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Fear me, love me, do as I say.


I'm mostly happy with this pic...just her face which annoys me; no matter what I did it wouldn't look right....:rage:

ah well never mind....:stupidme:

Hope you like it.....:D

Please comment!!! :la:

Note: Again Sarah is older here.....
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Juliya3D's avatar
Heart Love it! +fav sexy ;) (Wink) 
NikiMaweird's avatar
Jareth never takes his gloves off for anything, doesn't he? 
Whatever, it is such an beautiful drawing with so many lovely details. 
MajorAndy's avatar
I love Jareth, and I think that you did him justice with this picture.
thinkingofcanniblism's avatar
Now this makes me wonder; does Jareth ever take his gloves off?
1grellspicer's avatar
Its beautiful!!!! :heart: ~~
soapybubbles3's avatar
moonchilddj's avatar
Can't decide what I love best about this...the sparklies, Sarah's dress, the flower thingie in her hair...or Jareth's tummy! XD My gosh. :judge:
soapybubbles3's avatar
Heehee! Thank you! :hug:
Failisse's avatar
You know.....I wouldn't mind being HIS slave. :drool:
mynagoldenwings's avatar
DemonWitchCat's avatar
:iconimpervyplz: Love it, you did an amazing job!
soapybubbles3's avatar
Thanks!!! :glomp:

And thanks for the watch!! :squee:
hawthorne-cat's avatar
i think you got Sarah great... she looks all grown up... and I love how her little crystal pendent is swinging
Queenoftheweasels's avatar
I rather belive Sarah goes looking for trouble just to get punished... And who wouldn't be a glutton for some Goblin King punishment...
soapybubbles3's avatar
Ahaha! Quite....! :giggle:
Bhyn's avatar
:squee: Likey Like
Evan-Thomas's avatar
Thats ACE, raunchy lol x
soapybubbles3's avatar
lol, I couldn't help it, I had drawn his torso too well to put a shirt on....:giggle:

Thanks!! :love: :heart: :glomp:
killerqueen40's avatar
This looks wonderful, especially the way you've drawn Jareth! <---obvious bias~ =D Great job!
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