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Firefox 4 - Better Addon-bar

Stylish script that improves the look of the Addon-bar.

Download here [link]
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I like it, but I don't want it to auto-hide. I probably can change it to stay on screen, but that will hide the down arrow. So is it possible to make the arrow show over the mini addon bar? Or to move the mini addon bar next to the arrow when needed?
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Seems like I'm using this, but it's not showing up for some reason. I'm using the RC of Firefox 4, the script's installed fine, and when I disable it, it shows the add-on bar. nothing, though, when it's enabled.
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lol nevermind...figured it out. but there is a transparent background on it for some reason.
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How to use this? I love firefox 4 right now but I just hate the addon bar!
i cant install the add on userstyle. even if i have the addon compatability reporter installed. help. i have firefox 4 beta 7
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Do you know where I can find stylish and greasemonkey for Firefox 4 Pre8?
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Install addon compatibility reporter.

Stylish: [link]

Greasemonkey: [link]

or [link]
its not working. still the long rectangular add on bar. nothing really happens
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It would be great if it wouldn't hide add-on bar completely. Find bar isn't working as well.
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Hmm, can't re-enable add-on bar at all.

Thank you.
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Ah yes that is a bug, will upload a fix sometime today.
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Nice to hear it, unfortunately you didn't fix it.
Absolutely what I want,thx
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