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Bed of Gems

Edit: 5-8-2012

Uhm, so I noticed a while ago that Rarity's eyes were never finished. Oops. My bad.

Also, this seems to be a favorite of many, so I've re uploaded a new higher res file... complete with Rarity's eyes actually finished.

Hit download to the right to get the full picture.

Enjoy! :heart:


Sparity is just that awesome. >>;
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Yes. Her rock-headed step-son. 
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 spike its sooo big !! on this draw
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I guess that's what some women have got when they were born.
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Rarity has a mole! Does that mean she's a supermodel?
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Its a monroe beauty mark.
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Gemtastic! :D How about the keywords "Fire Ruby necklace"?
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Yea, you got it~
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Awesome! But technically, isn't this a bed WITH gems? I mean, a bed OF gems would be made from gems
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yea.... its a play on words.

a bed made of gems would be very valuable. . . its like spike is comparing rarity's worth.
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SPIKE sorry spike should be drooling,
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lol spike at 11 bing raritys good boy lol (lot of ppl forget in show spike is about 8 at best and rarity is 18 to 25 but spike will live to be hundred of thousands years old and rarity will live only a fraction of that time.
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not neccesaraly i mean twilight got spike right before kinderagrden so that would make him about 4-5 years youger than twilight and lets assume that rariy and twilight are the same age so that would make spike about 4-5 years younger at best.
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ok spike is like 4 to 8 years younger the twi and even younger still to rarity true but spike is a dragon he willout live the main six bar in his death by unnatural means or the mane six some how becoming eternal
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this is true a dragons lifespan far outlives a ponies all im saying is that hes not that much younger
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true but even 8 years is not that match ag but when you add in he wount hit puberty till hes mach older. dragon aging is this.

1 to 10 babe/ wrymling
11 to 20 young dragon
21 to 30 adolescent
31 to 60 young adult
61 to 300 adult
301 to 900 old
901 to 3000 vary old
3001 to 5000 ancient
5001+ great wrym

also the older the dragons the fewer there numbers cause dragons tend to kill each other over mates hords and territory. also the older the bigger they git. most great wryms are the size of modern air craft carrier wield magic on par with celly and luna and have seen more fighting the both world wars but at that stage when a dragones at its best its also close to just dropping dead do to its age. And most will just give up there hords find a place to lay down and sleep going quietly in peace. theirs a Dragon saying "Only time a dragon can find true peace is when they die." Spike is just lucky he lives with ponies as he leaned from dragon quest ep being around other dragons is like being in a cage match
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