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A very small addon that hides the nav-bar when an AppTab is selected. Firefox 4 required.

:bulletgreen: Update 0.3
- Uses built in method to hide chrome (chromedisabled)
- Only works if Tabs are on top

:bulletgreen: Fixed most issues, should now work as expected. If you have any bugs feel free to post in the comments.

Should auto update if not grab the latest build here:
:bulletgreen: Download [link]
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I know this is a bit out of the blue, but the developer of "Nav-B-Gone" responded.


From what I see, he's basicly saying that as long as you modify something, even slightly, it's alright to take other people's work into your own :|
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It was a bit silly of me looking back on it now. This add-on never did much and there were so few lines of code anyways. I like the idea of sharing code, but it just would have been nice if he said "Hey I got some code from Soapy's add-on and I decided to share."

Happy Holidays!
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"AppTabDoohickey could not be installed because it is not compatible with Firefox 7.0."
Fix this please, I really like this addon.
kindly add support for firefox 6 & above.
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When using the Australis theme the tab overlaps the apptab page window by 1 pixel. This fixes it:

#main-window[apptabselected="true"][tabsontop="true"] #TabsToolbar {
margin-bottom: 1px !important;
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I found this on the Mozilla site, but when I read that it was stolen, I came here to download it instead. However, much as I would like to use it, I don't use the tabs on top feature, so it appears that I can't use it. :( But it really is a sweet idea!
Is this addon compatible with Flow?
Why haven't you uploaded it on AMO?
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Someone took my code and uploaded it already. It's not worth my time fighting over it though, so I just left it how it was. I may create a restartless version though.

To answer your question above. It isn't fully compatible with Flow, sorry. The problem exists in Flow and I'll try to resolve it before the next release.
Was the "someone" this [link] or [link]
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It was 'AppTab Nav-B-Gone'.
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While I want to love this addon, I found a reason that pulls me away.

I love that it removes the bars on my AppTabs, however it's also removing all but the address bar on windows that sites I frequent are popping up. Most notable being any popup windows I get while I use MobileMe's website.
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Mind you, this also removes minimize, maximize, and close from the window.
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Aha! I am mistaken! It doesn't remove the title bar from these windows. It's rendering the navigation bar/page sort've over the title bar. Discovered this when I tried to add an attachment in MobileMe. I saw the red glow of the close button, and with the hover got the "close" tooltip... I don't know if there's any way to fix this or not... Please help?
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This doesn't work with 4.0RC D:
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Just updated, give it another try.
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Works, thank you :)
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So recently if I'm on, say, Facebook pinned tab, if I click on a link within the domain of Facebook (e.g. Profile) the URL bar will appear. It goes away when I switch to another tab, then switch back. And sometimes, I don't know why, the URL bar appears behind the tab bar. I have tried unpinning, repinning, pinning another tab, reinstalling addon, hasn't fixed the problem.

Weird stuff.
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Open the addons manager and check for updates, this issue should now be fixed.
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Looks good, thanks :)
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When I changed the method of hiding the toolbars I introduced some more bugs. I'll revert the change to hopefully solve the issue.
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Not compatible with firefox 3.6.13 :( Please fix as this is a good concept and I hate the Firefox 4 beta right now.
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