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Such a pity...

"But Jarath..." she paused as a smirk grew upon her face, "you were right about one thing: You will be my slave..." her eyes bit into his with cruelty and amusement whilst she drawled those words.
"Sarah...!" he gasped, unable to fathom this being before him...this truly was the Goblin Queen...

And he grinned wickedly back....

(crap I know, It took me about a minuet to write...:stupidme: )

Anyway, wanted to do another evil Sarah pic...:giggle: it's fun to draw (If somewhat OOC...):D

The sketch looked fine but now I look at it I think her anatomy looks messed up, her shirt is supposed to be baggy, but because of that you cant really see how her back is arched and also, Jarath's arm being there makes her look slimmer I think....ahh well never mind...

Hope you like it! Please comment!!! :glomp:
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hi there! Just wanted to let you know that I featured your fan art in my labyrinth AMV… so feel free to check it out :D
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*has some images in mind* *fatal nosebleed*
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Oooh, I love it! sexy haha, I like the style, and faces, very fae =)
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This is so cute. I love it. <3
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Thank you so much! :hug: I'm glad you like it! :D
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LOVE this, everything about it. awesome job! the colors are amazing
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I likey like it!
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Awesome picture♥ I love Jareth's face *wicked grin* :la:
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Awesome pic!!! love it!! I especially like Jareth's hair (Sarah's too) not to mention the desperate look in the Goblin King's eyes :giggle:
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Wow . . . just WOW.
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Niiiice! Love Sarah's boots too ;)
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You are so welcome! :)
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