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FoxE9 for Firefox

FoxE9 is an add-on that aims to recreate the IE9 look in Firefox. Developed in collaboration with *SpewBoy

Upon installing FoxE9 will make some changes to your Firefox install that include:
:bulletgreen: Changing the toolbar set for the main toolbar and the tabs toolbar
:bulletgreen: Adding a button to the left of the bookmarks toolbar
:bulletgreen: Disabling tab animations as well as draw in titlebar when maximized

All these settings will be reverted once you uninstall or disable.

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Yes, an update for Firefox 30 would be really great. :) (Smile) 
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Can you update this for Firefox 30 please? :( I really like IE9/10/11's UI :(
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Are you able to make this available for Seamonkey?  This is a great theme.
Hello, since I'm on Windows 8 I have a problem with FoxE9. My Tab bar is still below the adress bar and not next to it like it was before. Tried to reinstall FF but it didn't work. Can you help me ?
Does it work with Firefox 17 ?
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can you fix this??? [link]
TS357's avatar
It DID NOT revert back on uninstall or disable ... So how do I make it look like it was FIREFOX!
TS357's avatar
Never mind ... I fixed it!!
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Any plans for FoxE10? :D :D
Deathshead747's avatar
Is it still working on firefox 14.0.1 because mine get's completly broken!
Exquisite. Only complaint is the ugly back button, but that's Microsoft's fault. Any way to change it?
pikebg's avatar
is there any chance to fix this [link]
link6155's avatar
Quad posts? The theme hasn't been updated. The best solution for this is putting a space between the addressbar and the tabs.
pikebg's avatar
chance to fix this [link] Tx...
pikebg's avatar
I still have a problem with this [link]
pikebg's avatar
I still have a problem with this [link]
sweetwaterpink's avatar
Wow, you did an amazing job. The IE9 design was the only thing I like about it. I love having it on Firefox. Thanks so much.
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I like IE9 on firefox, really amazing! can it make bookmark bar support personas?
verjan's avatar
url and status (lower left when hovering over link) font looks off. url is lower and status is higher.
pikebg's avatar
how to fix this??? please help... [link]
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That is a compatibility bug with the latest Nightly. Use a more stable version of Firefox until we can work out a fix.
Rakulex's avatar
when you click to restore the size of the window the new tab button unaligned with th rest
Mailde's avatar
Thx for share
Rakulex's avatar
Lovelly, maybe I more gloss than ie... love to have the orange firefox button off! will love if the whole line go out!
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