heart! O the bleeding drops of red,

Where on the deck my Captain lies,

Fallen cold and dead"
-Dead Poets Society

Please refrain from using any of the art that I have commissioned in any way, especially without asking and without my permission. It came to my attention a few days ago that some user on F-List was using my character and some of my art to rp. I request that nobody use any of my characters in any way or else I will have to ask you to take down whatever you have up for them or else contact those in charge of whatever site I find the pics/chars on and report this unauthorized use.
If you really wish to use any art or characters of mine, please ask beforehand and if it's art, ask the original artist as well.
If I receive word that anyone else is trying to do any of this, I will begin using the DA watermark on every picture and may refrain from uploading any more art on here.
Thank you for reading and cooperating <3

So this is a trailer all the way back from 2009 of this game "The Last Guardian" and it sucks that it has pretty much been delayed up to this point and likely even longer. It's being developed by the same company that did "Ico" and the more well-known "Shadow of the Colossus" that is one of the most 'artistic' considered games made. I dunno if that is true, but SofC was still a fun and very interesting game and this, to me anyways, looks interesting as well.
Just thought I'd share it in honor of E3 starting today and more new game announcements to come within the week. ^^
Just wanted to move the old journal out of the way lol.
Well, I'm finished with my first year of college and it's summer break now for the moment.
Don't really know what to say. XD
Hope all of you are doing well for whoever is actually still here to bother reading this.
For those who still don't know, I'm waaaayyyy more active over on Furaffinity:…

So yeah... while I still get a buttload of art in my inbox from watching so many people a while back, it seems pretty dead over here. I never look at polls, I skim through journals sometimes, but I only ever look at a very few that I find interesting. Art-wise...don't expect me to fav anything anytime soon haha. I might some day, but my inbox fills up so fast that it takes several hours to legitimately go through each individual piece and fav them.

Welp. Just wanted to update y'all.
Still feel free to message or note me if you'd like and I will still give a fairly fast response.…

Is anyone else getting uber hyped for this game?! :D

Mega Man
All in the same official game now.

Now we also have Little Mac from the Punch-Out series.
Ffffuuu I really want a WiiU, but will more likely get it for 3DS.
If they have Wi-Fi fights for 3DS, I will be soooo happy.

Here's the official Youtube announcement video for him from Nintendo…
Hello beloved watchers and to anyone else who is reading this. ^w^
Alright, I need some good sprite makers and/or animators who can either make fairly well detailed sprites and/or can make good animation clips (Examples: standing, running, jumping, etc.)
The level of detail can range from slightly bigger than Megaman style to fairly large.

Thank you for any recommendations you can provide for me! :D…

"There are two major factions in the DeviantArt community: the first one, people that draw art so well that they make you feel like shit. And the second one, people that make you feel like shit because you are a member of their species."

Yup. Pretty much.
What the title says. I'm going to post up some of the artwork I've received on Furaffinity that I am fairly certain hasn't been posted here.

I'm gonna try to be more active around here at least in regards to faving stuff. I had 8,000 messages and let me say a few things about DA and not about anyone in particular, but just some of my personal pet peeves as someone who is now going to watch a VERY small number of people from now on due to the sheer amount of things I get in regards to notifications:

1: Those quote unquote "polls", yeah, about 1 out of every 15 that I see is actually something worth taking a poll over instead of some random bs. Hence, I refuse to generally look/participate in them.

2: I loathe the atmosphere that is given here now after being on a few different other sites for a while. It's like, nobody wants to actually know anyone or be anybody else's friend hardly unless they need something in return. Ex: those people who don't talk generally to anyone else except their closest friends, but then make some journal about supporting them in some way out of kindness of their heart. I'm perfectly fine in supporting those artists who need it or who I admire! But whenever they act cold or very disconnected from their watchers and then expect their ass to be patted at a whim, it bugs me.

3: People have told me to watch specific artists and not groups. I have come to realize that for my situation, it is better to simply watch groups. I have watched numerous people now because of one or two really good pieces that I like, and then I get stuff later on that gets deleted anyways. Plus, with all of the DArama that happens in journals and whatnot, watching groups where I just see the artwork of an already generally categorized group is a lot more efficient then scrolling though dozens of different pages of artists that I liked at one point.

Things are gonna be different around here. Also, if I upload something that you might not care for or dislike, then the unwatch button is at the top.

Sorry if I sound really negative right now. I don't really mean to, but this site hasn't really done many positive things for me recently lol. xP
To be honest I am very surprised, living here. I have heard arguments for both sides. I am for gay marriage, but I honestly expected this state to be one of the last. I am happy and hope it stands, because I have a feeling they might try to appeal.…
This summarizes part of the reason why I will not be purchasing CoD: Ghosts anytime soon and perhaps why I haven't enjoyed a CoD game that much since MW2. :3

Kind of spoilers I suppose? Seriously though, it's not that revealing and who sincerely gives a shit about a CoD plot anyways. (I know I'm mean. XP)…
Yup. I non-discrimanatorily went and deleted every. single. submission from the last month or two. I had about 4,000 messages piled up, and now, 2. I'm terribly sorry if you have posted the grand artwork of the century within the last month, but I have now deleted everything. :3
There were no survivors... Lol
Sorry for being so inactive here.
I have been really busy with college and whatnot and I have pretty much moved, in regards to activity atm, to FA. So I'm not gone and I will gladly respond to any messages I receive ASAP and I will be on more again some time soon hopefully. Until then, I may have to clear up my watch list some and won't be faving a lot of submissions for a while. I've let it build up to 3,501 by the time I have posted this, and more likely then not, I may just have to nuke the whole thing. So if I am watching you and I have not faved any of your pieces for the last month or two, then it's not your work I'm not interested in, I simply don't have the time nor interest to go through DA right now.

This part is a bit more of a rant if anything, so if you don't want to read, stop here:
By no means does this apply to everyone, and I have met plenty of awesome folks here, but this community in general seems somewhat....cold. Not that I have experienced anyone being mean or anything or the sort (even though there really is a lot of unnecessary drama), but people here either get caught up with their own lives (like myself) or they simply don't like to make the effort to say anything other than updates or when they post general things for everyone and hardly for specific people other than thank you's for llama/fav/watch/etc. unless it's within an already established close-knit group of friends. And even then, usually this kind of group doesn't seem very welcoming of being open at all to those outside the group. People talk about joining live-streams and talking or doing something to the persons convenience if they want to socialize. That's perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with that at all. I understand that people are busy and there simply isn't time to just socialize without multitasking. I know this isn't a social media website, but I was kind of hoping that I could make some good friends here. I have met plenty of awesome people and people who I like a lot better than merely acquaintances, but the mindset that seems to permeate here is that it is just an art site and nothing more. Imo, this prevents a lot of possibility that DA has. Yeah, sometimes the site itself can be bothersome, but I see it primarily as the community's fault mostly. Some people go out and rant about how nobody comments or says anything about their work when they give off a bad mood themselves that says "I don't really want to talk with you, I just want your input so I can better myself and move on." There are plenty of other examples of this type of thing that I notice. It just seems to be very anti-social.
It feels like people are trying to be social, but it just gets lost in the wind and nobody takes any notice to those people. This is kind of why I have shifted to FA. FA, regardless of what you think about the art, the website, admins, etc. has one of the most open and friendly communities I've seen. Granted, it can occasionally be TOO friendly and can be TOO open to the degree of something that might be borderline insane, but it still beats the vibe I get from here. I would rather get a response I don't particularly like than none at all.
I feel like in my ranting I have probably been a part of whatever I may have mentioned myself, and I don't deny it if I have.
I am not leaving DA. I am merely frustrated at it.
Yus! I waited until about 1:00 A.M. to get it and now that I'm back in my dorm!....I'm gonna go shower after riding a scooter for about 8 miles and getting really smelly and sweaty....and THEN I am gonna play me some Pokemans! :D
Also, if anyone wants to friend me on 3DS who hasn't yet, leave a message here and I'll pm you my code and hopefully be able to add you. ^w^
Now then...the topic I will have to debate while showering...which starter should I choose?..
I'll just say that this is for a Youtuber I enjoy, so if you aren't interested and don't feel like reading, then that's fine.…
Go to about 38:40 and watch it until the end if you are interested at all.
Seriously, I have been subscribed to Mark since early last Fall when he was at about 22,000 subscribers and I can say that even if he does get crazy at times, he's probably the most sincere and heartfelt Youtuber I've ever seen. He does charity live streams every month and uses his own notoriety to help donate. I know other Youtubers do this as well, but he's one of the small few whom I have seen actually talk about doing it consistently. He also is, in my opinion, one of the most entertaining, true, honest, and friendly Youtubers out there.
I myself have struggled a few times back in high school in my Senior year and I won't say that his videos were a cure to feeling depressed, but honestly, seeing them always did bring a smile to my face and lighten up my day even just a little bit. And I'm thankful to Mark for doing so. Haha, and I don't want to sound like one of the numerous comments on Youtube itself that does sound just like that, but it's so true that he has such a good impact that I can't help it.
I feel bad for him sometimes when he tries to admit he's loosing focus and not doing enough, even though practically every day he does stuff for us; people whom he has never met and may not ever meet. Yet that doesn't stop him from caring about doing his best for us.
I want to donate a little bit during his next livestream if I can now that I have my Paypal set up.
Mark is a great guy and if you are into watching any kinds of Let's Plays, generally horror, or him having fun with other people like his friends or even other Youtubers, then I highly recommend checking his channel out.
Not trying to just be an advertising journal, but I do sincerely think he has done wonderful things and I do hope that I can help him a little bit in some kind of small repayment for helping me when I was feeling down.
Check Mark out sometime if you haven't already. :)