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A completely pointless add-on to change the size of the Firefox border.

:bulletgreen: Download [link]
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pls reupload :/
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Just look up on google, you'll find it
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I'm sorry, are you touched in the head?
There is a point to downloading it from the source, i.e. so you know it hasn't been modified to be full of god knows what kinds of horrid malware.
Google is not responsible for taking you to safe sites.
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Mirror please? Your dropbox account seems too busy lately :/
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Hey, dropbox removed access because of too much traffic. I'll see if I can re-upload the file to another host.
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says incompatible with ff4 :(
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Just updated. Give it another try.
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Any chance this gets updated? Can't stand how Firefox still doesn't have the aero borders fixed like default setting.
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It still works fine with the latest builds.
It's telling me it's not compatible with Firefox 4 b13.
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Alright I just updated it. Give it another try.
Also, do you know off hand if you have it all the way to the right if that's the default Windows border settings? Trying to get it to match the default. I wanted to try this as how Fx is currently the borders are not default. Their a bit too big around the borders as reported in a bug.
Thanks, works like a charm now!
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but there is a bug - if you make the margin as small as you can, the picture windows is buggy ( a window where a picture is shown and which hasn't got any bars)
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Can you post a screenshot?
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I made the margin very small:
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Do you have the Firefox button shown? It only works properly if you have the Firefox button visible and the menubar hidden.
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