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Australis 1.1


Based on a design by Stephen Horlander.

Show urlbar favicon
#identity-box {
visibility: visible !important;

Show urlbar bookmark star
#star-button {
visibility: visible !important;

To move the tabs into the titlebar use [link]
© 2011 - 2021 SoapyHamHocks
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Firefox 31 pls :)
Does anyone know where to get this Link or is it just a conceot
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Fixed please... =)
Is there any plan to update this theme to Firefox 20 with the download icon (down arrow)?
i got a problem with closing tabs. The "×" button has a incorrect click box (atleast for me). The left half of the button is unclickable there just the right halft is clickable. Its pretty bad if you use it with a laptop instead of the middle mouseclick.
Link-LeoB's avatar
Please update... Fox 19.0... xD
Scar-A's avatar
Text color needs to be white or shadowed black.
Lovely add-on, v2.1 works with Firefox 17.0.1 and it matches Thunderbird look (17.0) with those nice curvy tabs. Thanks for your great work!
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Australis 2.0 updated by gluxon:

It works perfectly on Firefox 15.0.1 :)
Scar-A's avatar
The black tab text ruins it.
aglent's avatar
Not compliant with 15.0.
kenzodragon's avatar
It is possible to get it run, BUT some graphics are missing. The tab icon, tab title and close button are not in the right positions...
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Can you please stop spamming this page with around 5 comments to the same thing? Thanks.
hey this add-on is so great!!!!!!! simply perfect!!!!!!
please!!!!!! update it!!!!! :( we all need it for FF 13.0.1

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Here's a version with the NewTab page and increased max version:
balcis's avatar
i'm looking for a version of this with active tab not curved like this, simle style like firefox or chrome. but not this, working on it..

but of course, great work.
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Just modified it by myself. open australis-1.1-fx-windows.jar with winrar, then open install.rdf with notepad. go to line 18, replace maxVersion, save. now you can install this great theme.
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FF 12 is officially released now. Please update to make compatible. This is the best theme i used so far. Thanks.
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Hello, thanks for your effect. Please check this version, it is not compatible with FF 12. Thanks.
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Could you make the buttons borderless like in the UX build of firefox?
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Excellent work! :D
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