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Basking Made Better

“Where are you going!?” Donatello looked over his shoulder from his spot on the couch as he caught April half way over one of the old turnstiles, long sense rusted shut.

April lifted her sunglasses onto her head, her hair was down and she was certainly not dressed for any kind of training Donnie had ever heard of.

“I’m going to the beach.”

Donnie narrowed his eyes suspiciously. As of late, April topside for any reason wasn’t a good reason.


“…to lay in the sun?”

“…wearing that?”

“Yes. Donatello. Wearing this. Thank you. Can I go now?”

There was very brief pause, a quick blink of his wide brown eyes and then Donatello couldn’t get off that couch, up the stairs and to the entrance of the lair fast enough.

“Oh-uh! Good idea! The uh- the exothermic temperature down here is getting kinda cold, huh?”

April lowered her sunglasses back to their place on her nose and cocked a brow.

“That’s curious considering your face is flushed red all the way down to your neck.”

Donnie’s eyes rolled upward and then he sighed, defeated. Nothing got past her.

April smirked and nodded her head towards the tunnel.

“C’mon, Reptile Romeo.”
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One advantage of having an endothermic girlfriend, methinks!
AnyCarRP-April's avatar
(( the turtle need sunbathe because of his cold temper))
Mialeecannon's avatar
Oh my gosh this perfect that I'm crying
SoapBoxShouts's avatar
Thats the best reaction gif ever.
fruitfortress's avatar
Genius!!!!! Reptile Romeo why didn't I think of it. You my friend are an artist and a good writer, continue your life, and rock this world!!!!:dummy:
SoapBoxShouts's avatar Thank you! This is probably the most enthusiastic comment I've ever gotten on anything.
Chocolate-Brain's avatar
I cannot describe how freaking AWESOME this is!! :squee: The "reptile Romeo" made me crack up :XD:
SoapBoxShouts's avatar
I cannot describe how freaking AWESOME this comment is!!
Chocolate-Brain's avatar
I cannot describe how freaking AWESOME you are!
SoapBoxShouts's avatar
I cannot freaking describe how AWESOME you are for thinking I am AWESOME, so let us be AWESOME together.
Chocolate-Brain's avatar
This is an AWESOME idea. :highfive:
SoapBoxShouts's avatar
Chocolate is AWESOME.
Chocolate-Brain's avatar
I'm gonna stop now before we cover your AWESOME picture with all these AWESOME comments.
ccfirebloom's avatar
Reptile Romeo! You're a genius!
SoapBoxShouts's avatar
Omg, a genius? LOL , hardly, my friend but thank you. :3
cutiekiller22's avatar
This is adorable. Both the picture and the description that goes with it. :heart:
SoapBoxShouts's avatar
I'm so glad it came out okay! Thank you!
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It'd be so cute if something like that really happened.
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